Posted at 23:38 2009-03-29
Like a lot of people, I follow the online poker rankings very closely. I love to see how many Australian players are out there near the top of the ranking proving that even though we are a small country. We definitely no how to play cards!
Few players in Australian online poker history have turned more heads than James "Andy McLEOD" Obst. The 18 year old poker phenomenon from Adelaide has been one of Australia’s biggest online tournament winners for a while now. In fact he made more money playing poker online when he was underage than most people make in their entire poker career.
Obst is currently ranked 4th in Australia for overall online tournament winnings but he is looking for bigger fish at the moment. He feels that the upcoming PokerStars SCOOP series will give him exactly the platform he needs to show just how good he really is. Obst is so confident that he has put his money where his mouth is with this post finding its way onto a popular online poker forum....
Obst: “Will be offering a most $ won with anyone for as much action as you wish (may cap at a certain point). Edit: Net sum of cashes not net profit....

Terms: All M + H events count as well as the L Main Event for a total of 45 events.

If you want to do it but can't play on a particular day or don't want one set of tournaments to count, say so and I will probably agree.

For the time being I'll cap action at 100k with a max of 25k per person and a minimum of 2k. An escrow will be arranged. Post if interested, only serious replies please.”
If you made as much sense of that as I did the first time I read it (I told you the guy was a great poker player, I don’t think he has ever claimed to be an English Scholar!) Obst is willing to take bets of up to $100,000 USD that he can make more money than anyone else in the world over the 45 SCOOP events.
Whether you think this is a smart idea or a dumb idea you have to admit that the kid they call “Andy McLEOD” has a package between his legs the size of church bells that make his hometown famous! In fact I think that much loved online player “Bond18” summed it up perfectly when he said that “The kid is a natural born balla IMO” well to be honest I would have to agree. It takes a certain level of confidence to wager that kind of cash against the world’s best players.
I was lucky enough to have a chat with James “Andy McLEOD” Obst about this prop bet and I think it is fair to say that the South Australian tournament professional is quietly confident about his chances. A transcript of the conversation is below:
JoeyDel says: Any action with your SCOOP bet yet?
Jim(Andy_McLEOD) says: haha doesnt look like theres action...people should jump in tho if they see the thread
JoeyDel says: How do you think you will go in the SCOOP?
Jim(Andy_McLEOD) says: hoping for a good one lol its a pretty sweet schedule
JoeyDel says: yeah it is, where is your edge over the other players coming from?
Jim(Andy_McLEOD) says: i think i am proficient in almost all games and having an mtt background helps me in knowing how to adjust playing the lesser known games to a tournament scenario
JoeyDel says: yeah that is true. I saw Imper1um was keen, anyone else seem interested?
Jim(Andy_McLEOD) says: noone else yet but there's a few i'd expect to get in on it if they saw the thread
JoeyDel says: who are you hoping for?
Jim(Andy_McLEOD) says: noone in particular, obviously the people i might anticipate getting involved are well rounded players in their own right
Obst seems respectful of the opposition out there but never the less he seems quite confident in his ability to win. No players have officially accepted the challenge yet. Are they scared? Or are they biding their time waiting to see who else wants to go up against this great player!
Only time will tell what happens with this one but you can be sure of two things...that we are all hoping for some action and more importantly that you will find all of the gossip and drama that you need to know about the poker world right here on PokerNetwork!


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Andy McLEOD vs The WORLD! Andy McLEOD vs The WORLD!

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