APL Wild Turkey Poker Classic Crowns Danny Taylor Champion!

Posted at 01:17 2009-02-16
Day 2 of the APL Wild Turkey Poker Classic saw 244 players return to the felt of the Crown Poker Room as they eagerly hoped to grab a share of the $500,000 prize pool. The top 100 players would walk away with some cash, while more than half would head home empty-handed. They were chasing overnight leader Hany Hannah who headed the field with over 70,000 in chips.
Unlike the play on Day 1, today’s play was full throttle. With plenty of short stacks in the field and ever-growing blinds, the pressure was on the double up or bust. While Day 1 struggled to find clear chip leaders, Day 2 saw many players surge through the field and amass big stacks.
Players were eliminated quickly and by early afternoon we were in the money which was met with a nice round of applause from the room.
As we neared the final table it was the sparkling play of Ken Pattugulan who captured everyone’s attention as he stormed out to a massive chip lead which he was able to carry through until the final table.
In the end Pattugulan’s amazing run ended in third place as Danny Taylor, who had recovered from the short stack of the final table, and Majed Haddad went heads-up for the title.
Taylor continued his momentum to win all fives heads-up hands with the final hand seeing his {6h}{6d}  hold up against the {Tc}{4h} of Haddad when the board ran out {Qc}{Ks}{5d}{4s}{Kc}.
Taylor collects the title, the trophy, a TeamAPL WSOP Package and a handsome $80,000 in prize money for his weekend’s work.
Here the final table results:
1st Danny Taylor - $80,000 (Plus $20,000 TeamAPL WSOP Package)
2nd Majed Haddad - $35,000 (Plus $20,000 TeamAPL WSOP Package)
3rd Ken Pattugulan - $30,000 (Plus $20,000 TeamAPL WSOP Package)
4th David Chambers - $25,000 (Plus $20,000 TeamAPL WSOP Package)
5th Toby Hart - $20,000 (Plus $20,000 TeamAPL WSOP Package)
6th Grant Sales - $16,500
7th Steve Ballard - $14,000
8th Adrian Casey - $12,000
9th Steve Djokic - $10,000
10th Ross Maugeri - $7,500
Congratulations to all of the cash winners! The next major APL event will be the Wild Turkey Grand Slam in August and you can qualify on Full Tilt Poker today!

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Danny Taylor Wins APL Wild Turkey Poker Classic! Danny Taylor Wins APL Wild Turkey Poker Classic!

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