Aussies Online: A Tough Day at the Office

Posted at 06:57 2010-04-20 A day of Heartbreak. That’s how online poker phenomenon Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis described the online tournament scene today. It’s a sentiment that appears to be shared by the rest of the Australian Poker Community. Both PokerStars and Full Tilt’s Tournament winners’ lists were completely baron of Australian names. Only two Australians have made significant cashes in any of the Majors on these sites this week. ‘chickface’ finished 15th in the Full Tilt Poker $530 buy-in $1 Million guarantee tournament picking up a handsome $7,882.50 for his trouble with any luck he can improve on this tremendous feat next week and find himself final table bound. The other major cash came from Jonathan Karamalikis who interestingly also finished 15th, this time in the PokerStars Sunday Second Chance for $2,238. Whilst being happy for any winnings Karamalikis was frustrated as he could have won more. Just a day earlier he had been on the verge of some deep runs, before it turned it ‘one of those days’. “You know those days where you have like a million prospects and you are deep in a whole lot of them but then you end up just getting only min-cashes?” Karamalikis asked. “Well today was just like that.” “xMONSTERxDONGx” is now a Red Pro on Full Tilt, that doesn’t just happen overnight. He has played a lot of heart breaking sessions just like today and knows it is important to avoid tilting away more than you should. “I remember when I first started playing that I used to get angry and smash everything in sight,” he told PokerNetwork. “Now I have realised that it is important to stay calm and focus on what I am doing. Although don’t get me wrong, I still get in the occasional chair throw every now and then.” Chairs would have been thrown all around the country today with Australians failing to take home any other decent scores. Dean ‘dinhjo’ Nyberg is another one of Australia’s premier tournament players. PokerNetwork asked him about the Aussie form slump to see if we could find some answers. “Farked if I know kid,” was how Nyberg responded. It seems that this lack of results is puzzling everyone. Perhaps it has something to do with the ANZPT currently being held at Sydney’s glorious Star City Casino? This event certainly has poker players from all over the continents attention. Many of our top poker players are there and focussing on making the Sydney ANZPT crown their own and you can find out who will capture the glory through the Poker Network Live Reporting Team. The Main Event starts in Sydney today. Whatever the reason here is hoping that Aussie fighting spirit can shine through and send many more cashes our way next week. PokerStars Sunday Million Buy-in: $200 + $15 Prize Pool: $1,692,800 Entrants: 8,464 1. speedy0308- $249,015.29 2. KenshoSatori-$181,976.00 3. playerscard-$126,960.00 4. elitelive-$84,640.00 5. fivetenatrad-$67,712.00 6. BossWife-$50,784.00 7. Allinwithda...-$33,856.00 8. Schukie-$18,620.80 9. KingBalls123-13,119.20 PokerStars Sunday 500 Buy-in: $500 + $30 Prize Pool: $503,000 Entrants: 1,006 1. ImDaNuts-$87,924.40 2. DRKP-$63,881.00 3. DonkCommitted-$47,785.00 4. msusyr24-$35,713.00 5. chunmin-$25,150.00 6. tEh_R3aLde4L-$20,120.00 7. FatsoFat6969-$15,090.00 8. Razorbacker7-$10,060.00 9. Paultar-$5784.50 Full Tilt $1 Million Guarantee Buy-in: $500 + $30 Prize Pool: $1,050,000 Entrants: 2,102 1. Elmastermind-$193,384.00 2. gYPSYtearss-$118,763.00 3. THE UTE-$77,774.00 4. Shovestoof-$62,009.00 5. kda281101-$47,295.00 6. DuckU-$33,842.20 7. Pbdrunks-$24,689.50 8. John_the_main-$19,443.50 9. Aabomb09-$14,714.00

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Tough week for the Aussie Online scene Tough week for the Aussie Online scene

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