Adrian Sportelli Crowned Champ of the Gold Coast

Posted at 01:06 2011-10-18

The 2011 Gold Coast Poker Championship wrapped up at Jupiters Casino over the weekend, with Adrian Sportelli going home the victor after four tough days of poker action.

There were a solid 226 players who payed $1,100 to sit at the felt on the Gold Coast and by the end of the two Day 1 flights, there were only 104 players who started play on Day 2.

The likes of Kahle Burns, Jesse McKenie and Octavian Voegele would be among those taking to to the tables on Day 2 but they would exit the door throughout the day to watch as a final table was set late into the evening.

Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: Adrian Sportelli
Seat 2: Brent Taunton
Seat 3: Stephen Ford
Seat 4: Ivan Zalac
Seat 5: Elisabeth Buisson
Seat 6: Joel Guy
Seat 7: Jeanette Stewart
Seat 8: Bowdy Tolphof
Seat 9: Louis Zenonos

With the demise of Louis Zenonos, Bowdy Tolphof, Jeanette Stewart and Joel Guy, the play was whittled down to just five before Elisabeth Buisson would be eliminated in 5th place to be the last lady standing.

Ivan Zalac and Stephen Ford would be railed in 4th and 3rd place respectively before a fierce heads-up battle began between Sportelli and Brent Taunton.

The final hand of the night would be somewhat of a cooler as Taunton would wake up with pocket kings and run into the pocket aces of Sportelli. The players got all their chips in preflop and the pocket rockets of Sportelli would hold up as Taunton was sent packing in a respectable 2nd place, while Sportelli was crowned the Gold Coast Poker Champs victor!

2011 Gold Coast Poker Championships results
1st place: Adrian Sportelli - $58,195
2nd place: Brent Taunton - $37,177
3rd place: Stephen Ford - $21,018
4th place: Ivan Zalac - $16,724
5th place: Elisabeth Buisson - $13,786
6th place: Joel Guy - $11,526
7th place: Jeanette Stewart - $9,266
8th place: Bowdy Tolphof - $7,345


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Adrian Sportelli, winner of the 2011 Gold Coast Poker Championship. Adrian Sportelli, winner of the 2011 Gold Coast Poker Championship.

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