Andrew "Adgee" Jeffreys Wins Tony G Bounty Event!

Posted at 00:36 2009-10-02
Another day of poker and another final table with the recommencement of Event 6: $550 Tony G Celebrity Bounty Event of the 2009 PokerNews Cup.
Yesterday saw the original 169 players cut down to just a final eight to return today at 4:00pm with Bruce Nguyen in the lead with 164,700 in chips. Local tournament veterans Andrew ‘Adgee’ Jeffreys (87,700), George Dionisopoulos (53,600) and Ben Savage (48,700) would all be in the hunt for the coveted trophy, title of champion and $20,520 first prize.
Once play kicked off, Jeffreys was the quickest out of the blocks taking down a few early pots to climb up the leaderboard while Nguyen held onto his lead amidst the action.
Riku Koivurinne would be the first to go when he moved all in preflop holding {Ac}{Qs} to be in a race with Nguyen’s {6c}{6d}, and after the board bricked out, Koivurinne would collect AU$2,280 for his eighth place finish. 
Nick Haidaris, William Skountzos and Dionisopoulos would all double courtesy of Nguyen before Dionisopoulos would fall in seventh place when his ladies met the cowboys of Ben Savage.
One time chipleader Nguyen would exit next when his {Ad}{8d} would be outdrawn by Jeffreys’ {Qc}{Jc} when the board ran out {5c}{6c}{9h}{2c}{4c} to see the local cash game player collect AU$3,800 for his efforts.
In a battle of the blinds, Haidaris would fall next when his middle pair failed to improve against the dominated top pair of Angelo Prifti. Savage, fresh off his win in the PokerNetwork.com Live vs Online Challenge from the previous evening,  was the next victim to fall when he was outdrawn by Jeffreys to be eliminated in fourth place for a AU$6,460
Next to go was Prifti who would commit all his chips on a {Ad}{6h}{8d} board with {Th}{8c}, but unfortunately for him he would run into Jeffreys’ {Ah}{Jh}. The turn and river blanked out with the {Qs} and {Jd} to see Prifti eliminated in third place for AU$9,880 to take play heads up.
William Skountzos – 455,000
Andrew ‘Adgee’ Jeffreys – 400,000
On just the second hand of the duel, Jeffreys would claim a huge advantage when on a board reading {7s}{Ts}{As}{8h} Jeffreys moved all in over the top of a Skountzos raise with {Ah}{5s} and was called by Skountzos and his {Kc}{Kd}. The river landed the {8d} and Jeffreys left Skountzos with just 25,000 in chips.
The final hand would see Jeffreys’ {Qh}{6h} outdraw Skountzos’ {Kc}{Th} on a final board reading {4s}{Jc}{3d}{6s}{Jh} to see Skoutzos eliminated in second place and collect AU$14,440 for his great run in the tournament.
For Jeffreys it would be his second tournament victory in as many days, after being victorious in the heads-up portion of the $1,100 PokerNetwork.com Live vs Online Challenge, to see him pocket another $20,520, the coveted trophy and title of Event #6 Champion.
The Crown Poker Room also saw another tournament today with the Event 7: $550 No Limit Holdem Six-Handed event kicking off at midday.
Grant Levy, Stewart Scott, Clonie Gowen, Tony Hachem, Kristian ‘Bada Bing’ Lunardi, Jonathan ‘xMONSTERxDONGx’ Karamalikis, Ben ‘CNT_CRUSHER’ Delaney, Matthew ‘OnMyVPlates’ Pearson and Dean ‘dinhjo’ Nyberg were just a handful of notables in the 160-player field.
Play reached the money for the final 18 players into the evening as the players started to get within sight of the AU$18,500 first prize up for grabs. With play stretching into the early hours of the morning, we’ll have the complete results for you as soon as they come to hand.
Tomorrow is the big one – the 2009 PokerNews Cup Main Event! The opening flight should draw a big field as the estimated first place prize of $250,000 has lured players from all over the world to Melbourne. The action kicks off at 12:10pm local time, so stay tuned to PokerNews.com for all the live updates.

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Andrew "Adgee" Jeffreys Wins Tony G Bounty Event! Andrew "Adgee" Jeffreys Wins Tony G Bounty Event!

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