Amanda De Cesare Wins Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event!

Posted at 23:38 2009-11-23
You couldn’t have written a better script if you tried. It’s the stuff of fairy tales. A dream come true indeed. Just days after being in the poker limelight for being crowned the inaugural “Poker Star” as part of the poker reality TV series, Amanda De Cesare stamped her name permanently into the Australian poker history books today when she claimed victory in the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event. It’s the event named after her mentor on the TV show, Joe Hachem, and the man was on hand to watch her protégé claim a memorable win.
De Cesare started the day with some work ahead of her as one of the shorter stacks of the field, and waited patiently for her moment to strike. As the players start to fall around her, she displayed elements that she was taught throughout the TV series as she kept her focus and composure throughout and found two double ups to get herself into contention.
The first was through the chip leader Oscar Jeney, when he limped in middle position and then called the all-in shove of De Cesare. Jeney held {Ks}{9s} but trailed De Cesare’s {ah}{3d} as the board ran out {2c}{5h}{5s}{5d}{Ts}. A few minutes later with the chips in on the turn, it was De Cesare’s {Ad}{Ks} that held for the double up against An Nguyen’s {Qc}{Qd} on a {Tc}{Kd}{8s}{6c}{9h} board. Suddenly De Cesare was up to second in chips, and a position which she was able to maintain.
Meanwhile fellow The Poker Show finalist Chris Eva wasn’t able to work with his short stack and showed signs of frustration as he couldn’t find the cards required to get himself back in contention. Chris found two double ups but the blinds were always one step ahead before he was eventually eliminated in 7th place when his{Kh}{6c} couldn’t improve against the {Ad}{Td} of Shoshiro Karita.
Jacob Chen was starting to flex his muscles and was very unlucky not to win a monster pot when Oscar Jeney made a huge call preflop with {Td}{9d} to attempt to crack Chen’s {ah}{Ac}. Incredibly the board fell {2d}{4h}{6h}{3d}{5c} to put a straight on board and the players chopped it up.
Andrew Demetriou was always a feared player at this final table but he also fell to the charm of The Poker Star Amanda De Cesare. She raised the button and then called Demetriou’s shove, but found her {Ah}{7c} in bad shape against Demetriou’s {ad}{Td}, that is until a seven spiked on the flop which was enough to give her the post and end Demetriou’s run in 6th place.
De Cesare’s good fortune continued when she eliminated Jacob Chen in 5th place. Chen shoved under the gun and De Cesare decided she was priced in to make a gambling call with {9d}{5d} up against Chen’s {As}{2c}. But two pair on the flop for De Cesare was more than enough as her amazing run continued.
When play was three-handed Hai Bo Chu held the chip lead, but Shoshiro Karita found the double up with his pocket tens holding against the squeeze-shove of De Cesare with {Ad}{8h}. Shortly after she recovered chips with a double up of her own, with her {Ac}{Kc} holding against Chu’s {As}{9c} as Chu was left on the short stack. Chu fell in 3rd place soon after when his flush draw failed to deliver and we were heads-up for the title!
Karita held a narrow lead, but De Cesare got the better of the heads-up duel before the final hand was dealt. With the blinds up to 150k/300k, Karita made it 650,000 to play before De Cesare put in a three-bet to 1.74 million. Karita then declared himself all in for an additional 4.04 million and De Cesare deliberated for a moment before making the call.
De Cesare’s {Ad}{Tc} was in a dominant position against Karita’s {Ah}{9h} and nothing changed on the {4c}{Ks}{Js} flop. However to put an exclamation point on the end of the script that could only be written by Joe Hachem himself, the {Qs} hit the turn to give De Cesare an unbeatable Broadway straight and one card away from victory. Karita couldn't find a chop as the {Qd} fell on the river to eliminate him in 2nd place after a great tournament for a payday of $50,500.
Congratulations to Amanda De Cesare - your new Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event Champion! In one of the most extraordinary stories in Australian poker historys, Amanda now has a new trophy and $77,500 in cash to validate her title of being Australia's newest "Poker Star"!
1st Amanda De Cesare - $77,500
2nd Shoshiro Karita - $50,500
3rd Hai Bo Chu - $32,000
4th Oscar Jeney - $23,500
5th Jacob Chen - $17,000
6th Andrew Demetriou - $12,000
7th Chris Eva - $9,000
8th An Nguyen - $6,500
9th Johan Verkuijl - $5,000
10th Mark Ashworth - $3,500

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