Aussies Online: Everything Old is New Again

Posted at 18:09 2011-02-01

While the old school grinders may have been in vogue at the Aussie Millions, January was still a good month for Australia’s online contingent. The January scores were helped along just a little on the final Monday of the month.

The rush was led by Kris ‘ibluffheaps’ Cunz who enters the Aussie Top Ten on the back of a career best $82,020 score in the $150,000 guaranteed on Full Tilt Poker. The score catapulted Cunz to the mantle of top scoring Aussie in January after grabbing a total of $127,220 in cash during the month.

While Cunz scooped the vast majority of his earnings on a single score, the opposite was true of Ben ‘Barcs69’ Barclay who cashed 133 times on his way to $107,934. None of his cashes reached the five-figure mark, but when you can play volume and strike regularly, the big scores only serve to add to the cash scored on consistency. Barclay is ranked 12th in the nation at the moment.

Also finishing the month strong was Dubbo’s Bradley ‘BaZa88’ Bower who completed an amazing back-to-back winning performance in the Full Tilt Poker Multi-Fifty on Monday. A week ago on Monday, Bower was able to hit $31,807 for his win in the tournament, before returning to the same tournament a week later and adding a further $29,272.

Old school and online don’t really go together, but on experience alone Steve ‘StevoL’ Leonard ranks as a veteran of the Aussie online scene. While the old school guys like Dave Gorr and Leo Boxell ripped it up at the Aussie Millions, Leonard struck one for the old guard online as he took out $93,385 for the month. Making his feat super impressive though, was the fact that he only played half of the month. Leonard’s first score for the month came on January 17 and from that time he finished in the money 16 times with three of them being for five figures. Leonard’s big victory came on UB in a $150,000 guaranteed tournament where he walked away with $46,110. There was also the $215 double chance on PokerStars which he took down for $12,255 and a third in the Party Poker 100k High Roller for $10,150. Had Leonard been able to finish in higher in the most recent PokerStars Sunday Million, where he bubbled the final table in 10th place for $9,353, Leonard would have  seen a quarter of his cashes for the month finish in the five figure range.

There is movement at the top of the Aussie rankings, with David ‘dasve798111’ Allan turning in another consistent month and pushing up to 2nd in the Australian top ten. Allan cashed 80 times and earned $78,702 for the month. There would also be good results for Stewart ‘juzlearnin’ Scott who won a total of $76,852 with three five figure results, including a final table in yesterday’s Full Tilt Sunday Mulligan where 8th place was good for $10,326. While Sam ‘MILF ISLAND’ Rotar ($67,304) and Liam ‘RAWKZ’ O'Rourke ($65,250) also deserve a mention for their efforts during the month.

Despite another month of great results by the Aussies, only one Australian player currently ranks in the world top 100 online. That player is Australian top ranked Brendon ‘Brendooor’ Rubie who holds the 45th position in the world at the moment. David Allan is 2nd in the Australian rankings, while Tom ‘Tollgate’ Grigg is in 3rd place. Liam O’Rourke and Jonathan ‘xMONSTERxDONGx’ Karamalikis round out the top five.

With the FTOPS series at Full Tilt Poker set to consume many online grinders during February, we look forward to seeing plenty of big online scores once again heading down under.

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Kris ‘ibluffheaps’ Cunz lead the way for Aussies online during the month of January Kris ‘ibluffheaps’ Cunz lead the way for Aussies online during the month of January

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