$30 Million Double Guarantees Start This Week at Full Tilt Poker

Posted at 22:20 2011-01-24

Full Tilt Poker already runs a fantastic lineup of guaranteed tournaments each week worth over $15 million. But for one week only, Full Tilt is doubling the amount of cash in their guaranteed tournaments. From January 25th to January 31st, Full Tilt is going to be the best place to play online poker since they’ll be paying out over $30 million in guaranteed money!

Dubbed “Double Guarantees Week”, you can expect all of biggest tournaments to offer a double prize pool. As if this isn’t enough, Full Tilt will also be making all of these tournaments Multi-Entry events, meaning you can enter each tournament multiple times. And don’t worry about colluding problems either because everybody’s multiple entries will be spread out across different tables.

Getting back to the actual tournaments, this incredible week starts with the $46,000 KO Guaranteed (normally $23k). From there the tournaments just keep getting bigger and here is a look at the highlights of Double Guarantees Week:

Tuesday January 25th
$600,000 $1K Monday ($1,060 buy-in), $100,000 Turbo Guaranteed ($216 buy-in), $120,000 Guaranteed ($163 buy-in)

Wednesday, January 26th
$120,000 Guaranteed ($163 buy-in), $100,000 Turbo Guaranteed ($216 buy-in)

Thursday, January 27th
$120,000 Guaranteed ($163 buy-in), $100,000 Turbo Guaranteed ($216 buy-in)

Friday, January 28th
$120,000 Guaranteed ($163 buy-in), $100,000 Turbo Guaranteed ($216 buy-in)

Saturday, January 29th
$120,000 Guaranteed ($163 buy-in), $100,000 Turbo Guaranteed ($216 buy-in)

Sunday, January 30th
$160,000 Rush Guaranteed ($109 buy-in), $120,000 Guaranteed Rebuy ($109), $200,000 Guaranteed ($322 buy-in)

Monday, January 31st
$200,000 Little Big Tournament ($2 buy-in), $400,000 Guaranteed Rebuy ($163 buy-in), $400,000 Double Deuce ($22 buy-in), $400,000 Sunday Mulligan ($216 buy-in), $800,000 Sunday Brawl ($256 buy-in), $1,500,000 Guaranteed ($216 buy-in)

If you’re interested in playing in any of these huge tournaments and want to know the starting times, you should download Full Tilt Poker now so you’re ready for a big week ahead. And if you can’t afford the buy-ins for your favorite events, there are plenty of satellites and qualifiers running at Full Tilt Poker.

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It's Double Guarantees Week on Full Tilt Poker! It's Double Guarantees Week on Full Tilt Poker!

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