Another Day, Another Guinness World Record For PokerStars

Posted at 13:43 2009-10-02
It is well known by all, that PokerStars.com is the world’s largest poker site. This massive juggernaut of the world poker landscape just seems to grow and grow, smashing Guinness World Record after Guinness World Record, as it goes on its merry way. We have seen records broken and re-broken for things like the largest online poker tournament and it has recently added another high to its long list of accolades by destroying the old world record for having ‘THE MOST PLAYERS AT AN INTERNET POKER ROOM'.
This fantastic achievement has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records and is now official. As it stands, on Sunday September 6th 2009, PokerStars recorded a mind boggling 307,016 players on their site, playing at 42,814 tables all playing online poker simultaneously! To put this into perspective Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, has a population of 205,566 people. This means that if EVERY SINGLE PERSON who lived in Hobart were all playing poker on another website at the same time and then they got the entire crowd at last week’s AFL Grand Final (99,251 people) to play with them as well, they would still not have more people playing than PokerStars did! This truly is an amazing record; more amazing is the fact that it smashed the old record by over 100,000 players!
This phenomenal new record was achieved a mere than two months after PokerStars.com destroyed another of its own Guinness World Records - the ‘Largest Online Poker Tournament’. This was officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as being held on Sunday July 19, 2009, when a total of 65,000 players from 155 countries came together to play in the same tournament. And you thought the Olympics was a truly global event!
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PokerStars - Officially the World's Largest Poker Site PokerStars - Officially the World's Largest Poker Site

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