888Poker Announces 8 Ways To Win 88 WSOP Packages

Posted at 20:22 2010-01-29

The newly revamped 888Poker has just stepped up to compete with the best by offering an incredible 8 ways to win one of 88 WSOP packages.

Even the most novice of poker players could find themselves in Las Vegas at the Mecca of poker tournaments as 888poker presents a variety of non-poker related ways to get to the 2010 WSOP.

Normally the WSOP is only open to those who are bankrolled well enough to compete in the long and strenuous two-month schedule, but courtesy of 888poker, the WSOP is now open to everyone!

888poker are offering their members to the chance to win a WSOP package through no less than eight different ways; ranging from a simple status points race to a refer-a-friend route. There’s a way for tournament lovers, one for those who like the occasional spin on the slots between poker games and another for the hardcore persistent poker player.

Perhaps the most creative of the 8 ways that 888poker are presenting is Social Success where members have the chance to use their social networking abilities to make it to the WSOP. Members can upload a video to YouTube explaining why they deserve to win a WSOP package, or they can follow @888poker on Twitter tweeting about how they want a package.

888poker’s celebrity poker players also come into play in the Bounty Hunter where members who knock out Leo Margets or Shane Warne can go on to play at the WSOP this year.

2010 signifies a new decade and a new beginning for 888poker. The online poker site is redefining its outlook on poker with this year placing a strong focus on promoting the safe, social and fun attributes of the game we all love.

To take advantage of the eight fantastic ways to win a seat to this years WSOP, download 888Poker and you can be on your way in just a few clicks!

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8 Ways To Win 88 WSOP Packages thanks to 888 Poker! 8 Ways To Win 88 WSOP Packages thanks to 888 Poker!

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