ANZPT Adelaide Day 1a - Bruno de Silva Leads

Posted at 20:37 2010-02-09

8:00pm - De Silva De Leader

With players heading towards the end of level seven the word was given to play seven more hands before play wrapped up for the evening...and what an action-packed seven hands it was!

There was plenty of drama on the table of Steve Topakas (what’s new!) The Big Show found a double up with his {Ah}{Ks} hitting good against his opponent’s {8c}{8d} when the board ran out {6c}{Ac}{6s}{7s}{Jc} to get himself back to around 15,000.

The drama then unfolded on the same table with chip leader Bruno de Silva. His opponent open shoved from the small blind and de Silva woke up with pocket aces and snap-called from the big blind. De Silva revealed his cards, however the dealer misheard the call and accidentally mucked his hand!

The floor was called and there was plenty of confusion. Originally it was ruled that the cards could not be retrieved from the muck, but since the cards were tabled and everyone saw that de Silva had aces, it was ruled that his cards would play, even though they would stay in the muck (with suits to be determined if required), as his opponent showed {Kh}{Qd}. The board was spread {Jc}{3h}{7h}{5d}{Jd} and de Silva was awarded the pot in what would be a crucial ruling for the day's outcome.

De Silva claimed the chip lead with that hand as Andrew Hinrichsen took a late hit. After three players saw a {Jd}{8c}{2h} flop in a raised pot, the action checked to a late position player who tossed out a small bet of 2,000. The small blind folded and Hinrichsen made the call.

The turn was the {5c} and both players checked to see the {5s} hit the river. Hinrichsen fired out 6,000 and his opponent went into tank before making a crying call.

“Good call...” sighed Hinrichsen as he showed {9c}{Tc} for a big missed combo draw, but he somewhat changed his opinion when he was showed {ad}{Kc} for just ace-high!

With those two hands it would be Bruno de Silva who would emerge as the overnight chip leader with 85,275 chips as 40 players survived the day. Others to get through to Day 2 action included Hinrichsen (71,000), Raemin Alexander (70,950), Jonathan Karamalikis (67,425), Nuno de Silva (65,400), Heath Palumbo (64,000), Peter Aristidou (44,525), Dan Neilson (44,400), Matthew Pearson (45,700), Rick Kroesen (40,400), Ben Delaney (28,600) and Steve Topakas (13,500). The full list of chip counts will be available in the PokerNetwork forums shortly.

We’ll do it all again tomorrow from 12:30pm local time from the SKYCITY Casino in Adelaide as the ANZPT continues. See you then!

7:30pm - Tahtouh'd

The Tahtouh/Topakas war was brought to a quick end as their table was broken. Interestingly Tahtouh was part of all three tables that have broken today. Tahtouh joined his new table, looked two to his right and exclaimed "Hey it's Monsterssssssschlong!" as he spotted Jonathan Karamalikis sitting quietly in seat nine.

A few moments later the two players tangled in a huge pot with Tahtouh coming out on the losing end. The action was fast and furious as the two committed their chips on a queen-high flop. Tahtouh had {Qh}{Th} for top pair but Karamalikis revealed the pocket rockets! The board bricked out and Tahtouh was sent packing.

“Oh bad luck Emad!” yelled Topakas from his new home on a nearby table. “Another PokerStars Pro bites the dust...” he added. Meanwhile Karamalikis has moved nicely up to 70,000 chips in a tremendous comeback.

Jonathan Karamalikis

7:15pm - If The Shoe Fits...?

After raising from the button, Steve “Big Show” Topakas made the call when PokerStars Team Australia Pro Emad Tahtouh shoved all in for his last 11,000 from the big blind. Topakas revealed {Jc}{Jd} as Tahtouh was racing with {Ad}{Kh}.

“Can I win a race against the ‘Big Shoe’?” sighed Tahtouh, deliberately mocking the nickname of his opponent.

Tahtouh was calling for an ace but he got something just as good when the board fell {4c}{4s}{3c}{Qd}{Kc} to spike a king on the river for Tahtouh for the double up.

“Hey, it’s the ‘Big Show’ ok?” back-handed Topakas bluntly as he paid off his opponent and slipped to just 8,000 in chips.

Random chip counts with 47 players remaining:

Jonathan Karamalikis – 30,0000
Peter Aristidou – 48,000
Raemin Alexander – 48,000
Rick Kroesen – 37,000
Steve Topakas – 8,000
Emad Tahtouh – 23,000
Ben Delaney – 26,000
Dan Neilson – 25,000
Andrew Hinrichsen – 75,000
Matthew Pearson – 17,000
Nuno de Silva – 70,000
Bruno de Silva – 65,000

6:30pm - Kroesen Finds Ace From Space

A big three-way all-in pot has seen two eliminations and one happy camper with Rick Kroesen earning the spoils and sending Graeme Putt and Robert Spano to the rail.

Kroesen held {Ad}{kd} but would need to improve against Spano’s {Kc}{kh} as Putt was in a world of hurt with his {Ac}{Js}. With Spano chanting for “no ace!” the board was spread {As}{9s}{4d}{8s}{Ah} to give Kroesen the pot as he moves up to 27,000.

Meanwhile another table break has seen Andrew Hinrichsen relocated to the direct right of good friend Matthew Pearson.

“I thought they had a rule that boyfriends aren’t allowed to sit next to each other?” chirped Ben Delaney from the adjacent table.

“Yeh, I could ask the same of you!” retorted Pearson to Delaney who has been sitting to the direct right of Dan Neilson all day. The remainder of the conversation was not suitable for public broadcast!

5:50pm - The Dong Is Back

Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis was down to under 4,000 in chips earlier on today, but has since surged to now be back in contention. We recently caught Karamalikis in a big pot with Robert Goodwin. After firing a bet on the flop, Karamalikis made it 3,700 to play on the turn, before firing another 6,500 on the river on a board of {2d}{3h}{Ks}{4c}{5h}. Goodwin made a big call and Karamalikis revealed {Kc}{Kh} for top set, but he was relieved to find he held the best of it on a scary looking board as Goodwin flashed the {Kd} and mucked. Karamalikis jumped to 35,000 with Goodwin in trouble with around 3,500.

A few minutes later and Goodwin looked down at the {As} and committed his short stack into the middle but ran into an opponent holding {Ac}{Kh}. Goodwin could only squeeze out a {7c} kicker and missed the board to be sent to the rail.

A few tables over and World War III is about to erupt on table five with Steve Topakas and Nuno de Silva still going at it with some firey verbal exchanges. Topakas is rather disgruntled, perhaps it had something to do with crossing the border, but he’ll have to stick around a little while longer as he sits comfortably with around 35,000 chips.

58 players remain in today's flight. We've had word that we currently have 165 registered players, so we're on target to surpass last year's total of 215 entrants and push towards the 250-player mark.

5:15pm - Not a Nice Hand, but a Winning Hand

Catching the action on the turn on a board of {Qs}{7c}{6c}{6s}, Peter Aristidou led out with a bet of 750 into the multi-way pot and found himself one caller, to see the {9s} peel off on the river. Aristidou fired out another 2,500 and his opponent looked him up.

Aristidou tabled an adventurous {5d}{8s} for a rivered straight, as his opponent cringed and flashed {9c}{tc}.

“Nice hand...” sighed the victim.

“I’m not sure it was a nice hand, but it was a winning hand!” defended Aristidou as he moves up over 65,000 chips.

From across the room we received word that PokerStars Team Australia Pro Grant Levy has been eliminated. The details were recalled to us by Levy’s tablemates who advised that Levy shoved preflop over the top of the opening raise of Dean Blatt who made the call with {Ax}{Kx} to have Levy’s {Ax}{Jx} in trouble. Things only got worse for the 2007 APPT Sydney champ as the flop fell {Kx}{Kx}{Jx}. There were no running miracles and Levy was eliminated.

Meanwhile, this morning ANZPT Commissioner Danny McDonagh announced that a new seventh event has been added to the PokerStars.net ANZPT Season 2 schedule, with Canberra Casino coming on board for a brand new event in mid-June. For more information refer to this ANZPT Canberra news item.

4:45pm - A Good Win

Robert Goodwin has found a double up after he committed his last chips on a board of {Kc}{3d}{6s}{9d}. His opponent called with {Qc}{Qd} but Goodwin’s {Ks}{Jd} was in front and maintained the lead on the {7d} river. After a final table in the equivalent Adelaide Championships Main Event in 2007 and a deep run in this event last year, Goodwin will be looking to keep the momentum going as he chips up to 16,000.

A few tables over, the niggle of the “Big Show” Steve Topakas appears to have paid dividends, as he has proudly amassed several of towers of chips to head to the second break of the day with around 30,000 chips. Andrew Hinrichsen is still out in front with around 80,000 chips, with Peter Aristidou carrying his good form from last night’s win in the $1,100 No Limit Holdem event as he was the big mover during that level to now sit with 60,000 chips. 62 players remain.

4:00pm - A Little Niggle

While most of the ANZPT is played in good spirit, there appears to be a little bit of niggle developing on table five. We were informed that Tony Paino was involved in a little verbal warfare following his recent elimination, while we just wandered past to overhear Steve Topakas and Nuno de Silva exchange words.

“You’re really starting to piss me off!” exclaimed de Silva in anger.

Topakas chuckled and replied, “Good. It’s working then...”

Meanwhile Andrew Hinrichsen is still a clear chip leader, and has increased his stack to over 80,000 in the last level or so.

3:15pm - Chip Count Update

A few random chip counts from around the room...

Graeme Putt – 21,000
Grant Levy – 22,000
Peter Aristidou – 35,000
Karl Krautschneider – 17,000
Emad Tahtouh -15,000
Rick Kroesen – 13,000
Andrew Hinrichsen – 65,000
Matthew Pearson – 14,000
Ben Delaney – 25,000
Dan Neilson – 38,000
Raemin Alexander – 22,000
Steve Topakas – 10,000
Jonathan Karamalikis – 8,000

It's just been announced that we have a total of 73 players for today's opening flight with Andrew Hinrichsen still out in front, despite taking a small hit against a short stack. Emad Tahtouh limped from under the gun for 200, before the short stack moved all in for 2,100. Hinrichsen made the call in position as Tahtouh cringed before releasing his hand. Hinrichsen tabled {As}{7s} to be racing against his opponent’s {5c}{5d} before Tahtouh declared that he folded the same hand! With no more fives in the deck, Hinrichsen only had to connect with the board but he missed as it fell {Kc}{8h}{Js}{3d}{9c}.

Meanwhile around the corner at the Adelaide Oval the Windies are five for SFA, and the prop bets are on as to whether the cricket will finish earlier than the poker!

3:00pm - Taking Poker To The Streets...

Ok, so we couldn’t wait any longer to share this classic video with you once again, (and we’ll probably do it a few more times before this event is through!) After all, who could forget the classic characters that we chatted to on the streets of Adelaide at last year’s ANZPT event here. We’re considering venturing into Rundle Mall once again to try and find our good friend Cactus Jack, but since it’s already well into the early afternoon, we suspect he’s probably half way to a coma by now and we don’t have Hux to translate!

After chatting to Cactus Jack last year, we believe it sparked an interest in poker for him and we expect him to pick up a sponsorship deal with PokerStars very shortly.

We present “Taking Poker to the Streets of Adelaide”...



2:30pm - Dong Dented

Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis had a fantastic start to the year with a title at the Aussie Millions, a deep run in the $100,000 Challenge and a plethora of online success that earned him the PokerNetwork Young Gun of the Month award. However his February adventures in his home town of Adelaide are currently hanging by a thread after a big pot just went against him.

Karamalikis moved all in on the turn on a board of {Qh}{Jc}{6h}{8c} with opponent thinking for a brief moment before declaring a call with {Jh}{Js} for a set of jacks as Karamalikis was drawing holding {3c}{6c}. Looking for a river club, it wasn’t to be as the {Ah} fell to leave the “Dong” with only around 3,000 in small change as the players headed to their first break of the day.

1:50pm - A Mountt-ain of an elimination

We’ve lost Danny Mountt during the second level of play which we believe is our first elimination of the day. The chips went into the middle on the turn on the board of {As}{Jc}{Th}{2s}. Mountt tabled two pair with his {Ad}{Td} but his opponent had the nizzles with his {Kx}{Qx} nut-straight well in front. Mount was left needing a repeat on the river but it wasn’t to be as the {6d} landed to leave Mountt crippled and then eliminated a few moments later.

Not long after, we lost another big name with Leo Boxell making an early exit from the SKYCITY Adelaide Poker Zone. Boxell took top two pair into battle but he ran into one opponent holding a set, while Andrew Hinrichsen had turned the wheel straight. The river bricked out as Hichrichsen sent two to the rail to emerge as our early chip leader with a nice triple up. With the craps tables not yet open, Leo has headed out to enjoy the summer sun of Adelaide town.

1:30pm - Who's Here?

As suspected we have eight tables in operation with currently 75 players registered for day 1a of the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event. Some of the notables in attendance today include Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis, Ben “CNT_CRUSHER” Delaney, Grant “Grunter” Levy, Steve “Big Show” Topakas, Raemin “Jake The Moose” Alexander, Matthew “OnMyVPlates” Pearson, Graeme “KiwiG” Putt, Leo “kennl” Boxell and Dan “I Need A Nickname” Neilson. Others still seeking nicknames that are present today include Rick Kroesen, Danny Mountt, Peter Aristidou, Andrew Hinrichsen, Emad Tahtouh and defending champ Karl Krautschneider who must be loving coming back to the tables of Adelaide after already flopping quads in the first level of play!

Two of the more interesting table lineups in action include Alexander, Kroesen, Delaney and Neilson, while Krautschneider sits with Aristidou, Levy and Putt.

In traditional fashion, ANZPT Social Director Danny McDonagh has provided us with an appropriately condensed day, with a post-tournament debrief expected in Hindley Street this evening. We’ll be playing up to seven and a half one-hour levels today, depending on how many players survive the day’s carnage. With a 20,000-chip start bank players are able to enjoy a world-class tournament structure for just a lazy $3k.

12:45pm - Welcome to the ANZPT Adelaide Main Event!

Welcome to the SKYCITY Casino in a warm and sunny Adelaide for the highly anticipated kick off to Season 2 of the PokerStars.net Australia New Zealand Poker Tour. Last year more than 1,300 players were a part of this historic tour as close to $3 million in prize money was shared. This year we are expecting only bigger and better things from this popular tour. New destinations are expected, with Perth already announced, and a big field is on the cards as once again we commence the tour with the historic home of poker in Adelaide.

Since last year, the ANZPT Adelaide series has been expanded with players enjoying a full two weeks of preliminary events and satellites, as the first of three day one flights kicks off today. Defending champ Karl Krautschneider has already been spotted in the house mixing it up on the satellite tables, while the likes of Eric Assadourian, Dan Neilson, Jonathan Karamalikis, Matthew Pearson, Emad Tahtouh, Clonie Gowen, Steve Topakas, Grant Levy and Tony Hachem were all enjoying themselves at the welcome festivities last evening. One player who was still hard at work last night was Peter Aristidou.   Following a deep run in the Aussie Millions Main Event, Aristidou followed up with a win last night in the $1,100 No Limit Holdem event overcoming a field of 52 players.

Dealers are ready and waiting across the 14 tables of the SKYCITY Casino Poker Zone, but early indications are that around 80 or so players will hit the tables this afternoon.

ANZPT Adelaide

Before play kicked off today, ANZPT Commissioner Danny McDonagh had an exciting announcement with a 7th ANZPT event announced for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June. It was announced that Canberra Casino would be added to the tour with a $2,200 event added for June 11th-14th 2010!

The mic was then handed to SKYCITY Adelaide Poker Room Manager Dave Galpin who welcomed the players, before a presentation to ANZPT Player of the Year Tony Hachem who kicked off proceedings with the immortal words “Shuffle Up and Deal!”

Tony Hachem Tony Hachem

PokerNetwork will be on the floor to provide periodical updates throughout the day in this article. It should be an exciting week of poker ahead at the ANZPT Adelaide!

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ANZPT Adelaide Underway! ANZPT Adelaide Underway!

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