ANZPT Adelaide Day 3 - Andrew Scarf Leads Final Table!

Posted at 13:12 2010-02-13

Final Table Lineup:

Seat 1: Octavian Voegele - 538,000
Seat 2: Rennie Carnevale - 636,000
Seat 3: Daniel Neilson - 280,000
Seat 4: Bill Argyros - 260,000
Seat 5: Andrew Scarf - 820,000
Seat 6: Tony Hachem - 631,000
Seat 7: Michael Sellars - 339,000
Seat 8: Aleks Brkovic - 723,000
Seat 9: Todd Butcher - 398,000


10th Eric Assadourian $10,310
11th Raemin Alexander $10,310
12th Pankaj Gogia $10,310
13th Peter Aristidou $9,020
14th Matt Rolfe $9,020
15th Alex Givotsky $9,020
16th Bruno De Silva $7,730
17th Tom Grigg $7,730
18th Andrew Hinrichsen $7,730
19th Andy Kemmler $6,440
20th Sam Rotar $6,440
21st Fabio Cappai $6,440
22nd Mark James $5,800
23rd Christopher Evans $5,800
24th Derek Cheung $5,800
25th Joey Masangcay $5,155
26th Bryan Seiler $5,155
27th Thanh Do $5,155

8:25pm - Assadourian Bubbles Final Table

That’s it! We’ve had our final elimination of the day and our final table lineup is set! However it will be missing one drawcard as PokerStars Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian is our final table bubble boy.

The last hand of the day saw Assadourian move his last 101,000 from the button with Aleks Brkovic making the call in the small blind. Assadourian tabled {Kh}{Js} but was dominated by Brkovic’s {Ac}{Jc}.

The board ran out {3s}{Qc}{Jc}{9d}{6s} as Assadourian exits in 10th place. The players are now bagging and tagging their chips before they head home for a good night’s rest. Our likely leader will be Andrew Scarf who sits behind 800,000 chips with Aleks Brkovic close behind. We’ll have the full list of chip counts and the final table redraw later on this evening.

The final table will kick off at 1:15pm tomorrow as we crown a new ANZPT champion!

8:15pm - Don't Race With Mr. Hachem!

Tony Hachem has come back from the dead! After being down to less than 50,000 in chips not long ago, he’s now up to over 650,000 chips in an incredible turn around.

First he doubled through Aleks Brkovic who called with {Kc}{Qc} but ran into Hachem’s {Ad}{As}. However the key race came when Raemin Alexander raised to 30,000 from under the gun and Hachem moved all in. Alexander made the call with {Ad}{Ks} to be up against Hachem’s {Qd}{Qh}.

“Can I possibly win a race against Tony Hachem?!?” exclaimed The Moose but it wasn’t to be as the board fell {8d}{7s}{6d}{8h}{3s}. Hachem stacked up a mountain of chips as Moose was crippled to just 40,000.

A few moments later Moose committed his last few chips preflop from the big blind with {6d}{7s} against Octavian Voegele’s {Ad}{4s}. However once the flop was dealt, Alexander just walked away in disgust as his tournament was over on the {Ah}{As}{4h}{5h}{8h} board. He’s out in 11th place as we’re now on our final table bubble!

Chip Counts:

Michael Sellars – 235,000
Rennie Carnivale – 650,000
Todd Butcher – 390,000
Dan Neilson – 370,000
Andrew Scarf – 800,000

Aleks Brkovic – 640,000
Tony Hachem – 650,000
Billy Argyros – 275,000
Octavian Voegele – 500,000
Eric Assadourian – 110,000

8:00pm - Gogia Gone

Pankaj Gogia had been eliminated in 12th place after shoving from the button with {Ks}{Qh} but Dan Neilson made the call in the small blind with {Ac}{Qc}. The board ran out {7c]{Ts}{2c}{7s}{5h} and Neilson doubles through to 410,000 to leave Gogia crippled and he was eliminated a few hands later.

11 players remain and we're just two eliminations away from our final table!

7:45pm - Aristidou Out

Peter Aristidou’s run in Adelaide has come to an end. After winning a trophy in one of the preliminary events this week, Aristidou was looking for the double but has departed in 13th place at the hands of Aleks Brkovic.

Brkovic raised preflop to 27,000 and Aristidou made the call in position. They saw a flop of {5s}{Ts}{4d} and Brkovic led out for 32,000. Aristidou made it 82,000 to play and Brkovic moved all in. Aristidou stood and thought for a moment before making the call with {Ad}{Tc} but Brkovic was well in front with his {Qc}{Qh}. The turn was the {2h} to give Aristidou a few more outs but the river was the {4s}.

On the other table Rennie Carnivale has landed a huge double up through Daniel Neilson. It was Carnivale’s {ad}{Ks} up against the {Js}{Jd} of Neilson with the board running out {Kd}{2d}{6h}{9c}{6d}. Carnivale doubled to 660,000, leaving Neilson with 260,000.

However Aleks Brkovic has jumped into the chip lead by taking a pot off PokerStars Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian. Brkovic raised preflop to 27,000 with Assadourian calling in the big blind. They saw a flop of {4s}{9c}{Jd} and Brkovic’s continuation bet of 32,000 was called. Both players checked the {3d} turn before Assadourian fired 75,000 at the {2s} river. Brkovic thought for a long time but tossed out calling chips. Assadourian flipped {Ac}{2c} but he couldn’t take it off Brkovic who held firm with his {9h}{8h}. Assadourian slips to 100,000 with Brkovic up to 750,000.

Finally Tony Hachem found a double up to stay alive. He pushed his last 57,000 with {Qd}{Td} and Billy “The Croc” Argyros made the call with two black nines. Hachem flopped a flush on the {Ad}{9d}{5d} but Croc hit a set and had outs to improve. It wasn’t to be on the {8d} turn or {Jh} river as Hachem is back to 120,000.

7:15pm - Play Slows

The end of that level was, well, a little dull, with very little activity to report. Dan Neilson seems to like his table as he’s relentlessly pounding on them at every opportunity. So far the only one to show any resistance is Andrew Scarf who has assumed the chip lead, while Tony Hachem took a hit late to now be on the short stack.

On the other table, the chips are being passed around with Eric Assadourian and Aleks Brkovic stirring each other up on a tough table featuring Peter Aristidou, Raemin Alexander, Billy Argyros and Octavian Voegele.

The players have taken another break, and here’s the chip counts:

Michael Sellars – 400,000
Rennie Carnivale – 375,000
Todd Butcher – 195,000
Pankaj Gogia – 180,000
Dan Neilson – 575,000
Andrew Scarf – 710,000
Tony Hachem – 65,000

Aleks Brkovic – 425,000
Raemin Alexander – 330,000
Peter Aristidou – 270,000
Billy Argyros – 330,000
Octavian Voegele – 410,000
Eric Assadourian – 280,000

6:25pm - Givotsky and Rolfe Bust

The field has been reduced by two, as we're down to our final 13!

We lost American Alex Givotsky eliminated in 15th place. Fighting with a short stack for some time, Givotsky moved all in from the button with {Qh}{7c} with Octavian Voegele making the call in the small blind holding {Ah}{6c}. The board ran out {As}{5d}{4s}{3h}{Ks} to send Givotsky to the cashier.

Next to go was Matt Rolfe who moved all in from the cutoff with {As}{Th} but found himself in bad shape against Raemin Alexander’s {Tc}{Ts}. The board landed {4d}{Qh}{3s}{9s}{2s} and Rolfe becomes our 14th place finisher as Alexander is now back up over 400,000 chips.

Meanwhile PokerStars Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem is still going strong despite running into a number of big hands recently. The last two times Hachem has raised he’s been met with resistance. Both times Hachem folded and was shown pocket queens and then pocket aces! “How do I keep running into these big hands?” exclaimed Hachem, who has now cashed in five out of six ANZPT events and is still in with a chance of reaching another final table as he sits with 180,000 chips.

6:00pm - Grigg and De Silva Gone

Tom Grigg has been eliminated in 17th place after his all-in bet was called by both Todd Butcher and Michael Sellars. The two live players checked down a board of {Qd}{7s}{5c}{9d}{4d} where Sellars’ {Js}{Jh} was good to take down the pot as Grigg said he held pocket eights.

He was soon followed by Bruno De Silva who lost a big race with {Ad}{Kd} against the pocket jacks of Todd Butcher, before his last chips were in preflop with {Ah}{5s} against Dan Neilson’s {Ac}{2s}. However the board ran out {Ks}{Th}{9s}{2d}{8d} and Neilson paired his kicker to send De Silva to the rail in 16th place.

Chip counts and current table draw:

Michael Sellars – 515,000
Rennie Carnivale – 210,000
Todd Butcher – 260,000
Pankaj Gogia – 310,000
Dan Neilson – 450,000
Andrew Scarf – 570,000
Tony Hachem – 300,000

Aleks Brkovic – 350,000
Matt Rolfe – 180,000
Raemin Alexander – 300,000
Peter Aristidou – 300,000
Billy Argyros – 380,000
Alex Givotsky – 80,000
Octavian Voegele – 240,000
Eric Assadourian – 210,000

5:40pm Hinrichsen Out; Crocky In Good Shape

Billy “The Croc” Argyros has found a fortunate double up but not without a little controversy. Argyros moved all in silently from early position and play folded to Alex Givotsky who didn’t actually realise that Argyros was all in, and proceeded to move his own stack into the middle. As it turned out Givotsky’s {Kd}{Qs} was in front anyway as Crocky tabled {9c}{8c}. The board fell {6d}{9h}{2s}{3c}{Jh} and a relieved Croc spikes a pair of nines to double up and leave Givotsky on the short stack.

A few minutes later two eliminations at the same table has seen the clock paused and a redraw for the final two tables.

The first to go was Andy Kemmler who three-bet shoved all in for around 95,000 over the top of the opening raise of Andrew Scarf who thought for a few moments before making the call. Scarf tabled {Ac}{Qs} and it was the best hand as Kemmler was making a move with {6d}{4h}. The board fell {Td}{Kh}{Qc}{Ts}{2c} as Kemmler departed in 19th place.

At the same time Andrew Hinrichsen moved all in for his last 135,000 with Billy “The Croc” Argyros making the call. Hinrichsen held the {Ac}{Kd} and would need to improve against Argyros’ {Tc}{th} but couldn’t connect with the {4h}{8s}{Qs}{4c}{9s} board. Hinrichsen is out in 18th place as we’re down to our last 17 players.

5:15pm - Rotar Cut

Following the break, play settled down somewhat over the first twenty minutes of the new level, but we’ve just had back-to-back all-in hands, resulting in one double and one elimination.

Octavian Voegele was the first to have his tournament life on the line with his {Js}{Jh} up against Bruno De Silva’s {As}{Ks}. The board landed {3h}{6h}{Qs}{2h}{7h} to give Voegele the double up to around 280,000.

Pocket jacks were also kind to Aleks Brkovic who eliminated the short-stacked Sam Rotar in a battle of the blinds. Rotar has survived for a long time with his short stack but when he pushed his {Ad}{3c}, Brkovic made the call with {Js}{Jh} which held on the {Qh}{4s}{8s}{Th}{6d} board. Rotar exits in 20th place with Brkovic now up to 330,000 chips.

Our current chip leader is Pankaj Gogia who is very close to 500,000 in chips.

4:30pm - Chip Leaders Fall

In the last few minutes we lost Chris Evans when he shoved {9h}{9d} for his last 76,000 and was called by Octavian Voegele with {Ts}{Th}. Evans couldn’t find a nine on the board of {Qh}{6d}{6s}{Kc}{jh} and was sent to the rail in 23rd place.

He was soon followed by a short-stacked Mark James who shoved his last 19,500 with {As}{Th} with Bruno De Silva making the call in the big blind with {Ad}{2h}. The board landed {9c}{5s}{3c}{8s}{2s} pairing up De Silva’s kicker on the river and eliminating James in 22nd position.

Meanwhile it’s been a tough day so far for Raemin Alexander. He just lost another preflop race with {Ax}{Qx} against the pocket sevens of Aleks Brkovic. The overnight chip leader is down to around 220,000 and in the middle of the pack.

We've also just lost Fabio Cappai in 21st place, leaving 20 players remaining!

4:10pm – Grigg Recovers; Crocky Doubles

Tom Grigg has recovered in remarkable fashion with a series of double ups to get himself into contention. The most recent was with pocket threes against the {Ax}{Kx} of Andrew HInrichsen. An ace was in the window but there was a three behind it, and Grigg was back to about 130,000. However that soon changed when Grigg clashed with Billy “The Croc” Argyros in a blind on blind battle. Crocky shoved and Grigg called with {8c}{8d} but trailed Croc’s {Kd}{Ks}. Once again there was drama on the flop as there was an eight in the window but a king fell behind it for set over set. Grigg couldn’t find the one-outer and Crocky doubled to 110,000, leaving Grigg back on about 75,000.

Chris Evans also just took a massive hit when his pocket aces ran into Bruno De Silva’s flopped straight holding {Jc}{9d} on a flop of {8d}{Qc}{Ts}. The turn was the {3d} and river the {4s}.

We recently lost two more players with Joey Masangcay falling in 25th when his {Kh}{Qh} couldn’t improve against Aleks Brkovic’s {Ac}{Kc}, while Derek Cheung fell in 24th as his pocket tens ran into the pocket jacks of Rennie Carnivale. 23 players remain!

3:50pm - Rollercoaster Ride For Aristidou

The action has certainly picked up and Peter Aristidou has been right in the middle of it. First he found a double up through Sam Rotar. Aristidou shoved the button with {Jc}{4c} and was called by Rotar’s pocket nines, but Aristidou spiked a jack on the flop to double through to 85,000. Aristidou followed that up a few minutes later with another double up when his {Ac}{Qh} held against the {As}{Jd} of Raemin Alexander. However Aristidou’s mini-run came to a halt when he flopped a straight with {9h}{Ts} on a {8d}{Jc}{Qc} flop against Rotar’s {Ac}{Kc}. The {6s} turn changed nothing but Rotar hit his flush on the {5c} river.

Tom Grigg has also been dented severely when he ran his {Td}{Th} into the {Qh}{Qc} of Matt Rolfe. The board ran out {7s}{Ks}{2h}{Ac}{6h} and Grigg was left with just 10,000 in chips.

Some recent eliminations include Thanh Do (27th) and Bryan Seiler (26th). Seiler fell to Andrew Scarf who has now claimed the chip lead.

Random Chip Counts:

Andrew Scarf – 480,000
Billy Argyros – 45,000
Pankaj Gogia – 390,000
Tom Grigg – 15,000
Eric Assadourian – 105,000
Andrew Hinrichsen – 225,000
Chris Evans – 175,000
Dan Neilson – 410,000
Bruno De Silva – 150,000
Raemin Alexander – 280,000
Peter Aristidou – 185,000
Sam Rotar – 85,000
Aleks Brkovic – 160,000
Tony Hachem – 240,000

3:20pm - Vanderhorst Bubbles!

The bubble has burst and the unfortunate victim was the short-stacked Michael Vanderhorst. He was all in from the big blind for his last 2,500 with four players limping in to see a {9s}{Jd}{Td} flop. The live players checked and the {4c} hit the turn. Play checked to Todd Butcher on the button who fired 20,000. Two folds and it was back to Sam Rotar who moved all in for his last 55,000. Butcher sighed and folded {9h}{4s} face up. Rotar opened {Kd}{Qc} for the flopped straight but Vanderhorst still had outs to survive with his {Tc}{9c}. The river was the {4h} and Butcher would’ve made a full house, but Rotar takes the pot as Vanderhorst becomes the ANZPT Adelaide bubble boy!

We’re now in the money and we expect the pace of play to pick up now as we head towards the final table!

3:00pm - Neilson Traps Butcher

Dan Neilson has shot to the tournament chip lead as Ben Butcher has crashed and burned in a big bluff gone wrong. Neilson raised preflop to 11,500 from the hijack position and Butcher flat-called on the button. They took a {3c}{6h}{Ah} flop and Neilson led out for 13,500, and Butcher grabbed a chunk of red chips worth 55,000 and plonked them into the pot. Neilson thought for a few moments before making the call.

The turn was the {Td} and Neilson checked to Butcher who declared himself all in. Neilson snap called and flipped over {Ac}{As} for top set as Butcher was left drawing stone-cold dead with his {7c}{7d}. The river was the {5h} and Neilson accepts his second Christmas present of the day to move up to 390,000.

With 28 players left we’re now on the money bubble!

2:30pm - Aristidou Dented; Tino Busts

It’s been a rough period for Peter Aristidou as he’s just doubled up two opponents in successive hands. In the first hand it was Aristidou’s {Ad}{Kd} up against the {Ks}{Kc} of Joey Masangcay with the board running out {3s}{8s}{7s}{4h}{4s}.

Next hand Aristidou raised to 11,000 and Tino Lechich moved all in over the top for another 20,700. Aristidou called with {Kh}{Qh} but was dominated by Lechich’s {As}{Kc}. Again Aristidou couldn’t get lucky as the board fell {Kd}{5s}{Td}{3s}{7h} to leave him on just 58,000.

However it all went downhill for Lechich a few minutes later as he tried to put his new chips to work. In the big blind, Lechich called a raise to 11,500 from Tony Hachem to see a {Kd}{5d}{5s} flop. Lechich checked and Hachem fired 16,000. Lechich announced he was all in and Hachem snap-called! Lechich tabled {Ks}{Jc} and was happy to find he was in front as Hachem flipped {Qd}{Td} for the flush draw. The turn bricked the {Qs} but Hachem completed his flush on the {2d} river to send Lechich to the rail in 31st place. Hachem is now up over 200,000.

29 players remain with Raemin Alexander and Chris Evans out in front, as the players take their first break of the day.

Tony Hachem

2:00pm - Stalemate broken

After a stalemate at 33 players for well over one hour, we’ve finally lost a couple more players to inch our way closer to the money.

First to go was George Moussa, who made an unsuccessful move on Dan Neilson who had raised from the button. Moussa moved all in from the big blind with {9c}{2d} but Neilson made the call with {Ac}{Jc}. The board bricked out {Td}{5c}{6d}{6h}{Tc} and Moussa was sent to the rail.

At the same time Ben Savage was busted on a nearby table when he ran {Kx}{5x} into an opponent's pocket kings. 31 players remain.

1:30pm - Applying Bubble Pressure

We’re down to 33 players with the short stacks fighting hard to survive.

Andrew Hinrichsen is applying pressure on the bubble and just took a big pot down against Pankaj Gogia. It was a {3c}{Kc}{5h} flop and Hinrichsen fired 15,000 before Gogia check-raised to 45,000. Hinrichsen moved all in over the top and Gogia thought for a long time before folding what he claimed was pocket jacks. Hinrichsen is up to 200,000.

Aleks Brkovic is another who has been quite aggressive but it recently paid off as he doubled through chip leader Raemin Alexander. It was Brkovic’s pocket nines racing with Alexander’s {Ac}{Kh} with the board running out {4d}{2d}{5s}{Jd}{9h}. Brkovic doubled to 200,000 with the Moose slipping to around 350,000.

Meanwhile Eric Assadourian is having some fun as we approach the cash. After some confusion preflop where Assadourian meant to call but was ruled to a min-raise, he and Michael Vanderhorst took a flop of {3h}{Qs}{Tc}. Both checked and the {as} hit the turn. Vanderhorst checked and then called the 8,000 bet by Assadourian. The river was an interesting {Kc} and Vanderhorst checked once again to Assadourian who bet a healthy 25,000. Vanderhorst when into the tank for a long time as it represented most of his chips. Assadourian pounded on him with plenty of verbal warfare and eventually talked him into a fold. Assadourian flashed {4c}{4d}!

12:45pm - Frantic Action Early

There’s already been a flurry of activity in the first few minutes of play with a couple of eliminations and a few double ups. Tino Lechich and Tony Hachem were two of the players to find fortunate double ups to stay alive. Lechich held {Js}{Jc} against Michael Vanderhorst’s {Jh}{Jd} and found four clubs on board to double through. While Hachem got his money in with pocket eights against the pocket kings of Peter Aristidou and hit a straight to also double.

“It’s about time I got lucky!” yelled Hachem as he doubles to 170,000.

Mike Watson has also just been sent to the rail. He was all in with {Kx}{Qx} against the pocket nines of Bryan Seiler. Watson spiked a queen on the flop but a nine of the river gave Seiler a set to end the run of “SirWatts” just short of the money.

12:30pm - Day 3 Underway!

Another beautiful day in the city of churches, and another big day ahead of us on the felt of the Poker Zone at SKYCITY Adelaide Casino. 36 players have returned and will play down this afternoon until a final table of nine is reached.

They are led by Raemin Alexander who had a big day yesterday to take a huge chip advantage into today’s play. However there are plenty of sharks still lurking with one of them, PokerStars Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian, kicking off proceedings today with the “Shuffle Up and Deal” honours.

Top ten chip counts:

Raemin Alexander - 456,900
Christopher Evans - 278,600
Pankaj Gogia - 261,800
Octavian Voegele - 258,200
Ben Butcher - 191,300
Matt Rolfe - 171,400
Andrew Hinrichsen - 171,000
Aleks Brkovic - 167,300
Bruno De Silva - 161,300
Peter Aristidou - 158,200

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