ANZPT Adelaide Day 1b - Rotar and LuckyChewy Out In Front

Posted at 12:53 2010-02-10

8:00pm - From King to Dunst

Catching the action on the river, Tony “Bond18” Dunst checked and was met with a bet from Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger of 13,500. The board read {Kc}{8s}{6s}{2c}{Qc}. Dunst made the call and Lichtenberger showed down {5c}{4c} for the rivered flush as Dunst threw his cards into the muck. Lichtenberger soared to 86,500, leaving Dunst with just 33,000.

A few hands later, Dunst found himself in the action once more, this time against the short-stacked Michael Humphries. On the flop of {Qd}{tc}{9d}, Humphries led out for 2,500 to which Dunst announced a raise to 6,500. Humphries made the shove and Dunst quickly called, holding {Jd}{Td} for middle pair with a straight-flush draw. However Humphries tabled a flopped straight, with the {Kd}{Js}. The turn and river blanked out {6c}, {5c}, leaving Dunst with another hit just as the play wrapped up on Day 1b.

Dunst has fallen from the top of the pack, back down to 24,000 in the last level of the day while Humphries received a much needed double up.

In the end 38 players survived the day with Sam Rotar leading the pack with 84,500. Others to survive Day 1b included Andrew Lichtenberger (81,200), Eric Assadourian (69,250), Dan Smith (65,050), Mike Watson (56,800), Tom Grigg (44,850), Amanda De Cesare (39,175), Aaron Benton (34,000), Tony Dunst (19,600) and Andrew Jeffreys (13,350).

Sam Rotar
Sam Rotar leads the ANZPT Adelaide Day 1b flight

Join us again at 12:30pm tomorrow where we'll do it all one more time!

7:30pm - It Must be Raad to be Flushed with Chips

Aaron Benton moved all in on the flop of {Jc}{Qc}{Qh} to which Elias Raad made the call. Benton tabled {Ad}{Jd} to be up against Raad’s flush draw of {4c}{Ac}. Raad would catch the flush when the {5c} was burned and turned. The {As} rubbed insult into the wound on the river for Benton. Raad doubles to 23,000, while Benton takes a dint, falling to 37,000.

Aaron Benton and Elias Raad
Aaron Benton and Elias Raad

6:55pm - Where's the Quads?

It has been a little up and down for Eric Assadourian since his earlier rush of quads and pocket aces. So when he moved all in after an initial raise and then reraise, we expected to see a big hand once again. However, it would be his opponent, Daniel Andrews who would hold the aces up his sleeve this time, revealing {As}{Ah} to go to war against Assadourian's {Qs}{Qc}. The ladies would be out-flopped on a board of {9h}{Ac}{Qd}. However, having witnessed the remarkable run of Assadourian, the table held their breath expecting to see the case lady. However she wasn’t to come, with the board blanking out {2d}, {6c}. Andrew moves up to 36,500 with Assadourian back to 56,000. 

6:45pm - Dunst Doubles Through Grigg

On the flop of {5d}{9s}{Ts}, Tony Dunst bet 2,600 and saw two callers, including Tom Grigg. The turn saw the {Qh} which prompted a bet from Dunst of 8,500. Grigg pushed all in and Dunst made the call with {Tx}{9x} for the lead but Grigg still had outs with his {Qs}{4s} for top pair and flush draw. However the river would put the chips back in Dunst’s corner, as the {Tx} gave him the full house. Dunst soars to 71,000, while Grigg dropped back to 40,000.

Meanwhile PokerStars qualifier Sam Rotar has moved into the chip lead with 87,000 chips

6:30pm - Frank Agostino Stays Alive

Frank went all in preflop holding the slight advantage {Js}{Jc} over his opponent who tabled {Ah}{Qh} for a classic race. The flop was safe for the Humberto Brenes lookalike and local favourite, falling {9d}{2s}-X. However the turn would send Frank’s stomach to drop, as the dealer peeled the {As}. But it wasn’t to be Frank’s time just yet, as the {Jd} on the river gave him a further lifeline to double up to 32,500.

5:30pm – Benton On Tilt

While it’s been a relatively quiet couple of levels we just had a small incident over on Aaron Benton’s table which grabbed our attention. The problems started on the flop of {3c}{2c}{Jx} when George Florentzou fired a bet out of turn. When two players called, things just got worse when the dealer burned and turned the {5h} before the player in early position had a chance to call the bet. The floor was called and there was plenty of heated debate as to what should happen and who should be penalised. In the end it was ruled that the {5h} would be shuffled back into the deck and the hand continue as normal. The turn was a brick and the river a {Qx} with Florentzou actually taking down the pot with his {Qs}{Ts}. Things then got more than heated as Benton exploded once he was able to reveal that he was holding {4c}{6c} and had turned the nut straight. The dealer error had caused him to lose a sizable pot. Benton was not happy and stormed away from the table to cool off. Another player also left the table, as Florentzou was slapped with a three-hand penalty for acting out of turn. He also wasn’t happy with the penalty, although it shouldn’t hurt him too much as he sits comfortable with 64,000 chips.

Here's another random chip count update with 47 players remaining:

Hugh Cohen – 15,000
Jacob Chen – 13,000
Aaron Benton – 25,000
Mike Watson - 65,000
Dan Smith – 70,000 (chip leader)
Julian Cohen – 12,000
Andrew Jeffreys – 16,000
William Skountzos – 17,000
Andrew Lichtenberger – 34,000
Tony Dunst – 30,000
Fred Chaptini – 36,000
Tom Grigg – 50,000
Damon Lum – 16,000
Eric Assadourian – 58,000
Amanda De Cesare – 45,000
Jackie Glazier – 10,000
Frank Agostino – 10,000
George Florentzou – 64,000

4:00pm – Cool As For Amanda...

The Poker Star herself, Amanda De Cesare is shining brightly today after the classic cooler hand just went her way. It was De Cesare’s {Ad}{Ah} against the {Kd}{Ks} of Eddie Saade with all the chips in the middle preflop. We quickly grabbed our notepads to scribble down the board of {5d}{9h}{2s}{9d}{3d} to give De Cesare a big pot to eliminate Saade.

She moves up to 39,000 chips as 52 players remain.

3:30pm – Smith Flushed With Chips!

Dan Smith is another of the foreign contingent who is rapidly accumulating chips here in Adelaide. The American is now our chip leader with 66,000 after taking down a big pot to eliminate an opponent.

Faced with a bet of 5,500 on the turn on a board of {Qs}{5s}{2d}{Js}, Smith just flat called before his opponent fired 7,500 on the {Ad} river. Smith moved all in over the top and his opponent made the call with {Ts}{9s} for the flush, however Smith showed {Ks}{7s} for the bigger flush to scoop the big pot.

Dan Smith
Chip leader Dan Smith

Fortunes haven’t been so great for tablemate Jackie Glazier. After bubbling the Aussie Millions Main Event, Glazier was looking for a deep run again here in Adelaide but she has some work to do after slipping to just 8,000 chips. She was severely dented by the old “two-outer” when she held pocket queens against her opponent’s pocket eights, only to see the dreaded eight spike on the river.

Random chip counts:

Mike Watson – 62,000
William Skountzos – 24,000
Jack Drake – 21,000
Andrew Jeffreys – 25,000
Tony Dunst – 21,000
Andrew Lichtenberger – 35,000
Fred Chaptini – 33,000
Tom Grigg – 52,000
Eric Assadourian – 58,000
Damon Lum – 20,000
Amanda De Cesare – 24,000
Aaron Benton – 28,000
Jacob Chen – 21,000
Jackie Glazier – 8,000
Dan Smith – 66,000
Julian Cohen – 10,000
Hugh Cohen – 17,000

2:30pm – Assadourian Does It Again!

Eric Assadourian is on fire! After picking up quads for the second time today, he’s followed it up with a classic aces versus kings hand to shoot to the chip lead once again. In a raised pot, we caught the action on a flop of {9s}{4h}{6s}. The player in the big blind led out for 3,000 before Assadourian popped it up to 9,000. The player on the button then moved all in for his last 11,425 to send the big blind into the tank. He eventually folded and Assadourian made the call with {As}{Ah} to have his opponent in bad shape with his {Kd}{Kh}. The turn was the {9c} and river the {Th} to jump Assadourian up to 56,000 at the first break.

Eric Assadourian

At the break the official numbers are in, and we have 66 players here for flight 1b of the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event. That puts us at a total of 139 with one more flight remaining tomorrow. A decent turnout tomorrow and we should eclipse last year’s figure of 215 and push towards a figure of 250 entrants.

2:00pm – The Overseas Invasion

The foreign invasion are on fire early here at the ANZPT Adelaide with Andrew Lichtenberger and Mike Watson both surging through the pack with some big pots during this level. We’ve watched these guys apply plenty of pressure on their opponents, so it was no surprise to see them both get paid off when they held big hands.

First we saw Watson check-raise his opponent on the turn on a board of {Tc}{Th}{6h}{9d}. A late position player had fired 1,850 before Watson check-raised to 6,850. His opponent made the call and the {8s} fell on the river. Watson led out with a colourful bet of 13,250 – we say “colourful” as he cleverly used two chips of every denomination to make the bet. His opponent didn’t take long to make the call but when the cards were revealed it was Watson’s {9c}{9s} that collected the pot as his opponent flashed the {Td} and mucked. According to Dan Smith, Watson likes being nicknamed “Maddog” but there’s nothing mad about him at the moment as he moves up to 50,000 chips.

Concurrently on the adjacent table, Dean Nyberg was felted at the hands of Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger. We arrived at the table with Nyberg departing and Lichtenberger showing {Td}{Th} on a board of {Tc}{9d}{As}{4d}{8h}. According to the table the chips were in on the turn with Nyberg tabling pocket queens. Lichtenberger is up to 32,000.

Andrew Lichtenberger

Meanwhile there was a huge roar on the table of Andrew “Adgee” Jeffreys and high-fives were being handed out, so we assumed some one-outer or 73o justice had been shipped. However we learnt that it wasn’t elimination, but instead another player had hit quads, reported to be the eighth time at that table already today!

1:00pm - Frank "Humberto Brenes" Agostino is in the House!

Many an inexperienced tournament reporter has come to Adelaide and had to do the old double-take as they thought they had spotted none other than Humberto Brenes playing on the tables of the SKYCITY Adelaide poker room. Of course, last year we found out that this gentleman wasn't actually Humberto lost on his way to an LAPT event, but in fact local fruit & vegetable shop owner Frank Agostino.

Frank is a popular local poker personality and is back on the felt here again today for a crack at the ANZPT Adelaide championship!

12:30pm - Day 1b Kicks Off!

We're back in the Poker Zone at the SKYCITY Adelaide Casino for a fresh installment of hopefuls who are out for their shot at Australian poker glory at the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event.  Yesterday we saw a field of 73 reduced to just 40 and we're expecting similar numbers here for today's flight with currently eight tables in action as the cards are in the air.  The "Shuffle Up and Deal" honour was handed to none other than The Poker Star herself, Amanda De Cesare.

Some of those notables we've spotted amongst today's starters include PokerStars Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian, Jackie Glazier, Hugh & Julian Cohen, Dan Smith, Mike Watson, Andrew "Adgee" Jeffreys, Tim English, Tom Grigg, Fred Chaptini, Jacob Chen, Dean Nyberg, Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger, Vince Moro, 2009 APPT Sydney champ Aaron Benton, and last year's runner up in this event Tony "Bond18" Dunst. The stand out table is definitely the one featuring Tom Grigg, Tony Dunst, Dean Nyberg and Andrew Lichtenberger!

We're expecting fireworks from that table but the first explosions have erupted one table over on table four where Eric Assadourian has already eliminated a player! We believe the chips were in on the river on a board of {5h}{8s}{9c}{3d}{5s} as Assadourian was the only one to table his cards as he revealed {5d}{5c} for quads! His unlucky opponent was Anthony Gunning who becomes the first casualty of the day, as he commented that he held pocket nines! Ouch! Assadourian is our early chip leader with a double stack of 40,000.

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ANZPT Adelaide Day 1b ANZPT Adelaide Day 1b

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