Angelo Hanataj Wins ANZPT Sydney Main Event!

Posted at 19:39 2010-04-25

The final day of the ANZPT Sydney schedule saw the final table of the $2,200 Main Event taking place with a crowd swelling the final table area to follow a table full of relative unknowns . . . that is until eight eliminations time!


Overnight chip leader Michael O'Grady took down the first pot of the day after being a late arrival but it would be Tri Nguyen who would be the first casualty when he three-bet all in holding {Ad}{Qh} over Mike Ivin's under the gun open with {5c}{5s}. Although the flop gave him four additional outs, the {5d} on the turn left Nguyen drawing slim, and when the river blanked out, he hit the rail in ninth place.


Then one of the unusual final table hands played out when Ka Ming Fang moved all in for 260,000 on a board of {8c}{7s}{8d}{Qc} into a pot of just 56,000 from the big blind holding {Jd}{8s}. His opponent in the small blind - Cale Maclean - took some time before making the call holding just {Ad}{2c} to be left drawing dead. A few hands later Maclean would hit the rail in eigth place when his {As}{Qd} was unable to improve against Angelo Hanataj's {Ah}{Kd} when the final board dropped {Qh}{Js}{4c}{Td}{3h}.


Once players returned from the first break, Angelo Hanataj captured the lead from Michael O'Grady after taking a pot away on the turn from him before doubling up Bernard Gabriel in very unusual circumstances. With blinds at 12,000-24,000, Hanataj opened to 66,000 from the button only to have Gabriel move all in from the small blind for 672,000. Hanataj took some time, but eventually decided on calling holding {6c}{5c} to be up against Gabriel's {Ac}{4c}. An Ace on the flop was enough to ensure Gabriel the double up, but unfortunately for the Sydney-sider he would be unable to hold on to them for long.


Just a few hands later Hanataj opened to 128,000 and was instantly met with a 1,300,000 re-raise from Gabriel next to speak. Amazingly Hanataj instantly called even with a full table to act behind him, but once they had folded, he was in a race holding {Tc}{Td} against Gabriel's {Ah}{Ks}. The final board of {Th}{4s}{5h}{3s}{Jc} saw Gabriel fall in seventh place as Hanataj soared back to the chip lead with 3,370,000 - more than 1,200,000 over his nearest rival.


John Maklouf then doubled Ka Ming Fang when he was unable to win a race holding {Ac}{Tc} against {6h}{6d} only to be eliminated in sixth place a few hands later by Fang. Maklouf opened the button with a raise and Fang made the call from the big blind. On a Queen-high flop, Fang check-called Maklouf's all in holding {Qc}{Jh} to be in great shape against Maklouf's {Tc}{Ts}. No improvement came for Maklouf and he hit the rail as Mike Ivin began climbing up the leaderboard courtesy of Angelo Hanataj.


Nicknamed 'triple-word score' by the members of the media row, Omer Silajdzija fell next when his {Ac}{Jh} was unable to improve against Ka Ming Fang's pocket Queens to see the Gold Coast builder hit the rail in fifth place.


Next to fall was one-time chip leader Michael O'Grady who only managed to slid down the chip counts page today. Facing a raise from Angelo Hanataj in the small blind, O'Grady moved all in holding {5s}{3d} and was called by Hanataj holding {Ad}{6h}. Ace-high would be enough to win the pot and end O'Grady's dissapointing day in fourth place.


The overnight short-stack managed to hand on all the way to third place as Ka Ming Fang committed his stack on a {Ah}{Js}{Jd} flop holding {As}{3c} against Angelo Hanataj's {Jh}{Ts}. The turn and river blanked out and we were now down to a heads-up duel that featured Melbourne vs Sydney, Albania vs Croatia and New vs Old.


Angelo Hanataj - 6,110,000

Mike Ivin - 2,725,000


Although Mike Ivin captured the first few pots, Angelo Hanataj was the one to extend his lead to a near seven-to-one advantage as he applied reckless aggression before Ivin started to find some cards and slowly claw his way back. Ivin then managed to spike trip Kings for a double up to see him snatch the lead off Hanataj.


Ivin then managed to use his experience to extend his lead to a near three-to-one advantage before Hanataj began to fight once again. Firstly Hanataj's {Ac}{6d} was paid off by Ivin on the turn and river after the board ran out {Kh}{Qh}{Jh}{Td}{9h}, before Hanataj made nines-up to add some more valuable chips. Then in a raised pot, the board of {Ad}{9c}{8d}{Qs}{Tc} was checked down to the river to see Ivin lead for a pot-sized bet only to have Hanataj move all in. Ivin made the call tabling his {7c}{6d}, but it would be Hanataj's {Js}{Jh} that would see Mike Ivin eliminated in second place as Angelo Hanataj was crowned ANZPT Sydney Champion and proud recipient of the coveted trophy, title of Champion and $216,432 first prize.


Final Table Payouts

1st - Angelo Hanataj ($216,432)

2nd - Mike Ivin ($140,044)

3rd - Ka Ming Fang ($77,604)

4th - Michael O'Grady ($60,656)

5th - Omer Silajdzija ($46,830)

6th - John Maklouf ($37,910)

7th - Bernard Gabriel ($28,990)

8th - Cale Maclean ($22,746)

9th - Tri Nguyen ($16,948)


For the PokerNetwork Live Reporting Team we will have a little break to play some poker for ourselves before tackling the upcoming Melbourne Poker Championships from the 16-31st of May, 2010.


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ANZPT Champion Angelo Hanataj ANZPT Champion Angelo Hanataj

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