Aussie Millions Reaches The Final 18

Posted at 02:15 2010-01-29

The Aussie Millions Main Event is getting to the pointy end of proceedings and the atmosphere in the Crown Poker Room is at fever pitch with throngs of fans on the rails cheering on their buddies and thousands more at home following the live updates on PokerNews and PokerNetwork.

After the field was reduced to just 83 players yesterday there were always going to be a few anxious moments on Day 3 as eleven players were going to go home with nothing but a story to tell as only the top 72 players would finish in profit. Play was very careful and the bubble was a rather drawn out affair as to be expected. Some of those falling early included Howard Lederer, Barny Boatman and Jackie Glazier, but the biggest hard luck story belongs to bubble boy Joseph Sevian.

Holding {Ks}{Kc}, Sevian reluctantly committed his last chips preflop but ran into Peter Jetten’s {Ad}{Ac}. It was a classic cooler but Sevian was given life on the {Kh}{Td}{6d} flop as he spiked a set of kings to take the lead. The {Jc} on the turn gave Jetten some additional straight outs, but the poker room let out a roar as the {Ah} hit on the river to award the pot to Jetten and leave Sevian with head in his hands in shock.

From there the players dropped away regularly with some of those to cash including Ben Delaney (62nd), Van Marcus (60th), Marsha Waggoner (59th), Barry Greenstein (50th), William Skountzos (47th), Billy Seri (45th), John Dalessandri (40th) and Aleks Brkovic who departed in 37th on the stroke of dinner as the players relocated to Studio 3 and redrew for the final six tables of six players.

As the night drew on the goal was to play five levels for the day or until we reached 18 players, whichever was reached first. With the short stacks of Joel Dodds and Steve Topakas nitting it up for dear life, it was always going to be tough to reach the final 18 tonight but indeed with about 11 minutes on the clock the final 18 was reached.

Dodds and Topakas did indeed reach the final three tables but those that busted in the night session included Peter Aristidou (33rd), Ben Savage in (27th) , Andrew Feldman (24th) and 2007 Aussie Millions Gus Hansen in 23rd place.

When David Frieling fell in 19th place the players bagged and tagged for the evening set to return tomorrow to play it down until the final table is reached. Kosmas Dratsas is our chip leader but a few sharks are lurking close behind including Annette Obrestad, Sorel Mizzi, Dan Shak and Elliot Smith.

Here’s how they will lineup tomorrow:

Kosmas Dratsas - 1,792,000
Annette Obrestad - 1,711,000
Sorel Mizzi - 1,695,000
Jurgen Wenigwieser - 1,626,000
Stephen Shelley - 1,241,000
Dan Shak - 1,144,000
Frederik Jensen - 1,144,000
Tyron Krost - 953,000
Jens Kerper - 886,000
Peter Jetten - 642,000
Steven Friedlander - 494,000
Elliot Smith - 334,000
Pierre Aoukar - 310,000
Jessica Dawley - 295,000
Joel Dodds - 242,000
Steve Topakas - 191,000
Fouad Chaptini - 183,000
Kosta Varoxis - 183,000

Play recommences at 12:30pm tomorrow and you can follow all the live action on PokerNews.com or in person at Studio 3 of the Crown Casino!

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Joseph Sevian, the victim of a brutally memorable bubble Joseph Sevian, the victim of a brutally memorable bubble

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