Another Aussie WCOOP Win as Money_1985 Seals The Deal

Posted at 10:43 2010-09-22

Once… Twice…Three times a World Championship of Online Poker bracelet winner! Australian online poker players are making 2010 a year to remember.

An Aussie has once again taken home the bracelet at the 2010 WCOOP on PokerStars, making it the third winner in the last week.

Australia had already tasted a huge amount of success at this year’s championship. This includes Evan ‘kevinnok’ Psarras taking down the biggest single online tournament score in Australian history. Then, just days later, “ROMES_HOME” would show his skill at the felt, bringing home another Aussie bracelet.

It would take less than a week for another big win from down-under. This time the name that would shine in the WCOOP lights was the soon to be known Aussie, ‘Money_1985’.

The event was the 41st for the series and boasted a huge field of 9,587 players each paying $215 to try their luck at securing a victory in what is the last week of the championship.

After 15 hours of play the last three tables would remain and a few notable players managed to weave their way through the monster field. These included Team PokerStars Pro’s Christophe “chrisdm” De Meulder and Lex “RaSZi” Veldhuis. Both would be knocked out before the final two tables, while the Aussie managed to keep playing strong.

It took another couple of hours of play and finally the final table was seated, with Money_1985 sitting in the middle of the chip-counts.

The first few levels of the final table would see the 8th and 9th place finishers being sent to the rail at the hands of the Australian. Not a bad start to the final table of such a massive tournament.

After two more eliminations, the biggest hand of the night would be played out, with Money_1985 sitting behind a stack of roughly 15 million, tangling with the chip leader, ‘shipshipit’ who had a monster stack of 32 million.

By the time the board had ran out {qs}{9s}{5c}{9h}{4d}, shipshipit had fired big bets out on fourth and fifth street, but Money_1985 would not be run over and gave no merit to his opponent’s aggression. Money_1985 turned over {tc}{th} to pick off shipshipit’s failed bluff, holding {jh}{kh}.

Now with a monster stack, all the momentum was with Money_1985 who continued to dominate.

As play dwindled down the first suggestion of a deal was made. With a decision uncertain, it was clear that Money_1985 wouldn’t back down and wouldn’t be bullied out of his fair share.

"Ill look, but I’m going to want more than my "fair share" just to warn u," Money_1985 wrote, “otherwise let’s keep playing.”  Going on to further let his opponents know where he stood, Money_1985 wrote, “It’s up to you guys if ur willing to give me more, if not, let’s just gamble.”

A deal would eventually be made with three player’s remaining. True to his chat log, Money_1985 would get his fair share, coming out the best in the deal. Fair enough when considering a 3-1 chip-lead over his nearest opponent.

A bracelet and $30,000 would be left for the eventual winner.

It wouldn’t be long before Money_1985 would have all the table bowing down to his monster stack, with both players being sent to the rail within a few hands of each other.

Money_1985 went home with the win and $282,798, which is interestingly, slightly more than he would have got without a deal. The win makes it the second largest online score by an Aussie in history.


1st place: Money_1985 ($282,798.80)*
2nd place: canucko ($180,336.86)*
3rd place: OliverDK ($168,843.70)*
4th place: 2Maise$U ($95,870.00)
5th place: shipshipit ($76,696.00)
6th place: Legacy10 ($57,522.00)
7th place: LISTILLO ($38,348.00)
8th place: Hape2006 ($21,091.40)
9th place: pimpstackn89 ($14,859.85)

The two biggest Aussie online scores of all time have both come in 2010, and as such it is slowly but surely becoming the year of Aussie domination! Join the Aussie army and download PokerStars today for your chance to join the ranks as an Australian WCOOP bracelet winner.

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Money_1985 wins Australia's third 2010 WCOOP bracelet! Money_1985 wins Australia's third 2010 WCOOP bracelet!

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