Adgee Ships the Justice as the 'King of Flips' at PokerNews Cup!

Posted at 00:42 2009-09-30
Day 3 of the 2009 PokerNews Cup championships was a date that many Australian poker players and fans alike had noted in their diaries as one of the most highly anticipated events in Australian poker history. It was the $1,100 PokerNetwork.com Live vs Online Invitational Challenge event where 32 of the hottest players in the country came together to settled their differences in the best way possible…by the fate of the cards on the felt!
Much was talked about the heads-up draw and the prospect of dream/grudge matches wetting the appetites of all involved. The captains alternated in choosing a member of their side who would then nominate their opponent of choice, which produced the following match ups.
Steve Topakas vs Steve Leonard (c)
Chris Evans vs Stewart Scott (c)
Bruno Portaro vs Tony Dunst
Joel Dodds vs Clonie Gowen
Jai Kemp vs Ben Delaney
Jonathan Karamalikis vs Tony Hachem
Dave Lee vs Trung Tran
Aleks Brkovic vs Lisa Walsh
Bill Jordanou vs Jarred Graham
Dean Nyberg vs Ben Savage
Peter Aristidou vs Damien Elsing
Andrew Jeffreys vs Billy Argyros
Van Marcus vs Michael Guzzardi
Mathew Pearson vs Kerry Stead
Sam Youssef vs Rayan Nathan
Mat Hawker vs Sean Keeton
There was plenty of friendly banter but it was clear from the early stages that the Online Team was going to be in for a good day on the felt as the results started going their way. Mat Hawker was the first through to round two making quick work of substitute Sean Keeton who had been roped into the team at the last-minute to replace Tony G. He was soon followed by Jai Kemp, Peter Aristidou and Sam Youssef as the online team leapt out to a 4-0 lead.
However the live team fought back, led by team captain Stewart Scott who was able to overcome Chris Evans in a 2-0 result. Scott was joined by Lisa Walsh and Bruno Portaro in round two, and it appeared that we may have had an even contest on our hands. But the online team regained the ascendancy and went on to have ten players through to round two action, compared to the live team’s six players. The round two matchups were as follows:
Dave Lee vs Rayan Nathan
Ben Savage vs Mat Hawker
Stewart Scott vs Jarred Graham
Clonie Gowen vs Matthew Pearson
Lisa Walsh vs Ben Delaney
Bruno Portarto vs Michael Guzzardi
Andrew Jeffreys vs Jonathan Karamalikis
Damien Elsing vs Steve Leonard
The live players remained in control as the next four eliminations were all live players as Michael Guzzardi quickly dispatched of Bruno Portaro 2-0, Ben Delaney got past Lisa Walsh 2-0, Nathan Rayan came from one down to eliminate Dave Lee 2-1 and team captain Stewart Scott fell to the run-good kid Jarred Graham. Scott’s elimination was particularly brutal as he held {Ad}{9s} against Graham’s {Jc}{9d} with all the chips in preflop, only to watch the board run out {Qs}{6c}{7d}{Td}{8h} to give Graham a higher straight!
Ben Savage and Clonie Gowen were the only live players left to fly the flag and Savage kept hopes alive by advancing to the quarter finals with a win over Mat Hawker. Meanwhile Gowen and Matthew Pearson were involved in an epic battle that stretched well into the next round of play. With the lead swapping back and forth, Pearson finally got the advantage and the win, to leave Savage as the lone Live Team player alive after two rounds.
In other second round matches, Andrew Jeffreys continued his good form, defeating one of the tournament favourites in Jonathan Karamalikis, while Damien Elsing fell to Steve Leonard. The quarter-final matchups were drawn as follows
Ben Savage vs Michael Guzzardi
Ben Delaney vs Andrew Jeffreys
Jarred Graham vs Rayan Nathan
Steve Leonard vs Matthew Pearson.
Andrew Jeffreys wasted no time in the quarter-finals, overcoming Ben Delaney in two rapid-fire matches to find himself comfortably in the money while the others dukes it out in tougher contests.
Ben Savage got the early lead in his match with Michael Guzzardi but a dispute with a dealer that led to a double up of Guzzardi, left Savage rocked and he slipped behind before being eliminated in a 2-0 result. The final hand saw Savage flop two pair with {Qd}{7c} on a {Qs}{Js}{7s} but Guzzardi had hit a better two pair with {Qc}{Jh} to leave Savage needing a miracle to survive. It didn’t happen and the last of the Live Team’s hopes were dashed.
At that point Jarred Graham had decided he’d had enough, and wanted to move over to the big game which had started up in the high-limit area. He started moving all in blind, and it was a matter of time before he fell to Rayan Nathan.
That just left Steve Leonard and Matthew Pearson to battle it out but eventually Leonard gained the advantage when his {Ah}{Kh} held against the {Ad}{qh} of Pearson to take the first rubber. It became a 2-0 result soon after when Pearson flopped a Broadway straight only to see Leonard make his flush on the turn, as we were down to our final four.
It was then that the players wisely decided to chop the prize pool to receive $3,000 each rather than having to play it out until the wee hours of the morning. With the points allocation irrelevant to the overall team score, they flipped to award the official placings. This of course suited the hyper-turbo master as Andrew “Adgee” Jeffreys proved his supreme flipping abilities to defeat Michael Guzzardi in the semi-final and then Steve Leonard in the final to claim victory. His final hand will be forever remembered as the {8s}{2h} will now forever be remembered as the “Adgee”. Michael Guzzardi out-flipped Rayan Nathan in the playoff for third and out official placings were set.
1st Andrew Jeffreys
2nd Steve Leonard
3rd Michael Guzzardi
4th Rayan Nathan
The points situation is not a pretty one for the Live Team and a big effort will be required tomorrow in the Shootout event if they are to be a chance to regain some respectability!
Online Team: 690 points
Live Team: 180 points
The action recommences at 12:10pm tomorrow, so tune into www.pokernews.com for all of the live updates from the tournament floor!
In the other event of the day, 76 players took to the felt at 7pm for the $550 Pot Limit Omaha event. As the evening went on the likes of Gary Benson, Michael Palti, Peter Aristidou, Dave Lee, Emad Tahtouh and Kenneth Damm were still in contention. The top nine players will finish in the money with first place set to collect $9,500. We’ll have the full results for you on PokerNetwork.com as soon as they come to hand.

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Adgee Ships The Justice with the Eight-Deuce Offsuit Adgee Ships The Justice with the Eight-Deuce Offsuit

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