Posted at 13:53 2009-08-20
If David Steicke owns High Rollers Events, then James “Andy McLEOD” Obst is the lord of the major online tournament. Obst reaffirmed his status as one of Australia’s top online poker players on Monday by running deep in the FTOPS XIII Main Event.
Playing under his Full Tilt Poker screen name “TheFatFISH”, Obst rode the wave all the way through to 5th place in the 5,306 player tournament, which was good for a US$127,211 payday.
In addition, many consider Obst pretty unlucky to be eliminated, after his opponent made a fairly light call to bust him from the tournament.
On Obst’s final hand, his opponent “Poligraph” opened to 256,123 from under the gun, and Obst three bet him to 772,550. Poligraph made the call and the players took a {3c}{th}{7d} flop. Poligraph checked to Obst who fired out 1,188,250. Poligraph then check-raised to 2,520,000. Obst moved back over the top all-in for 9,384,791 and that sent Poligraph into the tank. He eventually called Obst’s 6,864,791 extra and tabled {js}{ts} for top pair to be in front of Obst’s {Ad}{qs} for ace-high.
The board blanked {4c} and {9h} to send the Aussie to the rail in 5th place. Poligraph scooped the 20,569,682 chip pot and went on to take down the Main Event for US$453,663 prize money.
Despite some negative sentiment for Poligraph’s call from some of his rail, Obst took it in his stride and was diplomatic shortly after the tournament.
“He (Poligraph) was obviously a tricky player and on this board I expected to get a fold here in excess of 90% of the time, meaning I believe he rarely has a pair or anything check-raise worthy,” said Obst in regards to his elimination hand.
“I couldn't possibly fathom playing this hand any other way given what I had watched of his play and the dynamic, and I don't think any other line comes close against this player,” he added with no regrets.
“I have no idea what his (tournament history) is but I can assure you, at that stage everyone in the tournament had a good gauge of aggression and were tough opponents,” concluded Obst.
The FTOPS score boosts Obst back up to third in the Australian online poker rankings and moves him back into the world top 100 for the first time in a couple of months. He is currently ranked 82nd in the world.
His impressive 2009 run includes winning event 11 in the SCOOP series for US$184,000, as well as $35,137 for winning a $55 rebuy on PokerStars, and $31,000 for third in the Wednesday Quarter Million tournament, also on PokerStars.
It seems to be just a matter of when, not if, he will final table at the upcoming World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) in September. You can join him in going for glory at that series by satelliting in via one of the many affordable buy-in satellite tournaments at PokerStars right now.

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James "TheFatFISH" Obst - 5th place in FTOPS Main Event James "TheFatFISH" Obst - 5th place in FTOPS Main Event

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