A Genius Promotion at Party Poker!

Posted at 12:59 2009-07-11
The geniuses at Party Poker have created a “Genius” promotion that is sure to have genius poker players everywhere burning a trail to PartyPoker.com.
The new promotion intuitively titled “The Genius” will see Party Poker paying out jackpots every 50,000th over ten million hands.
On every jackpot hand, the total of the pot at the conclusion of the game will be squared and the amount of cash divided equally among all members of the table. The winner of the pot will also be awarded the amount they originally had won.
Should you be lucky enough to be dealt into a designated jackpot hand that finishes with $100 in it, Party Poker will square that amount ($100 x $100 = $10,000) meaning each player dealt in will share in US$10,000.
Just in case one of the jackpot hands is a not a monster, PartyPoker are guaranteeing a minimum jackpot of US$100 per hand. In addition, every millionth hand during “The Genius” will have a guaranteed US$10,000 prize pool and the final ten millionth hand of the promotion will be worth an astonishing US$100,000.
Every player dealt into each of the jackpot hands will win an equal share, meaning that even at the minimum stakes players will be rewarded with a nice jackpot should they luck in. 
If you’re not already signed up to Party Poker, PokerNetwork has the perfect way to get you involved in the Genius Promotion right now with NO DEPOSIT.
Simply download Party Poker and follow the sign up process. Enter the bonus code of PNET50FREE when prompted during sign up and you will receive $50 FREE without the need to deposit any of your own cash.
Once your eligibility is confirmed, $25 will be transferred into your Party Poker account and the remaining $25 will be transferred once you’ve earned 200 Party Poker Points. Players must earn the required points in 45 days to be eligible to receive the second lot of $25.
As one of the biggest Poker sites in the world, this is a great opportunity to join, if you’re not already a member. Party Poker is known for its player friendly promotions and “The Genius” is just one such example.
If you truly want to be a genius, do the smart thing and jump head long into grinding it out today to earn some serious bucks!

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A Genius Promotion by Party Poker! A Genius Promotion by Party Poker!

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