2012 PokerStars.net APPT Melbourne Day 1b: Ted Nguyen Leads Overall

Posted at 23:36 2012-08-31 by Remko Rinkema

After seven levels of play on the second starting day in the PokerStars.net Asia Pacific Poker Tour Melbourne Main Event, the chip leader was Ted Nguyen with 144,425. A total of 159 players registered for Day 1b creating a 257-player field. Many pros competed, but not nearly all of the them will return tomorrow for the second day of play.

Team PokerStars was well represented on Day 1b with four players competing, but things didn't go their way.

Angel Guillen was one of the Team PokerStars Pros, and he's been travelling the international poker circuit for many years. Back in 2009 he managed to win a World Series of Poker bracelet, and added a second place finish that same summer. As of right now his live tournament earnings exceed $1.2 million.

Guillen was doing great, and at one point he managed to get his stack up to 50,000 chips. That was also the highest point he would reach, as an unfortunate hand got him knocked out. Vineet Jindal was the Team PokerStars Pro slayer' in today's field as he knocked out both Guillen and Bryan Huang.

Huang was among the early exits when he got involved in a crazy hand. The long-time professional min-raised preflop to 400 and Jindal made a huge three-bet to 6,000. The action came back to Huang who four-bet to 15,000. Jindal called, and the flop brought out {A-}{Q-}{8-}. For right around 11,000 chips Huang moved all in, and Jindal called with a pair of tens. Huang had {A-Hearts}{9-Hearts} and needed to dodge a ten and running spades. Unfortunately the river was a ten, and Jindal grabbed hold of a big stack early.

During the sixth level of play Jindal also ended Guillen's tournament. Guillen had flopped a set, and on the turn he got his chips into the pot against Jindal's flopped nut flush. No help for Guillen who headed for the exit.

Among some of the other famous faces that didn't survive the day we saw Jonathan Karamalikis, Lee Nelson and Irishman John O'Shea. Milan Gurung was the one who knocked out Nelson who got his money in drawing dead. Gurung had flopped a flush, and on the turn the money went in. Nelson mucked his cards upon seeing Gurung's flush, and the Australian Poker Hall of Fame made a quiet exit.

Many great names survived the day as well. David Gorr, the 2011 Aussie Millions Main Event champion, will come back tomorrow with 33,075, while WSOPE bracelet winner Andrew Hinrichsen bagged up 37,250. Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin will have her work cut out for her as she made the second day with 27,850.

The remaining 106 players will return tomorrow at 12:00 PM local time to play another very interesting day of poker. Combined with yesterday's survivors there are still 171 players remaining. The final table will ultimately be played on Monday when another APPT champion will be crowned! Here's a look at the payouts for all the players.


APPT Melbourne Main Event Day 2 Seat Draw

251Adam Cusenza62,775
252Samuel Gorr33,075
253Michael Kanaan96,675
254Joshua Barrett46,825
255Anthony Hope15,600
256James Siu8,250
257Richard Foo72,525
258Pei Lin27,850
259Daniel Chevalier28,375
261Luke Edwards26,025
262Dale Marsland52,250
263Adam Schmidt40,150
264Joshua Pham30,300
265Christopher Wong19,450
266Nicholas Nicolaou18,450
267Stephen Goodridge39,075
268Stephan Bartelheim21,100
269Stephen Quon60,800
271Daniel Lee43,675
272Graeme Putt36,925
273Peter Abbey67,000
274Milan Gurung67,000
275Nigel Andrews82,650
276Cole Swannack18,200
277Mitchell Carle57,025
278Gunther Hornung28,700
279Tristan Bain22,275
281Raymond Ellis26,100
282Xin Zhao14,025
283Minh Nguyen20,950
284Wayne Bentley35,075
285Kahle Burns38,630
286John Dalessandri8,475
287Jason Obrien58,525
288Petros Aristidou60,900
289Samad Razavi57,750
291Tam Truong119,500
292Ricky Kroesen47,800
293David Lloyd40,500
294Than Huynh12,475
295Raymond Wu12,850
296David Croot20,375
297Patrick Dillon14,475
298Aidan Tam87,925
299Beng Beh30,725
301Mikel Habb26,250
302Leo Boxell55,925
303Jai Kemp109,425
304John Parker39,525
305Jonatthan Dangio45,750
306Peter Parsons47,900
307Martin Kozlov38,700
308Liam Orourke84,000
309Michael Egan42,150
311Phi Luu134,025
312Stephen Hansen77,300
313Fouad Chaptini43,375
314Adrian Chua37,250
315Patrick Crivell26,250
316Jarred Graham50,200
317Elliot Hardy33,150
318Oliver Gillgaber56,150
319Julian Cohen38,125
321Thomas Grigg80,700
322Manuel Hansimikali25,075
323Jeremy Simon10,150
324Sam Vakili27,800
325Jordan Westmorland43,625
326Paul Bennett13,225
327Karan Punjabi69,925
328Hun Lee85,385
329Yibo Zhou9,450
331Ilir Beluli54,400
332Gary Benson84,300
333Charles Caris55,900
334Murray Roach51,150
335Julian Powell43,000
336Vasilios Argyros26,600
337Rikki Papesch48,475
338Jason Lau21,300
339Paul Ward13,875
401William Jones92,025
402Phillip Siddell94,000
403Tty Ly22,475
404Ti Tran60,475
405Karim Jomeen7,825
406Brendon Rubie103,575
407Aaron Benton85,775
408Andrew Hinrichsen37,250
409Geoffrey Mooney37,175
411Alan Mcmaster61,150
412Rajesh Sabapathy34,850
413Jay Kinkade72,225
414Rohit Bhasin51,375
415Ryan Hong10,425
416Chihhsiang Chuang27,725
417Didier Guerin8,750
418Sylvia Hewitt73,950
419Giuseppe Famulari77,850
421Nicholas Owens83,500
422Fenix Hsu93,100
423Lawford Edwards35,850
424David Evans35,600
425Gautam Dhingra47,125
426Lars Graf39,975
427Gordon Huntly15,800
428Paul Obrien40,400
429Vineet Jindal123,200
431Jim Sachinidis6,900
432Andrew Scarf60,000
433Shaun Elliott20,950
434Juan Rufula61,525
435Robert Salter40,525
436Tom Rafferty65,775
437Ashley Warner84,550
438Mishel Anunu69,250
439Robert Sova76,800
441Samuel Constantinou26,825
442Peter Dykes8,850
443Heidi Thomson60,025
444Julius Colman73,350
445Benn Skender24,175
446Ivan Zalac72,800
447Michael Fadersen22,075
448James Broom15,150
449Kyle Cheong50,200
451Paul Schembri22,025
452Cameron Angus11,750
453Brent Taunton36,850
454Nurlan Boobekov26,775
455Michael Guttmann36,350
456Edward Lim39,550
457Tony Tartaglia35,375
458Jie Gao15,275
459Chun Lee10,025
461Gianni Katsanakis25,800
462Hoi Cheung30,275
463Ismail Ismail94,275
464Hung Wang71,925
465Mario Ljubicic38,950
466Kristian Lunardi31,600
467Hai Chu77,375
468Martin Comer116,300
469Jefferey James20,875
471Ted Nguyen144,425
472Sebastian Pagana49,950
473Van Marcus78,875
474Keith Walker17,850
475Tony Hachem26,925
476Benjamin Breadsell21,625
477Alan Walker10,800
478Andrew Scott31,800
481Grant Levy73,300
482Maurice Melville47,975
483Panayotis Flourentzou17,025
484Michael Mckevith56,725
485David Garcia9,700
486Tanja Vujanic24,175
487Michael Mariakis40,650
488Brian Peak42,200
491Dean Blatt51,625
492Joel Feldman33,600
493Andrew Mellado17,125
494Johnny Huynh75,700
495James Bills15,950
496Elizabeth Thomson27,850
497Timothy English52,475
498Mile Krstanoski31,825

Good night from Melbourne and make sure to tune in again tomorrow for another day of PokerNetwork APPT coverage!

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