Aussies Online: Rawkz Rolls His Way To Triple Crown

Posted at 00:32 2010-10-26

With the start of the week bringing about a Triple Crown victory for Liam ‘RAWKZ’ O’Rourke, the rest of the Aussie grinder army would be hard pressed not to fall into the shadows of those huge results.

As reported on PokerNetwork, last week saw RAWKZ take down the Full Tilt Poker ‘Fifty-Fifty’ ($4,425). Just a few days later another victory would come, this time on PokerStars in the $44 6-max event for a nice $4,260. RAWKZ would need another victory on one more site, other than Stars or Tilt, to secure the Triple Crown. Before he had the chance to do that, O’Rourke was busy on Full Tilt taking down the biggest score of his career, beating out a field of 4,366 to take home $20,747. It would then take just two more days for Rawkz to claim his title as a “titan” of online poker, and as such it was only poetic that it was done so on Titan Poker in the $25,000 guaranteed with rebuys, for $7,546.

And with that, on the sixth day, RAWKZ took hold of the crown that was rightfully his and immortalized himself as a star of Aussie online poker.

It would be tough for another Aussie to put up any comparable results, but Sal “ugritaly’ Fazzino may have come closest to accomplishing just that.

Early in the week would see Fazzino take down the Full Tilt ‘Turbo Hundo’ ($4,425) and the PokerStars ‘$109 rebuy $75,000 guaranteed’ for a handsome $17,835. Later in the week saw Fazzino put on a slew of third place finishes with scores of $6,858 and $4,680 in the PokerStars ‘$55 $50,000 guaranteed’ and the PokerStars ‘$109 $30,000 guaranteed’ respectively.

It would be a third place in the $109 1-rebuy, 1 add-on, event on PokerStars that would bring about Fazzino’s biggest score of the week. The tournament featured a $45,000 guarantee but typical to a jam-packed Sunday on Stars that amount would be eclipsed, with a prize-pool of over $230,000 up for grabs. Fazzino walked away with a massive $22,963 after a slow few months and brought his October winnings to well over $60,000.

After a quiet start to October, Liam Moffett, better known by his online handle “moffo47”, finished off this week with the biggest online score of his career. The event was the $150,000 guarantee on Full Tilt and a third place finish would be good for a hefty $26,891. All in a day’s work!

Although he took down no life-changing scores, a consistent run of wins and deep runs for David ‘dasve798111’ Allen would see a rise up in the Australian rankings and a big week for the Sydney grinder. The 19th of October would see Allen take down the $33 rebuy 6-max event on Stars ($4,364), only to see a victory in the very same event just 5 days later for $5,887. Allen rounded the week up with two more victories and two other deep runs to bring his weeks tally to over $30,000 for the week.

Some proven names and familiar faces were among the honourable mentions this week with Jay ‘Seabeast’ Kinkade taking down the Full Tilt $40,000 guarantee ($12,996). Brendon ‘Brendooor’ Rubie made deep runs on Full Tilt over the weekend, both in the Turbo $50,000 guarantee ($3,271) and the $75,000 guarantee ($7,332). Trung ‘dynasty33’ Tran also found some form this week, taking down the $25,000 ‘Super-Stack’ on Full Tilt ($17,088).

With such a big week for the Australian online scene, it’s hard to imagine that it can be topped next week, but with the FTOPS just around the corner and the crazy rollercoaster that is online MTTs, be prepared to open up that imagination!

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Ship the triple crown to Rawkz! Ship the triple crown to Rawkz!

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