ANZPT Adelaide Day 2 - It's a Runaway Moose!

Posted at 16:09 2010-02-12

7:00pm - Day 2 Ends with Mixed Fortunes

It was a frantic end to Day 2 here at the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event with plenty of action, a few double ups and a couple of late bustouts.

George Moussa found a double up with {Ad}{Qs} versus {Ah}{Qc} when four diamonds fell on board to see him end the day well placed with 137,300.

Ben Savage was another to end the day on a high note. He moved his last 40,000 or so chips in preflop with {Ah}{Jh} and found a gambling call from Michael Vanderhorst with {Kd}{8d}. The board fell {2h}{Ad}{5h}{Tc}{Td} to pair up Savage as he’ll end the day with 78,400 in chips.

Andrew Hinrichsen was another to double in the final hands of the day, with his {Ac}{Qd} improving against an opponent’s pocket kings. An ace on the flop was all it took and Hinrichsen ends the day with 171,000 to be in strong shape.

One who won’t be back for Day 3 action is Julius Colman, who squeezed all in for his last 40,000 chips with {3h}{3s} but lost the race against Chris Evans’ {As}{Ks} when both arrived on the {Ac}{2s}{2h}{Kh}{Qs} board. With that hand Evans took himself up to a very healthy 278,000 to end the day in second chip position.

However they all trail Raemin "Jake The Moose" Alexander who had a remarkable day to end up bagging 456,900 chips to be a huge chip leader entering Day 3 of play tomorrow. Others joining him include Dan Neilson (61,400), Tony Hachem (87,000), Sam Rotar (90,800), Tom Grigg (139,700), Peter Aristidou (158,200), Derek Cheung (64,100), Mike Watson (64,700), Eric Assadourian (126,800), Aleks Brkovic (166,000), Tino Lechich (35,600), Bruno De Silva (161,300) and Billy Argyros (155,900).

Approximately 40 players will return tomorrow at 12:30pm to first reach the money and then reach the final table. We’ll have the full list of survivors and chip counts available shortly.

6:45pm - Is it a Zoo or a Circus?

It’s like being at the zoo here this afternoon! Not only because of the rowdy Teams event merrily drinking their way into the evening on the nearby tables, but the animals are out in force here in the Main Event. While no one can catch “The Moose”, Billy “The Croc” Argyros is taking several bites out of his opponents here today.

Crocky recently sent Michel Anunu to the rail in a preflop clash, with Anunu running {Ac}{Qd} into Crocky’s {Ah}{As}. The board ran out {4s}{jc}{5h}{Ks}{Kc} and Crocky jumps up to 120,000 chips.

It's just been announced that we'll be playing another 8 hands before play wraps up for the evening. At the moment we have 40 players remaining.

6:30pm - Moose Wins Monster!

The biggest pot of the tournament has just gone down with Raemin Alexander the big winner to fly out to a massive chip lead. It was a clash of the big stacks as Alexander tangled with overnight chip leader Roy Hills.

Hills raised preflop to 10,000 and “The Moose” called out of the small blind. They took a flop of {8d}{7c}{6s} and Moose led out for 13,000 and was met with a min-raise by Hills to 26,000. Moose then came back over the top with all of his 230,000-chip stack and Hills made the call! Hills tabled {As}{Ah} but Moose had flopped a set with his {8s}{8h}. The turn brought a chop sweat as the {5h} put four to a straight on board, but the river was the {Qh}. After a count down of chips, Hills had just less than Alexander and was sent crashing to the rail in dramatic fashion. Alexander is now out to 440,000 and well and truly has the field covered!

Raemin Alexander
Raemin "Jake The Moose" Alexander has more than double his nearest opponent!

6:00pm - Karamalikis Dong'd; Mixed Fortunes For Poker Stars

We’ve just lost home town young gun Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis from today’s tournament after a two-outer river cost him most of his chips.

We caught the action on the turn on a board of {Jh}{8h}{8d}{2c} with Karamalikis firing 23,000 and Roy Hills made the call. The river was the {Jd} and Karamalikis grabbed about 14,000 of his 15,000-chip stack and slid them into the middle. Hills announced “call” and Karamalikis tabled {8c}{5c} but Hills flipped {Ah}{Jc} for the bigger full house. Karamalikis was left with 1,000 in chips and tried to fight back with one double up, but couldn’t make it two as he was eliminated soon after. Hills moves up to 205,000.

Meanwhile one Poker Star hit the rail as another found a big double up. Amanda De Cesare was a recent casualty when her pocket kings fell to an opponent’s flush, while PokerStars Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian had a little more success with the kings as he doubled through Ben Savage. Assadourian opened to 5,500 from early position before Savage popped it up to 16,000 from the small blind. Assadourian slid another 33,400 across the line and Savage thought for a few moments before committing to a call with {Ac}{Kc}. The flop was a sick one as it landed {Qd}{2c}{Tc} to give Savage maximum outs, but it wasn’t to be on the {6d} turn and {Qs} river. Assadourian doubles to nearly 100,000 as Savage slips to 35,000.

Another to recently be sent to the rail was 2009 ANZPT Melbourne champ Chris Levick.

5:15pm - Hach Rolling Along

2009 ANZPT Player of the Year, Tony Hachem is heading towards his fifth cash in six ANZPT events after just eliminating Dan Smith from the tournament in a preflop race. It was Hachem’s {As}{Kc} up against Smith’s {5s}{5d} but Hachem had to wait until the river on the {Qd}{Js}{2h}{9h}{Kh} board to pair up his king to take down the pot.

One player who had a little more luck with pocket fives was Ben Savage. He moved all in over his opponent’s bet of 22,000 on a board of {4d}{3c}{7d}{5h}. His opponent let it go and Savage flashed {5c}{5s} for a set to scoop the pot and move up to around 80,000.

Random Chip Count Update:
Tony Hachem – 108,000
Ben Savage – 80,000
Frank Agostino – 35,000
Bruno De Silva - 200,000
Eric Assadourian – 95,000
Aleks Brkovic – 45,000
Chris Evans – 60,000
Julius Colman – 52,000
Mike Watson – 70,000
Amanda De Cesare – 30,000
Andrew Hinrichsen – 175,000
Peter Aristidou – 170,000
Raemin Alexander – 190,000
Jonathan Karamalikis – 70,000
Dan Neilson – 60,000
Derek Cheung – 60,000
Sam Rotar – 12,000
Chris Levick – 22,000
Pankaj Gogia – 240,000
Ben Butcher – 160,000
George Moussa – 65,000
Tino Lechich – 38,000
Billy Argyros – 90,000
Jack Drake – 35,000

4:30pm – Crocky Survives; Benton Busts

Billy “The Croc” Argyros has doubled up with {Ac}{Kc} against the {Ks}{Qc}. All the chips were in preflop with the board running out {2d}{8s}{6c}{5h}{6d}. The Croc finds some teeth as he’s back to 46,000 chips.

One who wasn’t quite as fortunate is 2009 APPT Sydney champ Aaron Benton. The short-stacked Benton moved all in preflop with {Ac}{Tc} but ran into the {Ah}{Kc} of Michael Sellars. The board ran out {Kd}{Ts}{5d}{2h}{2d} and Benton was busto.

With two more levels left to play for the day we currently have 56 players remaining. It looks like we’re going to get very close to the money stage by the end of the day.

3:45pm - Dunst Done

The action isn’t slowing down as several more big names have been sent to the rail. Last year’s runner up Tony Dunst has been sent crashing out after a huge three-way clash preflop. It was Dunst’s {Qc}{Qh} up against two opponents holding {Jd}{Js} and {Ah}{Ad}. Dunst thought he’d caught good when the {Qd} was in the window but what followed wasn’t quite as pretty as the board ran out {Ac}{9d}{Qd}{6d}{Kh}. The man with all the chips was Panjak Gogia as he sends two to the rail to now sit behind 240,000 chips as our chip leader. He’s closely followed by Raemin Alexander who is up to 210,000.

Pankaj Gogia
Pankaj Gogia leads the ANZPT Adelaide

A couple of other recently casualties include Andrew Lichtenberger, Ben Delaney and Liam O’Rourke.

3:30pm - Bruno De Silva Soars; Stewart Scott Eliminated

Bruno De Silva is now a clear chip leader with over 175,000 chips after a huge pot developed on a flop of {6c}{4c}{7s}. De Silva was in a gambling mood with his {Jc}{9c} flush draw as his opponent tabled {4s}{6h} for two pair. The turn caused a stir when the {Jd} landed to give De Silva more outs and one of them was the {7d} for an unlikely runner-runner two pair to counterfeit the two pair of his opponent.

Bruno De Silva
Bruno De Silva in great shape at the ANZPT Adelaide

At the same time, the tournament lost one of its drawcards as 2009 Aussie Millions champ Stewart Scott was eliminated. Scott was all in preflop with {Ax}{Kx} but ran into Ben Butcher’s {Ad}{Ac}. The board was spread {9c}{9h}{3h}{2c}{2h} and Scott was gone.

3:15pm - A Few Eliminations and a Cranky Croc

A couple of recent eliminations from today’s field include David Gorr, who had his pocket kings cracked by an opponent’s {6x}{8x} when he made a straight, Rick Kroesen who ran {Ah}{8d} into an opponent’s dominant {Ad}{Kc} preflop, and Martin Comer who was a little unfortunate. Comer had flopped a full house with {2s}{2h} on a flop of {2c}{Ts}{Tc} against Ben Butcher’s {Td}{6d}. The {Jh} turn didn’t change anything but the {6s} on the river gave Butcher a bigger boat and sent Comer to the rail.

Another having a hard time is Billy “The Croc” Argyros who is currently cursing his bad luck after losing a crucial pot against George Moussa. After Moussa fired 6,000 at a {Qs}{2s}{Th} flop, Crocky raised to 14,000 and Moussa moved all in for another 16,700. Crocky made the call with {As}{Qh} for top pair and the lead as Moussa was drawing big with his {Ks}{9s}. The {6c} bricked the turn but the {Js} river completed the flush for Moussa to give him the double up to 75,000, leaving the Croc with 45,000.

3:00pm - Random Chip Count Update

Tony Dunst – 40,000
Stewart Scott – 55,000
Brett Chalhoub – 25,000
George Moussa – 75,000
Billy Argyros – 45,000
Raemin Alexander – 75,000
Tom Grigg – 65,000
Tino Lechich – 70,000
Jonathan Karamalikis – 70,000
Roy Hills – 105,000
Aleks Brkovic – 55,000
John Dalessandri – 15,000
Chris Levick – 45,000
Julius Colman – 30,000
Aaron Benton – 26,000
Peter Aristidou – 90,000
Derek Cheung – 60,000
Andrew Lichtenberger – 30,000
Ben Delaney – 38,000
Victoria Martinez – 6,000
Eric Assadourian – 82,000
Tony Hachem – 60,000
Daniel Neilson – 50,000
Dan Smith – 38,000
Ben Savage – 58,000
Chris Evans – 65,000
Mike Watson – 50,000
Amanda De Cesare – 85,000
Andrew Hinrichsen – 98,000

2:15pm - Steady as she goes

Play has settled down somewhat after the initial flurry of activity in the early stages, as the players get down to work. The big mover has been Michael Vanderhorst who started the day in the middle of the pack and has surged through to now claim the chip lead with 120,000 chips. Overnight chip leader Roy Hills has been steady and maintained his stack at around 110,000, while Martin Comer, Aleks Brkovic and PokerStars Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian are still well placed towards the top of the tree.

One short stack to double up recently was Dan Smith who flopped good holding {3h}{5c} on a {Kh}{3c}{5h} flop. His opponent made a gambling call with {6h}{8h} but missed when the {ad} turn and {Ks} river were heart-less. Smith moved up to a more comfortable 35,000 in chips as the board is showing 97 players remaining.

1:30pm - Short Stacks Fall

There’s been a steady stream of eliminations in the early goings here on Day 2 as the short stacks look to double up or go home.

We’re down to 107 players remaining with some of those early casualties including Julian Cohen, who ran his pocket fours into pocket aces, Steve “Big Show” Topakas who had no luck with {Ax}{Qx} against an opponent’s {Kx}{Tx} and Andrew “Adgee” Jeffreys who lost the race with pocket sixes against {Kx}{Qx}.

One short stack who did find a double up was last year’s runner up, Tony Dunst. It was Dunst’s {Qc}{Qd} up against the {Ad}{Jd} of Stewart Scott in a preflop clash. The board ran out safely {Kh}{8d}{3c}{9c}{8c} for Dunst to double to 50,000. Finally ChipMeUp fans will be disappointed to learn that Damon Lum was another to hit the rail. He moved his short stack with {Qd}{Js} but Billy “The Croc” Argyros called with {As}{Kh} and collected the pot when the board fell {Ad}{9d}{7c}{Kd}{7h}.

12:30pm – Day 2 Underway!

122 of the original 236 entrants have returned to the Poker Zone of the SKYCITY Adelaide Casino for the resumption of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Adelaide Main Event.

It’s going to be an exciting day of poker ahead, with six levels of play expected to weed out the contenders from the pretenders!

This afternoon the mic was handed to 2009 Aussie Millions champ Stewart Scott to do the “Shuffle Up and Deal” honours.

Here’s the top ten chip stacks as play gets underway here on Day 2:

Roy Hills - 118850
Bruno De Silva - 85275
Sam Rotar - 84500
Martin Comer - 84350
Andrew Lichtenberger - 81200
Todd Butcher - 76775
Aleks Brkovic - 76150
Daniel Laidlaw - 74800
Stewart Scott - 72025
Sam Haddad - 72000

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ANZPT Adelaide Day 2 ANZPT Adelaide Day 2

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