AFL Official Wins Tribunal Following Boozy Poker Night!

Posted at 12:00 2012-12-19 by PokerNetwork Staff

Andrew Hughes, the AFL coaching and umpiring co-ordinator has won a tribunal following an incident at a poker night he attended.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Hughes was part of a group of 25 men who attended the poker night at the British Crown Hotel in Collingwood. Hughes booked the poker night through a company called Raw Poker and all was well until one of the group threw a pool ball through a front window and caused around $1,000 worth of damage.

Hughes and his guests compensated the hotel owner on the night and expected the matter to be finished, but hen Hughes returned to the venue to collect his $500 bond, the owner refused to refund Hughes. Hughes then contacted consumer affairs who in turn passed on the case to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

In the documents submitted to the tribunal, Hughes claimed he was told the $500 was not refunded due to his group not reaching a “minimum spend” on drinks and food. However, Hughes claimed the group had spent around $30 per head on drinks during the night, including one round of shots that cost them $100.

Bernadette Cremean ruled in Hughes’ favour and ordered the British Crown Hotel and Raw Poker – neither of whom sent a representative to the tribunal — to each pay Hughes $250.

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