Aussies Online: Brendooor and Berky Bank Some Cash

Posted at 23:53 2010-12-13

With Jonathan ‘xMONSTERxDONGx’ Karamalikis’ big victory in the APPT Grand Final last night a large percentage of the Australian online poker community (those in Sydney at least) could be forgiven for not turning up to work today, or at the very least performing their job at a sub-standard level!

We would have loved to have brought you Bob Hawke’s most shining moment in office – the 1983 quote about any boss sacking their employees for turning up to work late the day after the America’s cup win being a mug – but YouTube seems to have consigned that one to the history books.

Not everyone was shirking on the Monday money making opportunity with Brendon ‘Brendooor’ Rubie and Aleks 'Banana Thief' Brkovic both making some bank.

While Karamalikis took down a big live circuit victory last night, Rubie continues to dominate the online leaderboard by adding to his lead at the top of the rankings via a win in the Sunday Special Daily Ninety Grand. Rubie had to beat out the 6,922 player field to win $42,570 from the $346,100 that was in the prizepool. The victory continues another impressive week for Australia’s top ranked online player after he also managed a fifth place finish in the Party Poker $100,000 guaranteed tournament for $6,800.

Aleks Brkovic had a near miss in the biggest weekly tournament online. The Sunday Million is one of the higher profile online tournaments and while they all tend to look alike when your multi-tabling them, there is just something a little bit special about the marquee weekly major on PokerStars. Brkovic was on track to write himself into history next to Max ‘s0stndrd’ Veenhuyzen as a past Australian winner of the Sunday Million, after weaving his way onto the final table of the event. However Brkovic had to be content with a seventh place finish for $33,112 in cash. The Australian was eliminated by eventual champion ‘Troopaloop10’ after a short-stacked Brkovic had open-shoved {Ad}{Qc} and found himself in a good position up against {Qh}{Jh} only for his opponent to flop the heart flush draw and complete it on the turn.

Overall it was another great week for Australians in the online game. If you know of any big results by Aussie players during the week, don’t forget to let us know in the PokerNetwork forums by creating a gogogogo thread – a special thanks to JoeyDel and BubbleBoy for keeping us up to date on the two big scores this week!

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Brendooor and Berky raked in the big scores for the Aussies online Brendooor and Berky raked in the big scores for the Aussies online

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