ANZPT Adelaide - Karl Krautschneider Wins!

Posted at 23:04 2009-02-07
After a whirlwind final table, Karl Krautschneider has emerged victorious to claim the title in the inaugural PokerStars.net Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour event from SKYCITY Casino in Adelaide. Krautschneider put in a dominant performance at the final table to overcome Tony Dunst heads up to collect the first place prize of $170,215.
Here’s how they lined up at the start of the day:
Seat 1: Bruno Portaro - 552,000
Seat 2: Mike Stecker - 390,000
Seat 3: Karl Krautschneider - 662,000
Seat 4: James Broom - 443,000
Seat 5: Julius Colman - 596,000
Seat 6: Tony Dunst - 635,000
Seat 7: Dean Nyberg - 439,000
Seat 8: Daniel Noja - 304,000
Seat 9: Celina Lin - 261,000
Krautschneider entered the final table with a chip lead but he didn’t have it for long as Bruno Portaro and James Broom clashed on the very first hand of the day. Broom held {Ah}{Kc} against Portarto’s {7d}{7c} with all the chips in preflop, however the board bricked out {Jh}{Jd}{3s}{8h}{Th} to leave the Melbourne Championships Main Event winner to make an early exit. He collected $11,740 for 9th place.
Play then settled down with Portaro out in front, however a few pots went against him as Krautschneider regained the lead. The two players then clashed on a flop of {9c}{Ks}{3s} with Portaro leading out for 100,000 before Krautschneider min-raised to 200,000. Portaro moved all in and Krautschneider made the call. Portaro held {Ah}{Kh} and found himself in great shape against Krautschneider’s {Qc}{Qd}. The {Ts} on the turn gave Krautschneider additional straight outs but he didn’t need them as the {Qs} spiked on the river to send a shocked Portaro to the rail in 8th place for $17,610.
Celina Lin was next to go after she waited patiently for a good spot to commit her chips. She re-raised all in over the top of Dean Nyberg’s opening raise, with Nyberg making the call holding {Ad}{Kh}. Lin held {6s}{6d} for a narrow lead. The flop changed everything when it arrived {Ah}{3d}{Qh} giving Nyberg a pair of aces. The turn and river bricked {4h}, {Kc} and Lin departed in 7th place for $23,475.
The elimination kick-started a flurry of bustouts as a short-stacked Julius Colman was next to go. Things hadn’t gone Colman’s way during the day with several “second-best” hands including a set over set against Portaro in the early goings. When he saw a {Jd}{4c}{5s} flop he decided to shove his last 130,000 into the middle with {Qs}{Jh} but he’d run smack into Tony Dunst’s {Jc}{Js} for top set. The turn and river provided no miracle to leave Colman eliminated in 6th place for $29,345.
South Australian Dean Nyberg was next to depart after a cooler hand against Karl Krautschneider. After raising preflop, Nyberg fired bets on the flop and turn before moving all in on a board of {Ah}{Ad}{8d}{6d}{7h}. Krautschneider called him down with {Kd}{Td} for the nut flush as Nyberg was disappointed to flip {Qd}{Jd} for a smaller flush. After a strong tournament Nyberg’s 5th place earnt him $41,085.
Incredibly at the first break we’d lost five players in the first two hours of play, and the quick bustouts didn’t stop there. Mike Stecker had been sitting quietly and soon after the break he decided to commit his short stack with {As}{4h} but once again the sheriff was Krautschneider who had him dominated with {Ah}{Qc}. The board fell {Ac}{Qh}{3d}{Ts}{Js} giving Krautschneider two pair and the pot to eliminate Stecker in 4th place for $52,825.
Krautschneider held a commanding chip lead with Daniel Noja on the short stack. However Noja was able to fight back until he clashed in a big pot with Dunst when Noja’s top pair was able to hold against Dunst’s flush draw. Once again Noja found himself short and he shoved over the top of Dunst’s opening raise. Dunst made the call with {Ac}{Qc} as Noja tabled {Kc}{Jc}. Clubs were everywhere as the board ran out {2c}{5c}{4d}{8h}{4c} to give both players a flush. Dunst’s nut flush took it down to end Noja’s run in third place for $64,565.
We were then heads-up with Krautschneider holding a 4:3 chip advantage. With the average chip stack more than 100 times the big blind, we thought we were going to be in for a long ride, and it appeared that way as the two exchanged chips for around 45 minutes. However the action flop of {Kc}{2s}{4c} sparked a raising war. Krautschneider fired 60,000 before Dunst check-raised to 200,000. Krautschneider moved all in and Dunst made a quick call. Dunst tabled {Kd}{2d} for two pair as Krautschneider was drawing with {9c}{8c}. Needing to avoid a club, Dunst watched the {3d} brick the turn before the {7c} hit the river to complete Krautschneider’s flush and hand him the victory. A disappointed Dunst exited in 2nd place but we think $111,520 should ease the pain a little.
As the dust settled down it was Karl Krautschneider who was left as the only man standing to collect the inaugural trophy of the PokerStars.net Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour. Karl qualified for just US$33 on PokerStars and has now turned that into a life-changing $170,315! Congratulations Karl!
The ANZPT Adelaide at SKYCITY Casino has been a huge success and we look forward to the next leg of the tour in Sydney from April 30th. Stay tuned to PokerNetwork for details on how to win your seat to the next event.


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Karl Krautschneider Wins ANZPT Adelaide! Karl Krautschneider Wins ANZPT Adelaide!

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