Aussie Millions 2008 The Ladies

Posted at 09:00 2007-12-27

There is a considerable roundup of local and international women players for this event and none are without a chance in the Big Event Crown Aussie Millions. They will add charm and excitement to this major Poker event. Maybe a first up final table?
Not sure who will start at this stage but the following look likely
From the Australians we have
Marsha Waggoner USA/Aus USD801K (POY 1980 onwards)
Sarah Bilney Aus USD232K (POY 2005)
Angela Italiano Aus USD78K (POY 2006)
Tanya Hill Aus USD30K (POY 2007)
From the internationals
Annie Duke USA USD3.477M
Jennifer Harman USA USD1.780M
Anna Wroblewski USA USD 728K
Isabelle Mercier Can USD631K
JJ Liu USA And celebrities
Jennifer Tilly - USA USD390K
Shannon Elizabeth – USA USD135K

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