ANZPT Adelaide Final Table - Rennie Carnevale Wins!

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February 14 2010

Written to Australian poker news by TassieDevil

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"ANZPT Adelaide Final Table"
February 14, 2010

A huge congratulations to Rennie Carnevale who is your new ANZPT Adelaide champion. With biceps that would put James Broom to shame, Rennie laid pretty low in the early stages of today’s final table, but later opened up with a series of big bets to keep maximum pressure on his opponents. He had a little bit of luck, but when play reached heads up, Rennie was like a bulldozer, relentlessly rolling over his opponent without fear.

Rennie wasn’t even going to play this event. After winning Event #4 of this series, he was talked into staying by good mate Aaron Benton, and used PokerStars frequent player points to buy in to the tournament at the very last minute. Another Australian poker trophy heads to Wollongong as he picks up a handsome $165,900 for his efforts.

Thanks to PokerStars and the SKYCITY Adelaide Casino staff for their hospitality. Make sure you qualify for the next step on the ANZPT as we head west to Burswood in Perth for the first time from March 17-21 2010. See you there!

Rennie Carnevale Wins ANZPT Adelaide Main Event!

7:15pm - Andrew Scarf Eliminated in 2nd Place ($105,980); Rennie Carnevale Wins!

It’s all over! Rennie Carnevale is the ANZPT Adelaide Champion! The final hand saw Andrew Scarf raise to 100,000 from the button before Carnevale moved all in over the top. Scarf made the call for his last 730,000.

Carnevale: A clubs3 hearts
Scarf: A hearts2 clubs

Most of the time we’re looking at a chop but “Rennie’s Run Good” continued as the board was spread 4 clubs9 diams10 spades3 clubs7 diams to pair up his kicker for the win!

Well done to Andrew Scarf who was dominant throughout this final table until play reached heads-up and thoroughly deserves his $105,980 in prize money.

Andrew Scarf - 2nd Place

7:00pm - Power Poker!

Rennie Carnevale is bringing a whole new meaning to “power” poker. Carnevale is bringing his strength from his power-lifting background to the table here in this heads-up battle as it’s been all one-way traffic so far.

After pounding on his opponent in most pots so far, Scarf has released every time before getting to show down. In a recent hand Carnevale flashed his cards to prove what we were already thinking – that he is majorly bullying Scarf, in a surprisingly twist to how this final table had been going up until this point. After Carnevale raised the button and Scarf called, they saw a flop of K diams3 hearts5 spades. Scarf led out for 125,000 and Carnevale called. The turn was the J diams and Scarf fired another 300,000 but Carnevale instantly moved all in. Scarf gave it up and Carnevale flashed Q diams6 diams – nothing on the flop that turned a flush draw.

Carnevale took down another pot late in the level, before he called for a quick bathroom break.

Approximate Chip Counts:

Rennie Carnevale: 3,850,000
Andrew Scarf – 750,000

6:30pm - Octavian Voegele Eliminated in 3rd Place ($59,600)

Suddenly we’re down to two as Octavian Voegele has been eliminated in dramatic circumstances in third place. Andrew Scarf folded his button before Voegele moved all in for 683,000 from the small blind. Rennie Carnevale sighed, “Yeh, ok why not?” and made the call!

Voegele: A clubs8 hearts
Carnevale: K clubs10 clubs

Let’s play big ball! Voegele looked set for a double up when the flop landed 4 diamsA spades8 clubs to give him two pair, but remarkably the 6 clubs turn and 3 clubs river gave Carnevale a running flush to the roars of his supporters on the rail.

An incredible week for Octavian Voegele who has played solidly all day and had a superb time here in Adelaide with four final tables to his credit. He’ll collect $59,600 for his efforts today.

Octavian Voegele - 3rd Place

Just like that, we’re heads up! Here’s the chip counts:

Rennie Carnevale – 2,317,000
Andrew Scarf – 2,308,000

It’s a close one as the players take a quick break before they play it out for the title!

6:20pm – Michael Sellars Eliminated in 4th Place ($46,710)

A short-stacked Michael Sellars was all in with the 6 spades3 clubs against the K clubs7 hearts of Andrew Scarf. The board ran out 4 heartsQ clubs2 spadesJ clubs10 clubs and suddenly we’re down to our final three!

Chip Counts:

Andrew Scarf – 2,120,000
Rennie Carnevale – 1,720,000
Octavian Voegele – 645,000

Michael Sellars
Michael Sellars - 4th Place

6:15pm – Dan Neilson Eliminated in 5th Place ($38,655)

We’ve lost Dan Neilson in 5th place. Rennie Carnevale raised from the button before Neilson moved all in for his last 550,000 from the small blind. Carnevale made the call.

Neilson: A hearts9 clubs
Carnevale: K heartsQ clubs

The board ran out Q clubsJ diams2 diams4 clubs8 clubs to pair up Carnevale’s queen and leave Neilson heading to the cashier to collect $38,655 in prize money.

Dan Neilson
Dan Neilson - 5th Place

6:05pm - Easy Come, Easy Go

Easy come, easy go for Michael Sellars who just doubled up, only to lose his newly found chips soon after. Sellars first won the race with 8 hearts8 spades against the A clubsJ spades of Dan Neilson when the board ran out 3 hearts6 diams9 diams10 spades3 spades.

However before the chips got settled in their new home, Rennie Carnevale open shipped for 653,000 (at the 15k/30k level) with K spadesK diams and Sellars made the call in the small blind with A spadesJ clubs. The board bricked out 3 diams6 spades5 clubs7 spades3 spades and Carnevale doubled to 1.35 million as Sellars is back to the short stack with just 125,000.

Meanwhile Andrew Scarf can’t do a thing wrong. The table was rather surprised to see him limp under the gun, but Scarf took down the pot with a bet on the A clubsJ diams9 spades flop. As he raked in the chips, Scarf admitted that he didn’t mean to limp – he thought he was meant to be in the big blind!

5:45pm – Scarf Well In Front With Five Left

The level has come to an end and the players have taken another quick break with Andrew Scarf currently dominating proceedings with a relentless display of aggression. He’s taken several pots down with three-bets over the top of opening raises, with one hand taken down with a preflop four-bet against Octavian Voegele.

One hand that did get to showdown saw Rennie Carnevale raise the button to 52,000 and Scarf defended with a call in the big blind. The flop landed K clubs7 diams10 clubs and both checked to see the free 5 diams fall on the turn. Scarf led out for 45,000 and Carnevale made the call. The river was the 4 hearts and Scarf fired another 54,000 with Carnevale making the call. Scarf tabled K hearts5 hearts for two pair to take it down.

Chip counts at the break:

Andrew Scarf – 2,030,000
Daniel Neilson – 940,000
Octavian Voegele – 600,000
Rennie Carnevale – 500,000
Michael Sellars – 323,000

5:15pm – Billy “The Croc” Argyros Eliminated in 6th Place ($32,215)

Octavian Voegele raised it up to 56,000 before Billy “The Croc” Argyros moved all in over the top. Voegele made a quick call and the cards were on their backs.

Argyros: A diamsK clubs
Voegele: K heartsK diams

Crocky was crying for an ace but the board blanked out J hearts8 diamsQ diams8 clubs4 clubs to see Croc depart after a great tournament in 6th place for $32,215 in prize money.

Billy "The Croc" Argyros - 6th Place

5:05pm – Misclick!

Michael Sellars opened to 60,000 before Rennie Carnevale moved all in over the top for an additional 321,000. Action folded back to Sellars who made the call.

Sellars: 6 hearts6 clubs
Carnevale: 9 diams10 clubs

It was a race but it went Carnevale’s way as the board ran out 9 clubs7 clubs5 diams3 clubs7 diams. After the hand Carnevale admitted he didn’t see the opening raise but it didn’t matter as he doubled up to 775,000 to leave Sellars on the short stack.

4:55pm – Tony Hachem Eliminated in 7th Place ($25,770)

Play folded around to Andrew Scarf in the small blind who announced a raise to 62,000. The relentless raising of Scarf has clearly got to some of the players here, and Tony Hachem had seen enough in the big blind as he immediately moved all in. It was an additional 93,000 to Scarf who quickly did a little math before making the call.

Scarf: K diams2 clubs
Hachem: J hearts6 hearts

Not the hand we were expecting but the board produced some nice drama. The flop landed J spades10 diams2 spades and a roar went up as Hachem spiked a jack to take the lead. However that soon changed as the 2 diams turn and 2 hearts river gave the chip leader quad deuces, to end the remarkable run of the 2009 ANZPT Player of the Year in 7th place. Scarf extends his chip advantage to a massive 1.45 million!

Tony Hachem - 7th Place

4:45pm - Croc Finds Some Bite!

Billy “The Croc” Argyros has found a much needed double up at the expense of Rennie Carnevale. The Croc shoved all in from the small blind, after Carnevale opened from the cutoff to 45,000. It was an additional 105,000 to Carnevale who made the call.

Argyros: A clubs10 spades
Canevale: 9 clubs7 clubs

The board was spread Q diams4 spadesK diams5 clubsJ hearts to give Crocky the stone-cold nuts – good enough for a much needed double up to 350,000.

Octavian Voegele – 900,000
Rennie Carnevale – 350,000
Daniel Neilson – 975,000
Billy Argyros – 350,000
Andrew Scarf – 1,260,000
Tony Hachem – 200,000
Michael Sellars – 590,000

4:20pm - No Rush Boys...

It’s been another slow level of play with very few highlights. In fact, there were very few hands, with a couple of key hands taking a long time to complete.

First we saw a strange clash between Billy “The Croc” Argyros and Andrew Scarf in a battle of the blinds. Argyros raised to 55, 000 from the small blind before Scarf popped it up to 141,000 from the big blind. This sent Crocky deep into the tank as he fired plenty of verbal ammunition at his opponent.

“Do you want me to call? What do you want me to do?” challenged Croc.

“I want you to make a decision!” replied Scarf, returning serve with ease.

Crocky only had about 300,000 chips behind, so it felt like an “all in or fold” situation but after a good few minutes of thought, Crocky surprised us all with a flat call. The flop landed 10 spadesA hearts6 diams and both players checked. The turn was the K hearts and Crocky checked, then folded to the 80,000-chip bet from Scarf.

Shortly after we saw another lengthy hand between Tony Hachem and Octavian Voegele. Hachem raised the button to 46,000 and Voegele made the call in the big blind. The flop landed J hearts2 diamsK clubs and Hachem’s continuation bet of 60,000 was called. The 7 diams turn was checked by both players before the J spades appeared on the river. Voegele led out for 80,000 and it was Hachem’s turn in the tank. He thought long and hard and eventually made a call, but couldn’t better Voegele’s K spades4 spades.

“You called me with that shit? Good luck to you!” barked Hachem as he slips to 215,000 with Voegele up to 800,000.

Meanwhile the only other notable action has been the overbet-shoves of Rennie Carnevale. Of particular note was when he open-shoved from the small blind for 440,000 into a surprised Dan Neilson in the big blind at the 10k/20k level. It seems to be working so far for Carnevale as he’s up to around 500,000.

3:30pm - Aleks Brkovic Eliminated in 8th Place ($20,620)

After a very quiet period with no real action to report, we’ve just had our second bust out of the day with a very disappointed Aleks Brkovic being sent to the rail in 8th place.

It just wasn’t Aleks’ day today, as it seemed that every time he entered a pot, he was met with resistance. Finally he made a stand and moved all in for his last 230,000 chips with 3 spades3 clubs but ran into Dan Neilson’s K clubsK hearts.

The board ran out K diamsQ hearts2 hearts6 spades2 clubs and Brkovic collects $20,620 for a fine tournament as the giant-killing run of Dan Neilson at this final table continues as he is rapidly approaching the 1 million chip mark.

Aleks Brkovic
Aleks Brkovic - 8th Place

Seven players remain as they go on their first break of the day:

Octavian Voegele – 780,000
Rennie Carnevale – 435,000
Daniel Neilson – 955,000
Billy Argyros – 360,000
Andrew Scarf – 1,140,000
Tony Hachem – 320,000
Michael Sellars – 520,000

2:45pm - Brkovic Slips; Hachem Cops Penalty

Dan Neilson has taken a chunk out of the lead of Andrew Scarf in an interesting pot. Scarf raised preflop to 31,000 with Aleks Brkovic making the call in the cutoff and Neilson coming along in the big blind. They saw a flop of Q hearts7 diams2 diams and Neilson led out for 62,000. Scarf raised to 150,000 to force a fold from Brkovic but Neilson wasn’t going anywhere as he added an additional 312,000 to the bet of his opponent. Scarf found a fold and slips back under the 1 million chip mark as Neilson is up to 820,000.

Aleks Brkovic has been struggling to get going at this final table and has been having some trouble against Michael Sellars. In a blind on blind battle, Sellars limped the small blind, Brkovic raised to 50,000 from the big blind, but Sellars then shoved to force Brkovic to fold.

Next hand the two went at it again but this time Brkovic fought back with A spades9 hearts against Sellars 10 clubs10 spades with all the chips in preflop. The board ran out 3 hearts7 clubs4 diams5 spades9 clubs to double Sellars to 600,000 with Brkovic slipping down to around 300,000.

Meanwhile a little drama has just unfolded with Tony Hachem slapped with a three-hand penalty for folding out of turn after already receiving a warning. Hachem was adamant that Andrew Scarf had already verbalized his action, but took his punishment in frustration.

2:15pm – Check One Time Tony!

Tony Hachem raised from early position to 31,000 and Michael Sellars making the call. They saw a flop of 8 hearts10 clubs7 diams and Hachem fired 47,000. Sellars made the call. The turn was the K spades and Hachem asked the dealer to spread the pot before declaring himself all in for 260,000. After some friendly table banter, Sellars quickly folded and Hachem showed K heartsK clubs.

“Check one time Tony!” exclaimed fellow PokerStars pro Eric Assadourian from the rails.

Meanwhile the $4,400 High Rollers Event is underway back in the main poker room with 10 starters including Grant Levy, Jonathan Karamalikis, Emanuel Seal, George Moussa, Peter Aristidou and Tino Lechich.

2:00pm - Todd Butcher Eliminated in 9th Place ($15,465)

Andrew Scarf opened with a raise to 29,000 from under the gun and Todd Butcher made the call in position.

They saw a flop of J spades7 clubs6 clubs and Scarf deliberately checked before Butcher bet out 50,000. Scarf instantly plonked ten caramel 25,000-denomination chips into the middle to declare a raise. Butcher thought for a few moments before moving all in and Scarf made the call.

Butcher – A diamsJ diams
Scarf – A clubsK clubs

It was Butcher in front with the top pair but that changed when the K diams landed to put Scarf in a dominant position. The river caused some confusion as the J clubs fell to give Butcher trips, but he soon realised that it completed the flush for Scarf who is up to 1.06 million in chips as Butcher collects $15,465 for a fine tournament.

Todd Butcher
Todd Butcher - 9th Place

1:35pm - Neilson Doubles on Second Hand!

Well it didn’t take long to have our first all in of the day. On just the second hand of play, Tony Hachem raised to 27,000 from early position and play folded around to Dan Neilson in the small blind who moved all in over the top. Hachem made the call.

Neilson: A spadesQ clubs
Hachem: K spadesK diams

The board ran out 9 spadesA hearts2 clubs3 clubs5 hearts and Neilson finds an ace to double up to around 570,000 with Hachem slipping to 350,000.

1:30pm - ANZPT Adelaide Final Table Kicks Off!

Welcome back to the SKYCITY Casino in Adelaide for the final day of what has been a memorable 2010 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event. It’s a stellar lineup with a fantastic mix of youth and experience, led by Andrew Scarf who enters with 820,000 chips.

The players are just taking their seats, unbagging chips and taking the final photos before play gets underway. A dedicated stage has been setup for this final table with around 20 or so fans on the rail at the moment, but we can expect this number to pick up as the day progresses.

We’ll kick off proceedings at the 6,000/12,000/1,000 level.

Final Table Lineup:

Seat 1: Octavian Voegele - 538,000
Seat 2: Rennie Carnevale - 636,000
Seat 3: Daniel Neilson - 280,000
Seat 4: Bill Argyros - 260,000
Seat 5: Andrew Scarf - 820,000
Seat 6: Tony Hachem - 631,000
Seat 7: Michael Sellars - 339,000
Seat 8: Aleks Brkovic - 723,000
Seat 9: Todd Butcher - 398,000


10th Eric Assadourian $10,310
11th Raemin Alexander $10,310
12th Pankaj Gogia $10,310
13th Peter Aristidou $9,020
14th Matt Rolfe $9,020
15th Alex Givotsky $9,020
16th Bruno De Silva $7,730
17th Tom Grigg $7,730
18th Andrew Hinrichsen $7,730
19th Andy Kemmler $6,440
20th Sam Rotar $6,440
21st Fabio Cappai $6,440
22nd Mark James $5,800
23rd Christopher Evans $5,800
24th Derek Cheung $5,800
25th Joey Masangcay $5,155
26th Bryan Seiler $5,155
27th Thanh Do $5,155

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