Aussies At The 2011 WCOOP: The Early Days

Posted at 09:41 2011-09-09

The 2011 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is well underway, and the Australian army of online poker players have already begun to make their mark at the virtual felt, with three big scores coming in just as many days.

While there would be little Aussie success in the first three events of the WCOOP, it was “bratpack1979” who would become the first local WCOOP bracelet winner of 2011.

There were 1696 players that bratpack1979 had to contend with and after over 15 hours of play in the $320 Omaha event, the victory and US$83,518 in cash would be sent to Australian soil.

WCOOP 04- $320 Pot Limit Omaha Results
1st -- bratpack1979 (Australia) ($83,518.08)
2nd -- Gakn29 ($61,092)
3rd -- gillete ($45,819)
4th -- TuggiGumma ($34,109.70)
5th -- Jonny White1 ($24,182.25)
6th -- Jamie_KK ($19,091.25)
7th -- steve66sp ($14,000.25)
8th -- Mazelucky ($8,909.25)
9th -- Dadddddymufff ($5,091)

It was in the very next event that an Australian player would again be dominating the felt, this time with a big finish coming in the $320 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max Shootout event. Sal “ugritaly’ Fazzino was the one Australian player of the remaining 6 who managed to weave their way through three shootout rounds before finding themselves at a final table.

When play reached the last round, the remaining players paused the tournament and got into a discussion before deciding that they had all got to the final table by winning three shootouts rounds and as such, all eventually agreed to a six-way deal.

The end of Fazzino’s chances at a WCOOP bracelet began when a slew of raises and re-raises saw Fazzino move his stack all-in preflop holding {ac}{qd} and running into the {ad}{ah} of “nordlending”. No help came for Fazinno and he would have to be content with his solid third place finish.

WCOOP 05- $320 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout, 6-max Results (*denotes deal)
1st: Mossop7 ($50,328.60)*
2nd: nordlending ($38,000)*
3rd: Sal “ugritaly” Fazzino (Australia) ($32,000)*
4th: Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki ($28,000)*
5th: Juecksel ($24,000)*
6th: 1_conor_b_1 ($20,000)*

A couple of familiar names could be seen on the final table of the sixth event at the WCOOP, with Jonathan “MONSTER_DONG” Karamalikis and Daniel “ShippityShip” Neilson dominating the $215+Rebuys Turbo event.

The 1589 entries in event six made for a prizepool of over a million dollars and it only took a little over four hours to crown the victor. When Neilson got out of the way in seventh place, the road to victory was left for Karamalikis, but it would be a road that would prove to be a bumpy one.

As the saying goes it only takes a “chip and a chair” to win a poker tournament and if that wasn’t true before, it certainly is now, with Karamalikis managing to weave his way to the $179,569 first prize after slipping to less than one big blind when play was down to six-handed. 

By the time Karamalikis managed a couple of double-ups it was total domination, as the opposition fell to the rail in quick succession, eventually leaving Karamalikis to fight it out against lone survivor, “medmar”. The Heads-up battle wouldn’t last long and when all the chips were in the middle with Karamalikis holding {ac}{td} against the {kc}{8d} of medmar, it was all over and another Aussie WCOOP champion was crowned in 2011.

WCOOP 06- $215+Rebuys Turbo No Limit Hold’em
1st: MONSTER_DONG (Australia)- $179,569.13
2nd: medmar - $131,352
3rd: lotos64 - $98,514
4th: filfedra  - $73,338.20
5th: Iftarii - $51,993.50
6th: gp18089- $41,047.50
7th: ShippityShip (Australia) - $30,101.50
8th: FrankThomas8 - $19,155.50
9th: 4kinghellll - $10,946


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