Aussie Millions Day 7: H.O.R.S.E Event Goes To South African Rookie

Posted at 11:45 2009-01-16
A total of 96 runners started the H.O.R.S.E tournament at this year’s 2009 Aussie Millions Poker Championship and the final eight returned today for the conclusion of the event. Of the pack, overnight chip leader Van Marcus looked set to take down his second major live tournament but was faced with a highly competitive table. The table started out as:
Seat 1: Joe Meissner (43,000)
Seat 2: Jarred Solomon (65,000)
Seat 3: Van Marcus (123,500)
Seat 4: Leo Boxell (104,500)
Seat 5: David Morton (38,500)
Seat 6: Michael Guzzardi (98,000)
Seat 7: Kerry Stead (81,000)
Seat 8: Anthony McNamara (34,500)
Leo Boxell was the first player to be eliminated from the group, and was taken out by Michael Guzzardi in a hand of Stud Hi/Lo.
After Michael Guzzardi brought it in with the {2c} and Van Marcus completed the {6s}, Boxell called with the {jh}. Guzzardi also called.
Boxell led out fourth street when he caught the {Ts}. Guzzardi, with the {7h}, was the only caller. On fifth street the rest of Boxell's chips went in and the hands were opened.
Guzzardi: ({Ah}{Ac}) {2c}{7d}{Tc}
Boxell: ({Ks}{Kh}) {Jh}{Ts}{8h}
It was bad luck for Boxell, as his buried kings ran into Guzzardi's buried aces. Boxell had no low draw; he would need another king or another pair to live on. Sixth street came good for Guzzardi, as the {2d} gave him aces and deuces, and a brick for Boxell, the {4s}. Down the river, only a king could save Boxell. He did not get it. The king went to Guzzardi, {kc}, against Boxell's {2h}.
Joe Meissner was the next to go. His final hand was in Hold’em. He was dealt {Ad}{Kh} and raised preflop. Michael Guzzardi called from the button with {6d}{6c}. Meissner checked-called a bet on the flop of {3d}{3c}{Ts}, then check-raised all in for 16,000 when the turn fell {5d}. He was not able to shake Guzzardi, who made the call. The river fell {4c} to send Meissner to the rail to collect AU$6,370 for his sixth-place finish.
Anthony McNamara finished fifth right after the break at a new level. His last hand came in Omaha Hi/Lo. McNamara was in early position and raised with big stacks in Van Marcus and Michael Guzzardi both calling that bet. They then called McNamara’s last 3,000 on the flop and checked the hand down. The final board came {3c}{3h}{2s}{6h}{7c}. Marcus showed {Ah}{2c}{5c}{Qd} for the second-nut low; Guzzardi showed {Qc}{Qs}{5s}{9c} for two pair, queens and threes. McNamara's {As}{Kh}{2d}{6d} was not good enough for either half of the pot. He collecting AU$8,330 for his fifth place finish.
At this point in time it was clearly a game between Solomon, Guzzardi and Marcus. They jostled for the chip lead and were not showing any signs of backing away from any fight.
Michael Guzzardi was next to be eliminated in fourth place. He was all in and his final Stud Hi/Lo hand read out as ({Ad}{Jc}) {4d}{Kc}{9c}{3s} ({Tc}). With no pair whatsoever, Solomon took his last chips with a pair of fours. Guzzardi has run well at this year’s Aussie Millions with his second final table finish. His fourth place earned him $10,290.
The chip counts after Guzzardi was eliminated stood at:
Jarred Solomon - 345,000
Van Marcus - 193,000
Kerry Stead - 59,000
Kerry Stead was the next player eliminated in third place. He could not make the giant comeback needed to match it with the two big stacks and was taken out by Solomon. 
In his final Omaha Hi/Lo hand Stead was called all in on the turn with {Ac}{Jd}{Ts}{4d}. Solomon showed {Ac}{3c}{9d}{7d} on a board of {8h}{Th}{9h}{6c}.  Stead was behind with his straight draw, with Solomon already hitting the straight and also having a qualifying low hand. The river {2s} sent Stead to the rail with a cheque of $15,190.
The final hand of the tournament came after one hour and forty-five minutes of play and after the chip lead had been exchanged four times between the combatants. The final hand came on Omaha Hi/Lo. On a flop of {5c}{7h}{3h} Marcus check-called Solomon’s 16,000 chip bet before the turn of the {Td} landed. Marcus led for 32,000 Solomon re-raised and Marcus moved all in with Solomon calling.
Solomon: {2d}{4h}{7c}{Qc}
Marcus: {8h}{8c}{2s}{6s}
Solomon had the low hand locked and had outs for the high hand and when {6h} on the river it gave Solomon the straight to scoop the pot. Marcus exited with $20,580.
Jarred Solomon played very well throughout the tournament and came back from a near elimination during the heads up play. He takes home the sixth gold ring of this year’s Aussie Millions.
Across the room, the $1,150 No Limit Hold’em with Rebuys event promised an interesting affair with many internationals and local pros registering to play the event. For the international brigade we had Alexander Kostritsyn, Annette Obrestad, Ivan Demidov, Kelly Kim, Neil Channing and Michael "Timex" McDonald attending. On the local front, Jeff Lisandro, Garry Benson, Sam Youssef, Eric Assadourian, Grant Levy, Josh “JJProdigy” Field, Ben Delaney and Tony Dunst were attending.
The event started with it usual madness with many players exceeding their own rebuy limit early on and sending themselves to the rail. With plenty of gambling and shoving, the players who had come with deeper pockets were able to last longer than the less prepared. The very simple formula to follow in rebuys is to gamble as much as you can to have the biggest stack! After the rebuy period was over, the prize pool grew to a very respectable $583,000 from 457 rebuys and 126 entrants, with first place set to pocket $160,326.
Play finally played down to the final nine with the following players returning on Day 8 of the Aussie Millions to play out the final table.
Seat 1: Sorel Mizzi (131,200)
Seat 2: Clark Hamagami (95,700)
Seat 3: Tony Dunst (120,900)
Seat 4: Mark Kassis (124,200)
Seat 5: Rayan Nathan (38,700)
Seat 6: Larry Karambis (79,900)
Seat 7: Jonathan Karamalikis (153,000)
Seat 8: Richard Ashby (83,400)
Seat 9: Peter Rho (49.400)
The final table shapes up as an interesting duel between some of the World’s best internet pros. Stay tuned to PokerNetwork for further updates from the 2009 Aussie Millions.


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Jarred Solomon Wins H.O.R.S.E Event! Jarred Solomon Wins H.O.R.S.E Event!

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