ANZPT Adelaide Day 1c - Roy Hills First to 100k

Posted at 15:10 2010-02-11

8pm – Hills Likely Leads as Day 1c Draws to a Close

In the last level we’ve seen the demise of a couple more short stacks with Trung Tran and Kent Hunter both departing recently.

Tran committed his short stack with {7s}{6s} for a double-gutter on a {5d}{3h}{9s} flop against the {As}{Qd} of Naz Sibabi. Tran improved to take the lead on the {6d} turn but the {Qc} fell on the river to send Tran to the exit. Joining him was WA’s Kent Hunter who ran into an opponent’s pocket aces. The rockets were a little kinder to David Gorr who recently found a double up with his aces holding against an opponent’s pocket eights.

As the day draws to a close it will be Roy Hills (118,850), Martin Comer (84,350), Aleks Brkovic (76,150) and Stewart Scott (72,025) out in front with 44 players surviving the day. Others who will return include Tony Hachem, Chris Levick, Ben Savage, Billy Argyros and Kristian Lunardi.

Join us from 12:30pm tomorrow for day 2 action from the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event!

7:15pm – Scott Cracks Queens; Hills Cracks Century

Stewart Scott has eliminated another opponent who was once again holding pocket queens but this time Scott had to do it the hard way holding {Ks}{Qd}. The short stack was all in for his last 6,900 with Scott making a gambling call.

The flop was a perfect {2d}{Td}{9d} to give Scott maximum outs and one of them was the {Js} on the turn to complete his straight. The river was the {Tc} and Scott collects the pot to chip up to 70,000.

Another short stack to bite the dust was Jarod Shawcross who moved his last 6,250 from the hijack position with {Jh}{Th} but Billy “The Croc” Argyros made the call in the small blind with {Kc}{Kd}. The board ran out {5d}{5c}{4h}{8h}{tc} and Crocky moved up to 60,000.

Scott and Argyros are in good shape but they are both trailing Roy Hills who is currently a runway chip leader after recently eliminating two opponents to move up to 110,000 chips.

6:30pm – Great Scott!

Stewart Scott is right here contention as we head deep into today’s play here at the ANZPT Adelaide, thanks to a huge double up.

After Kelvin Beattie moved all in preflop for his last 4,200, Scott tossed out a single red 5,000-denomination chip to call, before Nicholas Long splashed the pot with five reds to make it 25,000 to go. Action folded back to Scott who immediately moved his last chips into the middle.

Scott revealed {Kc}{Kh}, Long had {Qh}{Qd} while Beattie was trailing with his {7d}{7c}. The board bricked out {8c}{9h}{4d}{2s}{2h} and Scott more than doubled up to 55,000 chips.

Meanwhile fortunes were not so great with the same combination of cards for Michael “Sticky” Guttman who held the kings only to see his opponent spike a set of queens on the river to send Sticky to the rail.

Joining him on the rail is Aleks Lackovic who flopped a set of deuces on a {Jd}{8h}{2h} flop against giant-killing Derek Cheung who was drawing with his {Ah}{4h}. The turn blanked the {Tc} but the {5h} river completed Cheung’s flush and Lackovic was busto.

53 players remain with a little over one level to go for the day.

6:15pm - Random Chip Count Update

George Moussa – 18,000
Martin Comer – 50,000
Jai Kemp – 13,000
Julius Colman – 27,000
John Dalessandri – 19,000
Derek Cheung – 60,000
Ben Savage – 55,000
Chris Evans – 55,000
Victoria Martinez – 35,000
Chris Levick – 36,000
Kristian Lunardi – 36,000
Aleks Brkovic – 60,000
Tino Lechich – 45,000
Trung Tran – 27,000
Michael Guttman – 12,000
Jarod Shawcross – 4,000
Tony Hachem – 36,000
Billy Argyros – 48,000
Luke Edwards – 28,000
Brett Chalhoub – 22,000
Stewart Scott – 25,000
Kelvin Beattie – 5,000
Kent Hunter – 12,000
Joel Dodds – 40,000
David Gorr – 15,000

6:00pm - Royal Magic

One of the things you get used to working in the poker media is the ability to block out anything that resembles a bad beat story. We nod our head and give appropriate sympathy and move on. However today we have one helluva bad beat story that we most certainly listened to. The poor recipient was Matthew Terry who thought he was flying high when he flopped a full house and got all the chips in the middle on the turn against Chris Evans. The board read {Jh}{Ts}{Js}{6c} and Terry tabled {Jc}{Td} to leave Evans in a little trouble with his {As}{Qs}.

The roar went up and even the dealer himself was gobsmacked to see the {Ks} land on the river to give Evans a magical Royal Flush! Terry trundled off to the rail as Evans pads his stack to an impressive 58,000 chips.

A Royal Bad Beat - photo courtesy of PokerStarsBlog

5:00pm – Croc and Hach Tango; Prizepool Announced

As we enter the fifth level of the day Aleks Brkovic appears to be our chip leader with around 60,000. He’s been moved to a new table and now finds himself to the direct left of good mate Kristian Lunardi.

One player who is rapidly catching him is Billy “The Croc” Argyros. We just caught Argyros in an interesting preflop war with PokerStars sponsored Tony Hachem. It appeared that there had already been some action when we arrived as Hachem was attacking from the button and Argyros defending his small blind. We assume that Hachem’s button raised had been re-raised to 2,700 by Argyros before Hachem came over the top for 6,600. Argyros didn’t waste too much time popping it up to 15,000 to send Hachem into the tank. He thought for a long time but eventually folded {Ad}{Kh} face up to the approval of Eric Assadourian who was watching on intently. Crocky moves up to 55,000 with Hachem slipping back to 28,000.

Meanwhile 2009 Aussie Millions final tablist Raj Ramakrishnan, online young gun Brendon Rubie, and International guest Clonie Gowen have all been sent to the rail recently. Gowen called off her last chips on the river on a board of {5x}{7x}{8x}{Ax}{Jx} but couldn’t beat the set of sevens of Derek Cheung.

Our official numbers are in with 97 players entering today to create a total number of 236 players. They have created a record prizepool of $644,280 which is up 10% of last year’s numbers. The top 27 players will finish in the money with first place set to collect an impressive $165,900!

4:00pm – Peds Out; Comer and Kemp Collide

Michael Pedley will be able to making an early start to qualify on PokerStars for his home town ANZPT Perth event after he was recently sent to the rail here in Adelaide. The person responsible was PokerStars qualifier Victoria Martinez after the two collided on a {Qd}{Jh}{2d} flop. Pedley led out for 1,500 from early position, before Martinez raised it to 3,500. Pedley then popped it to 10,500 before Martinez moved all in. Pedley made a crying call and wasn’t please to see Martinez reveal {2s}{2h} for a set of deuces as Pedley tabled {Jd}{Qs} for top two pair. The turn was the {5d} and river the {5s} to give Martinez a huge double up to around 45,000. Pedley was crippled and eliminated a few moments later.

Meanwhile Martin Comer and Jai Kemp have been involved in some massive battles on their table, with Kemp landing the first blow before Comer fought back with a huge double up.

The first hand saw Comer lead for 9,200 on a {7h}{3h}{2s}{Js} board before Kemp moved all in over the top. Comer made a reluctant fold but got his revenge soon after on a {7h}{3d}{8h} flop. Once again the two committed their chips with Kemp tabling {As}{Ad} but he’d been out-flopped by Comer’s {7d}{8c}. The turn was the {2d} and river the {9d} and Comer doubles to 46,000 to leave Kemp back on 25,000.

3:30pm – Random Chip Count Update

David Gorr – 12,000
Joel Dodds – 30,000
Kent Hunter – 22,000
Aleks Brkovic – 55,000
Stewart Scott – 14,000
Ben Savage – 30,000
Clonie Gowen – 2,500
Chris Evans – 32,000
Aleks Lackovic – 47,000
Harry Demetriou – 9,000
John Dalessandri – 12,000
Julius Colman – 9,000
Michael Guttman – 9,000
Jarod Shawcross – 20,000
Billy Argyros – 27,000
Tony Hachem – 30,000
Luke Edwards – 28,000
Kristian Lunardi – 15,000
Brendon Rubie – 19,000

2:45pm – Carbone Can Take The Afternoon Off

80k, level two...no problem for Lorenzo Carbone, who already has as many chips as the leaders from the previous opening flights. His chips came in a massive clash with Michael Haddad who got into a raising war on a flop of {Tc}{8d}{3d}. Haddad shoved with his {Kd}{7d} flush draw but Carbone made the call with {Jh}{Js} for the overpair which held on the {As} turn and {4c} river.

Meanwhile we lost Ali Khalil who recalled to us that he check-raised Michel Anunu on a {9x}{9x}{5x} flop holding {9x}{7x} but Anunu made the call with pocket deuces and proceeded to spike his set on the turn. The chips went into the middle and Khalil couldn’t improve on the river and was sent to the rail.

He was join by Bruno Portaro who was unable to repeat his final table performance from last year. Portaro four-bet preflop with {Ax}{Kx} and then shoved on jack-high flop but his opponent made the call with pocket kings. Portarto couldn’t find an ace and was eliminated.

2:00pm – Late Arrivals, Early Departures

A couple of late arrivals into the poker room included UK’s Harry Demetriou, WA’s Aleks Lackovic and Victorian Tino Lechich who took his seat on the already tough table of Rubie/Lunardi/Pedley/Pinzone. We recently caught Lechich in a hand as he tangled with Brendon Rubie.

With a limp in front, Lechich popped it to 625 from the cutoff before Rubie made it 1,650 from the small blind. Lechich was the lone caller to a monotone {Ah}{Jh}{2h} flop. Rubie led out with a bet of 1,600 and Lechich called. When the {Ks} hit the turn Rubie upped the price to 4,500 which was too much for Lechich as he laid it down to see Rubie move up to 28,000.

One man who won’t be seeing Day 2 is local Pierre Aoukar. After a deep run at the Aussie Millions, Aoukar departed when his top pair, top kicker ran into an opponent’s set.

The unofficial word is that we currently have 97 registered players in today's flight.

1:40pm – When You’re Hot, You’re Hot...

When we caught Joel “StrongPlay” Dodds in action on the first level of play, we knew it could only mean one thing. His opponent, John Zima tabled {Kh}{Kc} but was always in trouble as Dodds was splashing around at the lower end of his range with {Ah}{Ac}.

The board ran out {6d}{4h}{Td}{Js}{Qd} and Zima becomes, what we believe is, our first casualty of the day as Dodds doubles to 41,000 early in proceedings.

Of course it wouldn’t be the first level without Ali Khalil getting all of his chips into the middle. Although we must give him some credit this time around - he did wait until ten minutes into level two. The flop was {5h}{8c}{6c} when Khalil and his opponent found their chips into the middle. Khalil needed help with his {Ac}{7h} but it was a little uglier than that as his opponent showed {9s}{9c} for two of his straight outs.

However Khalil didn’t need to worry as the {4c} hit the turn to complete his straight. The river was the {Td} and the Peppermint Hippo doubles to 30,000.

1:15pm – ANZPT Player of the Year Race Is Back!

Once again the ANZPT are offering tremendous added value for players who participate in this season’s events. The points system allocates points based on finishing positions in each of the Main Events with extra participation points given for any player who plays in at least six events.

The prizes once again are huge with $90,000 worth of prizes up for grabs including APPT, ANZPT, Aussie Millions/PCA sponsorship packages!

Last year Tony Hachem was rewarded for his consistency where he cashed in four out of the five events. At the ANZPT Adelaide event last year we were lucky enough to catch Tony in the middle of the action as he demonstrated how he achieved such consistent results...

12:45pm – A Few More Names

A few more names we’ve spotted in the field include Chris Evans, John Dalessandri, Pierre Aoukar, Luke Edwards, Michael Pinzone, Kristian Lunardi, David Gorr, Kelvin Beattie, Emanuel Seal, Julius Colman, George Moussa, Bruno Portaro and Martin Comer.

There’s a couple of tough tables but the table of death award has to go to the lineup of Trung Tran, Michael Guttman, Jarod Shawcross, Tony Hachem, Billy Argyros and Luke Edwards. A close second is the table next door which features Michael Pinzone, Brendon Rubie, Kristian Lunardi and Michael Pedley all seated next to each other.

12:30pm – Big Field Hits Adelaide for Day 1c

Welcome back to the SKYCITY Adelaide Poker Room for Day 1c of the 2010 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event. We’ve got a big field here today with nearly all of the tables in action. The “Shuffle Up and Deal” honours were handed to PokerStars sponsored player Clonie Gowen to kick off proceedings.

Without a doubt, this is the most heavily-stacked flight of the Main Event with Australia’s finest crossing the border (both east and west!) for their shot at ANZPT glory. On our first lap of the room we’ve spotted the likes of Michael Pedley, Michael “Sticky” Guttman, Joel Dodds, Clonie Gowen, Billy “The Croc” Argyros, Aleks Brkovic, Raj Ramakrishnan, Ben Savage, Trung Tran, Brendon Rubie, Jai Kemp, Ali Khalil, 2009 Aussie Millions champ Stewart Scott, 2009 ANZPT Melbourne champ Chris Levick as well as 2009 ANZPT Player of the Year Tony Hachem. 

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ANZPT Adelaide Day 1c ANZPT Adelaide Day 1c

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