Antonius Regains Ascendency In Durrrr Challenge

Posted at 15:16 2009-04-06
When we last updated the “Durrrr Challenge” Patrik Antonius was fighting back after dropping two monster US$160,000 pots to Durrrr. If you’ve not caught up with the story to this point you can read the earlier articles – part 1 and part 2. Patrik Antonius has now put the big hands to work for him taking all of the massive pots played between the two in this update.
The sporadic frequency of the challenge has continued with the players putting together five sessions in a week, before going on the current hiatus which has seen no action in ten days.
Now through 7,068 of the 50,000 hands to complete the challenge Antonius is up just US$23,467 after the rake, paving the way for what looks to be a tight contest going forwards.
Following on from the last update Antonius continued to cut into durrrr’s overall lead. His momentum continued capturing two key pots in their next session.
The first saw him open to US$1,200, only to be raised by Durrrr to US$3,600. Antonius four-bet right over the top for US$10,800, which Durrrr called sending the players to the {2s}{as}{6d} flop.  Durrrr proceeded to check-raise Antonius’ US$14,400 bet to US$51,247 all in.
Antonius made the call and tabled {9s}{ts}{8c}{6c} for middle pair and a flush draw, while Durrrr had {Ac}{jc}{ks}{qd} for top pair. The {7d} turn would only increase Antonius’ outs, and the {6s} on the river would make his flush, and win him a US$124,094 pot.
The second pot saw Durrrr open, and Antonius re-raise to US$3,600 which Durrrr called. They took a {7c}{qs}{jd} flop which saw Durrrr flat call a US$5,200 bet from Antonius. The {4h} hit the turn and Antonius was on the front foot again betting US$15,600. Durrrr moved all in for US$60,598 and Antonius snap called.
Antonius’ quick call would prove correct. He tabled {jh}{js}{5s}{5c} for a set of jacks, while Durrrr would table {qh}{jc}{6d}{6c} for two pair queens and jacks. The {4h} turn and {kh} river would help neither player. Antonius’ three of a kind good to take down US$138,796.
Like a boxer who had opened up a cut on his opponent, Antonius would go for the jugular, buying in for US$80,000 at all of his tables in the next session, and he continued to roll over Durrrr, picking up a further US$161,068.
The big pot of the night being a US$155,683 monster when Antonius’ {6c}{jc}{8h}{5h} made a bigger flush than Durrrr who had {7c}{9c}{js}{8s} on a {6s}{qc}{5c}{jd}{4c} board. The players got all the money in on the flop, and Antonius was all too happy to continue his big pot domination of Durrrr.
The next day the players met for a fairly uneventful session that saw Durrrr regain the overall lead. Of course things wouldn’t stay quiet for long with Antonius picking up the third biggest pot of the challenge to date in the eighth session.
Preflop Antonius four-bet it to US$10,800 with Durrrr making the call. The {8h}{6c}{9c} flop saw Durrrr check-call Antonius’ US$21,600 bet. On the turn {Ah} Durrrr pushed all-in for US$49,398, Antonius made the call sending them to a massive showdown.
Durrrr tabled {9d}{6h}{jh}{5d} for two pair nines and sixes, while Antonius showed {As}{js}{qc}{kc} for top pair and a gutshot straight draw. The river {ks} spiked two-pair for Antonius earning him a further US$163,596 and leaving Durrrr wondering what he has to do to win a US$100,000+ pot.
Despite this monster pot Durrrr would still tentatively hold the overall challenge lead at the end of that session. But continuing his good form Antonius would hit the front again after the ninth session which saw them contest around 500 hands with only one pot going over US$100,000. That pot of course went to Antonius who continued his domination of the monster pots in the challenge.
Even with play on hiatus, and most of the online world’s attention on the massive SCOOP series currently taking place at PokerStars, the Durrrr challenge is never short of PR.
Luke “FullFlush1” Schwartz, a regular competitor in the bigger cash games online, has thrown in the name into the ring of Durrrr challenge contenders. Schwartz known to rail birds for his irritating trash talking style, fearless game and disdain of Durrrr and many of his friends, stated recently in an interview that he’d love to play the challenge should Durrrr accept.
Those who have been lucky enough to witness FullFlush1 and Durrrr going head to head at Full Tilt are sure to already be relishing the prospect of 50,000 hands of Schwartz insults like "durrrr-balls" and "OMGweNerds”.

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Antonius Regains Ascendency In Durrrr Challenge Antonius Regains Ascendency In Durrrr Challenge

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