Andrew Hinrichsen Lands 6-Handed Trophy at APPT Sydney

Posted at 15:12 2009-11-30

For some, a few hours sleep was all that was possible, as a long night was followed by another big day on the felt as the $2,700 Six-Handed event attracted 62 of Australia’s finest players for some fast-paced short-handed action at the 2009 PokerStars.net APPT Sydney Championships.

There were very few soft spots in the field that was littered with talent, as every starting table looked more like a final table! Some of the big tables included Billy “The Croc” Argyros, Sam Youssef and Grant Levy seated together, while Lee Nelson was joined by Daniel Neilson and Steve Topakas.

Early on it was Spiro Stergotis who appeared unstoppable as he raced to the chip lead, but as the day wore on and the players dropped away, the talk of the Star City Poker Room was who would stop Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis, who followed up his final table from the day before with another deep run as he emerged the chip leader approaching the dinner break.

After dinner it was another young gun who was prominent as Kristian “BadaBing” Lunardi took control with some high quality poker. The big names started to drop away as Sean Keeton (9th), Jonathan Karamalikis (8th) and Sam Youssef (7th) all came within a whisker of the cash, but as the final table was formed it was Kamyar Ekrami an unlikely chip leader.

Seat 1: Andrew Lee (84,400)
Seat 2: Nick Wright (31,600)
Seat 3: Andrew Hinrichsen (116,700)
Seat 4: Joseph Moussa (137,600)
Seat 5: Kamyar Ekrami (137,800)
Seat 6: Kristian Lunardi (107,000)

However Ekrami’s joy didn’t last long as some frantic action quickly followed and Ekrami was the first to be eliminated after running his {ah}{Qh} into the {As}{Ad} of Joe Moussa.   Andy Lee fell in 5th place when he lost a race with {9s}{9h} to Andrew Hinrichsen’s {As}{Kc} before the key hand of the final table saw a double elimination.

Kristian Lunardi moved all in with {2d}{2c}, Nick Wright committed his short stack with {Js}{Ts} and Andrew Hinrichsen made the call with {8s}{8c}. Wright was set for a triple up when the first four cards were spread {6c}{4c}{Jc}{qh} but the dealer snapped the {8h} on the river for the double KO! Wright was awarded 4th place as Lunardi collected 3rd as he started the hand with the larger chip stack.

If that wasn’t enough action for you, it didn’t take long for Andrew Hinrichsen and Joe Moussa to collide in heads-up play. Just after 1:30am local time, Hinrichsen raised the button to 15,000 before Moussa made it 35,000. Hinrichsen popped it to 65,000 and Moussa moved all in. Hinrichsen insta-called and revealed the rockets {Ad}{Ac} as Moussa dropped his head and tabled {Qh}{Qc}. The board ran out {7d}{9d}{6h}{Ah}{Kh} to give Hichrichsen the victory to follow up his runner-up finishes during the PokerNews Cup and ANZPT Queenstown events.

Final Results:

1st Andrew Hinrichsen $54,250
2nd Joe Moussa $35,650
3rd Kristian Lunardi $23,250
4th Nick Wright $17,050
5th Andy Lee $13,950
6th Kaymar Ekrami $10,850

Join the PokerNetwork Live Reporting Team again today from 12:30pm for our continued coverage of the 2009 PokerStars.net APPT Sydney Championships as the $2,200 Pot Limit Omaha/Holdem event should draw another quality field and plenty of action!

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Andrew Hinrichsen Wins APPT Sydney 6-Handed Event Andrew Hinrichsen Wins APPT Sydney 6-Handed Event

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