$30K in Added VIP Freerolls This Week at PokerStars

Posted at 19:24 2011-08-23
Aussie ANZPT League / $22,500 in Exclusive WCOOP Freerolls / 90% fewer points to qualify for VIP perks / $30K in daily added VIP point freerolls
Now is the time to download and play PokerStars via PokerNetwork [Marketing code: POKERNETWORK]: You won't find this PokerStars value anywhere else!
Daily FPP freerolls double thier prizepools
There is just over a week to go to participate in the PokerStars VIP Club Mega Month promotion and once again, PokerStars have raised the bar for their players. This week PokerStars have doubled the value of all their 10 FPP and 20 FPP VIP Tournaments. 
In total, an extra $30,000 in freerolls are available this week. There are six tournaments each day, taking place at the following times:
12:35 20 FPP NL Hold'em Turbo, $2,000 Prize Pool 
12:40 10 FPP NL Hold'em Turbo, $1,000 Prize Pool
14:05 20 FPP NL Hold'em Turbo, $2,000 Prize Pool
18:05 20 FPP NL Hold'em Turbo, $2,000 Prize Pool]
19:40 10 FPP NL Hold'em Turbo, $1,000 Prize Pool
22:40 10 FPP NL Hold'em Turbo, $1,000 Prize Pool
You can find all of these tournaments under the Tourney > VIP tab of the PokerStars software.

VIP Mega Month

Just to remind you, throughout August, PokerStars has slashed the requirements to climb the VIP ranks by 90%. This is an unprecedented promotion from PokerStars, which means that players can vastly increase the rate at which they earn FPPs and also open up a whole new range of rewards in the VIP store. 
So you can fast track your way to Platinum Star VIP for just 750 VPPs in August, rather than the usual 7,500 required. You can also get to Gold Star for 300 instead of 3,000, and Silver Star for 75 points instead of 750.
If you sign up to PokerStars through PokerNetwork, not only can you participate in this promotion, you can also qualify for any future exclusive promotions we have with PokerStars (The value of which has been in the hundreds of thousands over the last few years), and a 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus. Don't forget to use marketing code [B]"POKERNETWORK"[/B]. 


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It's VIP Mega month at PokerStars It's VIP Mega month at PokerStars

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