2011 ANZPT Melbourne: Jai Kemp Does It Twice

Posted at 21:26 2011-09-23

The 2011 PokerStars.net ANZPT Melbourne has been in full swing this week, with a plethora of well-known faces taking down side events in the lead up to Saturday’s Main Event. Trung Tran, Peter Aristidou and Luke McLean were just a few of the players winning a coveted ANZPT trophy this week, but it was Jai Kemp who would demand the attention of the punters as he took down not one, but two victories in just a couple of days. 

The $550 ANZPT Bounty event took place on Wednesday and managed to gather a 92-player field featuring some of the toughest local players around. By the time the action reached the final table, along with Kemp, there was barely a face that wasn’t recognisable or that hadn’t already seen tremendous success in this region.

Well known locals Joe Cabret (10th), Paul Birman (8th) and Antonio Casale (7th) were among those who started the final table but bowed out early. Aristidou, who won the 7-Game mixed event earlier in the week would again be featured at an ANZPT side event final table but would fall short of a second victory, finishing in 6th place.

Kemp would have tough competition, including Ben Savage and Graeme Putt, standing between him the $10,790 1st place finish but would manage to watch on as they were sent to the rail in 3rd and 2nd place respectively.

ANZPT EVENT 6: $550 NLHE w/ Bounties
1st- Jai Kemp - $10,790
2nd- Graeme Putt - $7,470

3rd- Ben Savage - $5,395
4th- Joseph Vinecombe - $4,150
5th- Vic Spadeavecchia- $3,320

6th- Peter Aristidou - $2,905
7th- Antonio Casale - $2,490
8th- Paul Birman - $2,075
9th- Lawford Edwards - $1,660
10th- Joe Cabret - $1,245

While the $10,790 payday and the bragging rights that go along with winning an ANZPT trophy are nothing to sneeze about, Kemp’s victory in the bounties event would be overshadowed just 48 hours after his win.

The $5,000 ANZPT High Rollers event would feature one of the toughest fields ever assembled on Australian felt as, along with Kemp, the likes of Daniel Neilson, Kristian Lunardi, Jarred Graham, Kyle Cheong, Billy Argyros, David Steicke, Andrew Hinrichsen, Jeff Rositer, Michael Pedley and Jackie Glazier all taking to the tables.

The tough 24-player field would eventually be whittled down to a final table in which Kemp would be present to give himself a good chance of capturing ANZPT glory once again. Standing in Kemp’s way would include Graham (4th), Rossiter (3rd) and Hinrichsen (2nd) but each of those players would fall to the might of Kemp as he took down the coveted ANZPT High Rollers
event to make it an impressive two trophy’s at the 2011 Australia New Zealand Poker Tour.

ANZPT EVENT 9: $5,000 High Rollers Event
1st -Jai Kemp - $43,800
2nd- Andy Hinrichsen - $32,250
3rd- Jeff Rossiter - $21,875
4th- Jarred Graham - $17,275

With more players arriving in Melbourne at every moment, the spotlight will be on Saturday’s $2,200 Main Event. Will Kemp be able to parlay his fantastic form into a third title in just one week? Be sure to check back with PokerNetwork for recaps of all the 2011 ANZPT Melbourne action!

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The 2011 PokerStars.net ANZPT Melbourne is in full swing! The 2011 PokerStars.net ANZPT Melbourne is in full swing!

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