Asian Poker Tour Jeju Proves Popular

Posted at 10:45 2013-02-28 by Matthew Pitt

The Jeju leg of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) looks set to attract a bumper crowd if reports from the APT website are anything to go by.

Anyone checking the APT site looking for information on Jeju is greeted with a notification that all rooms at the Jeju Oriental Hotel that were set aside for APT players at a special raise of USD$88 per night are now completely sold out. The cut price rooms have been snapped up by budget conscious poker players, although there are some competitively priced room at USD$98 and USD118 per night.

The APT Asian Series Jeju 2013 is being run inside the Royal Palace Casino, which is located within the Oriental Hotel in Jeju, Korea. During the eight-day festival there will be an array of poker tournaments taking place, the highlights being the USD$1,000 Main Event that opens its doors on Saturday 2 March, the USD$2,500 High Roller and the $10,600 Super High Roller – both High Roller being sponsored by PokerAce.

APT Asian Series Jeju Schedule

DateTimeTournamentBuy-in (US Dollars)
Wed 27 Feb13:00Welcome to APT (Event #1)$100+$10
Wed 27 Feb19:00Add-On for Charity (Event #2)$100
Thu 28 Feb13:00NLHE Freezeout (Event #3)$200+$20
Thu 28 Feb14:00PokerAce High Rollers Day 1 (Event #4)$2,300+$200
Fri 1 Mar13:00Head Hunter (Event #5)$200+$20
Fri 1 Mar14:00PokerAce High Roller Final Day 
Fri 1 Mar17:00PokerAce Super High Roller Special$10,000+$600
Sat 2 Mar13:00APT Asian Series Jeju Main Event Day 1A$1,000+$100
Sat 2 Mar15:00Freezeout (Event #6)$300+$30
Sat 2 Mar16:00PokerAce Super High Rollers Final 
Sun 3 Mar13:00APT Asian Series Jeju Main Event Day 1B$1,000+$100
Sun 3 Mar15:00Freezeout (Event #7)$400+$40
Sun 3 Mar18:00Deep Stack Turbo (Event #8)$100+$10
Mon 4 Mar13:00APT Asian Series Jeju Main Event Day 2 
Mon 4 Mar15:00Freezeout (Event #9)$500+$50
Mon 4 Mar18:00Deep Stack Turbo (Event #10)$100+$10
Tue 5 Mar13:00APT Asian Series Jeju Main Event Day 3 
Tue 5 Mar15:00Heads-Up 32-Max (Event #11)$500+$50
Tue 5 Mar18:00Deep Stack Turbo (Event #12)$100+$10
Wed 6 Mar13:00Six-Handed (Event #13)$300+$30
Wed 6 Mar15:00APT Asian Series Jeju Main Event Final 8 

According to the frequently asked questions area of the APT Jeju webpage, the minimum age for entering any of the events is 19-year old. Also, the Main Event is expected to attract over 300 runners, but the casino will accept alternates and late entries until the end of the fourth level of play on each starting day.

Everything is pointing towards APT Asian Series Jeju being a spectacular event, good luck to everyone participating in the coming days.

Lead image courtesy of PokerPortal Asia.

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APT Tournament Manager, Jason Morris and President of Royal Palace Casino Jeju, Youn On APT Tournament Manager, Jason Morris and President of Royal Palace Casino Jeju, Youn On

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