APPT Cebu Main Event: Final Table Set; Jim Collopy Leads

Posted at 09:30 2013-05-05 by Kevin Taylor

After just six levels of play, the final table of the PokerStars.net Asia Pacific Poker Tour Cebu Main Event has been set with Jim Collopy moving up from third place on the overnight leaderboard, to chip leader heading into the final table.

Starting the day with twenty-five players, the action was conservative as we reached the money after three hours of play. Ivan Tan earned himself the title of money-bubble after he moved in with {J-Diamonds}{J-Spades}and was called by Milan Gurung who had {A-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds}. Unfortunately for Tan, the {Q-Clubs} would come on the river to send him to the rail.

Although we hit a slight stall in action at several points, there were times when eliminations occurred at a frantic flurry. Christian Friedrich (20th), Ying Zhao (18th), Lingling Teng (16th), Daniel Francis (13th), Kevin Zhang (12th), Milan Gurung (11th) and Andrei Kaigorodtcev (10th) all fell to the rail just shy of the final table of nine.

1Jae Kyung Sim371,000
2Bawod Hyunshik Yun528,000
3Anthony Wright412,000
4Michael Allmordt34,000
5Daniel Spence450,000
6Magnus Karlsson221,000
7Jim Collopy605,000
8Andrew Nguyen316,000
9Timo Kohijoki148,000

After coming into the day slightly trailing Daniel Spence, Collopy went on an all-out attack, eliminating players at will. He took out Daniel Francis with a rivered straight, and then out-kicked Kevin Zhang when both players moved all in preflop holding and ace. He took out his third player in a row, when he out-flopped Milan Gurung holding {Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts}, when he was up against {A-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}. He quickly moved up to 750,000 in chips, which towered over his nearest rival, before ending the day with 605,000.

Bawod Hyunshik (528,000), Daniel Spence (450,000) and Anthony Wright (412,000) are Collopy's closest rivals with Jae Kyung Sim (371,000) and Andrew Nguyen (316,000) also in contention as the final nine battle it out for the following payouts.

PlacePayout (PHP)Payout (USD)
1stPHP 3,948,000$96,646
2ndPHP 2,538,000$62,130
3rdPHP 1,480,000$36,230
4thPHP 1,128,000$27,613
5thPHP 917,000$22,448
6thPHP 705,000$17,258
7thPHP 564,000$13,807
8thPHP 458,000$11,212
9thPHP 352,920$8,639

Make sure to join the PokerNetwork Live Reporting Team tomorrow from 12:15 pm PHT where we will be providing the exclusive live coverage as we look to crown another champion here in beautiful Cebu, from the magic country of the Philippines!

And just in case you're wondering where these players retreat to after their hard work at the tables...

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