$9,000 in Cash Freerolls at UltimateBet

Posted at 08:25 2010-06-24

We're proud to announce that UltimateBet are bringing PokerNetwork players a huge freeroll series! This exclusive series is for PokerNetwork/PokerNews players online and there’s $9,000 in cash up for grabs! The freerolls run from June to August and are open to both new UltimateBet players and existing players that have accounts through PokerNetwork. There are five freerolls total and the first one is on June 21 at 5:35am AEST. This exclusive freeroll will see $3,000 added to the prize pool and will be distributed as per Ultimate Bet's standard payout structure.

How do you qualify?

If you're a new player, you must download UltimateBet through our links here on PokerNetwork and make a minimum deposit. That's all there is to it! If you already have an account through PokerNetwork, then you have to have completed 300 raked hands between June 1 (00:00 EST) and June 16 (23:59 EST).

Completing the qualification requirements doesn't mean you're automatically registered. Players will need to register manually for the tournament. Registration opens 12 hours after qualification closes.

If you can't make this freeroll, you'll have two more opportunities in July. Those two will each have $1,500 added to the prize pool for each. The first one is on July 5th and the second one is on July 26th.

You don't want to miss these exciting UltimateBet freerolls! Sign up to UltimateBet and you can also enjoy an excellent 150% up to $1,600 first deposit bonus, and you’ll be eligible for all of our exclusive UltimateBet freerolls and promotions in future.

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$9,000 in Cash Freerolls at UltimateBet $9,000 in Cash Freerolls at UltimateBet

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