ANZPT Sydney - Crocky Leads Charge Into Final Day

Posted at 02:20 2009-05-03

The sun rose, showers were had and breakfast was eaten before 185 players returned to the felt for Day 2 action from the PokerStars ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

With everyone aiming for that elusive final table by the end of days play Tim ‘luckyshades’ Horan, Jeff Lisandro, Narbeh Hovsepian and Andrew Scott were early casualties as Monica Nguyen, Billy ‘the Croc’ Argyros and Matthew ‘londolozi’ Burgoine started to soar up the chip count page. Andrew ‘Adgee’ Jeffreys would scream his trademark ship the justice when his {Qc}{Th} bested two opponents holding {9s}{9h} and {Ks}{Kh} when the board ran out {9c}{8c}{Qs}{Ts}{Qd} to see him soar to over 100,000 in chips.

As a few PokerNetwork Forum regulars fell away including Daren ‘antivirus’ Yoon, Trung ‘DYnaSTyZz’ Tran and Angela ‘LaLa’ Connell, one in particular began to find his feet. Paren ‘Puzz’ Arzoomanian’s turned set of sevens took down the biggest pot of the tournament at the time up against an opponents pair and gutshot-straight draw. Soaring to over 600,000 chips Arzoomanian would soon be joined by 2008 Aussie Millions Final Tablist Peter Ling and Australian Hall of Fame member Billy ‘the Croc’ Argyros.

However previous chip leaders Jai Kemp and Adam Cusenza would be unable to continue their hot day one form as they became another tournament victim along with Ben ‘CNT_CRUSHER’ Delaney, Ray Sukkar, Soren Eriksen, Jimmy Siu and Andrew Jeffreys. Nguyen would double both Burgoine and Ling before just sneaking into the money in 43rd place following Mark Lasarow becoming our bubble boy after being blinded down to be all-in with {Ks}{7c} against Robert Acton {Ks}{Qd} only to see the board fall 10-high.

Local Sydney-siders Antonis ‘Toothpick Tony’ Kambouroglou (35th) and Eric Assadourian (28th) were late eliminations as play was halted for the evening with 26 remaining with Billy ‘the Croc’ Argyros out front with over 850,000 in chips.

Billy Argyros – 853,000
Ben Barclay – 770,000
Majed Haddad – 700,000
Lisa Walsh – 650,000
Peter Ling – 620,000
Paren Arzoomanian – 585,000
Xin Zhao – 537,000
Tony Hachem – 414,000
Danny Joukhader – 412,000
James Newhan – 397,000

With 26 great players remaining including Joel ‘StrongPlay’ Dodds, Andrew Meldrum, Chris Levick and Crown Poker Supervisor Matthew Burgoine – tomorrow will be an intriguing battle as they play down to just one.

Will it be the likes of Argyros, Ling, Hachem or Dodds that take down the title or will it be another no-name to follow in the footsteps of Karl Krautschneider as they are crowned ANZPT Sydney Champion! To catch all the action from every bust-out, double up and Tony Hachem blow-up, make sure to join the PokerNetwork team live from the Star City Poker Room from 12:30pm.

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"The Croc" Leads The Way At The ANZPT Sydney "The Croc" Leads The Way At The ANZPT Sydney

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