Aussies Online: Binking Benjis PokerNetwork Style

Posted at 13:07 2010-03-30

Tournaments can be an exercise in frustration, with epic amounts of volume to waiting for your moment to run deep. Of course when it all comes together, there are few things that can top the indestructible feeling of running and playing good, while banking fat tourney scores.

A group of PokerNetworker’s helped to boost the Australian economy this week by shipping plenty of American donk dollars down under.

While a lot of us dream about pocketing six-figures a year in our day jobs, Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis banked an incredible $117,739 this week alone, after catching fire at the tables (not in the Tony Dunst birthday celebration way). The ‘Dong’ rocked out a sick score in the PokerStars Super Tuesday earlier in the week for a runner-up finish that earned him $60,847. He then followed that up with a Monday major encore worth $25,830 for a second place at Ultimate Bet. In between those scores he accumulated seven final tables, as well as a whole swag of cashes. His monster week has him sitting at his highest ranking in a while at 2nd in Australia and on the verge of reclaiming his place in the world top 100.

Also partaking in the Monday madness was Hugh “Jackovich” Cohen who had yet another deep run in his favourite tournament. Cohen’s strike rate in the Titan Poker 250k Guaranteed is phenomenal. He wasn’t able to add a third victory in the space of six months, but he did get fourth for $15,000. If he runs anymore consistently in the event, it may be cheaper for Titan Poker to just put him on the payroll.

It would also be a good day for PokerNetworker “Rawkz” who chalked up his second win of the week, shipping $7,555 with his victory in the PokerStars $11 rebuy. That was the icing on a week that saw him pick up $13,591, including on Tuesday that earned him $3,045 in the PokerStars $10,000 guaranteed.

In between crushing fools on the felt, Ben “CNT_Crusher” Delaney found time to check in with the PokerNetwork Podcast for a chat. Australia’s top ranked player had a handy week with five final table appearances adding $37,335 to his roll, and giving him a little bit of breathing room at the top, as he looks to fight off the South Australian challenge (xMONSTERxDONGx and Andy McLeod) at the top of the Australian rankings.

While the PokerNetwork scores were everywhere, one has to get a special mention. Congratulations goes to Benn “Risk2DUpside” Skender who earned one of his biggest scores of 2010 during the week. Risk who is an active gogogo thread poster (and more importantly gogogo girl provider) finally got paid some of his hard-earned good karma with a win in the “Nightly Seventy Grand” on PokerStars. The victory earned him $12,824.

Yet another busy week of big tourney action is in the books, of course the great thing is that the action never stops. Hope you bink a big one this week!

PokerStars Sunday Million
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Prize Pool: $1,874,200
Entrants: 9,371

1. tony6733 - $267,640.62
2. He1en ke11er - $196,791
3. kvnok88 - $139,534.19
4. Galgeberg - $93,710
5. goldfing - $74,958
6. VTA09 - $56,226
7. Peetoon - $37,484
8. tinyeyez - $20,616.20
9. Matt "cwp394" Ross - $13,119.40

Full Tilt $750,000 Guarantee
Buy-in: $200 + $16
Prize Pool: $801,200
Entrants: 4,006

*1. BOOP BOOP NEB - $113,270.20
*2. Sebago2811 - $104,217.87
*3. Tim "timmihendrix" Sattler - $65,728.12
4. Tom "werpennstate23" Cummings - $44,066
5. finker216 - $33,089.56
6. Stefan Rapp - $24,516.72
7. Steve "kunkles27" Bartlett - $18,427.60
8. Greg "gregior" Howard - $14,421.60
9. Annetta-86 - $10,736.08

*denotes three-handed deal

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Aussies continue to perform well on the virtual felt Aussies continue to perform well on the virtual felt

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