Aussie Millions 2008 The Big Names

Posted at 09:00 2007-12-27

Each year, a flood of international poker enthusiasts come to Melbourne. They are the stars of the Poker World and they are here for the Crown Aussie Millions, one of the world’s biggest events. 2008 will be no exception. There is upwards of AUD15 million maybe up for grabs.
Looking back over the years, the play from these guys and gals has been just sensational. They are the makings of poker legends, one and all. We hope they are all here again in 2008.
I guess no one will know for sure who is coming till they sign in but the following look good for a start
Joe ‘Hash’ Hachem Aus USD10.506 million
Paul ‘Kwick Fish’ Wasicka USA USD7.507million
John ‘JJ’ Juanda USA USD6.894 million
Dan Harrington USA USD6.545 million
Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson USA USD5.910 million
Eric ‘E Dog’ Lindgren USA USD5.627 million
Hassem ‘Freddy’ Deeb USA USD5.500 million
Gus ‘Great Dane’ HansenDenmarkUSD5.053million
Dewey Tomko USA USD4.848million
Annie Duke USA USD3.477 million
Hoyt Corkins USA USD3.280 million
Mike Sexton USA USD3.240 million
Mel ‘Silver Fox’ Judah Aus USD3.010 million
Kirk ‘Captain’ Morrison NZ USD2.881 million
Antonio Esfandiari US USD2.790 million
Jeff ‘Iceman’ Lisandro Aus/It USD2.684million
Alexander Kravchenko USD2.460 million
Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga USD2.190 million
Harry Demetriou UK USD2.100 million
Lee ‘Final Table’ Nelson NZ USD2.041 million
Jennifer Harman USA USD1.780 million
Joe Sebok USA USD1.481million
Willie Tann UK USD1.351million
Phil ‘Unabomber’ Laak USA USD1.273 million
Mark ‘Pokerbok’ Vos Aus USD1.119 million
Dan Alspach USA USD1.103million
Grant Levy Aus: nearly there in his first year.
You would think that one of these would be certain to win?
Think again. The Aussie Millions is always up for grabs to the player with the biggest heart and the biggest beat. The unknown satellite winner has a real chance against the world’s best. Just have a look at last year's final table.

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