ANZPT Queenstown Kicks Off!

Posted at 17:50 2009-07-20
With the drama of the World Series of Poker now done and dusted (until November anyway), our attention shifts back to the local tournament scene where those taking a stray flight from Vegas have found their way to Queenstown in New Zealand for the fourth event on the PokerStars.net Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour.
Queenstown is known as being a small town, that is full of adventure, and the beauty of a card room with only five tables is that the players will get plenty of time away from the felt to enjoy the spoils of what Queenstown has to offer.
The first flight of the ANZPT Queenstown event saw 27 players take to the felt with Kristian Lunardi, Darko Balaban and Ben Barclay joining PokerStars Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem to kick off the event in style.
With only three tables in action, the day was always going to be a short one, with play halted after five one-hour levels of play with 17 players remaining. Tony Hachem had a good day to finish well placed in third chip position.
Here’s the end of day chip counts with Australian PokerStars qualifier, Mark Measey leading the way:
Mark Measey - 58,075
Paul Chisnall - 44,950
Tony Hachem - 39,000
Jerry Calder - 35,425
Kristian Lunardi - 33,300
Darko Balaban - 33,025
Mark Anstey - 30,700
Joel Cohen - 29,700
Ben Barclay - 28,975
Spencer Padway - 25,075
Lyle Smith - 22,925
Ian Hornby - 21,750
Aaron Golledge - 19,850
Rachel Vis - 15,275
John Brugman - 12,575
Damon Lum - 10,725
Richard Lancaster - 2,075


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ANZPT Queenstown Kicks Off! ANZPT Queenstown Kicks Off!

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