Aussies Online: Kinkade, Obst, Delaney & Voegele SCOOP Success!

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May 18 2010

Written to Australian poker news by Duff85

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"Aussies dominant in PokerStars SCOOP series!"
May 18, 2010

Dan Marino, Adam Scott, Andrew Ettingshausen, and coming soon LeBron James. Welcome to the hall of fame for second best. That’s right, guys at the top of their sports (well maybe Scott is stretching it) who never won a big one. Be it a major, grand slam, grand final or even grand salami, these guys achieved it all, except for IT!

There was a time Jay “Seabeast” Kinkade would have been right at home on that list. For what seemed like an eternity Kinkade had dominated the Australian leaderboard as the top ranked player on the back of a sickening grinding schedule. He was a man possessed, but he was also luckless when it came to binking the big online score.

On the live poker trail he took down the Victorian Championships for six figures and a trophy, but still the big online score eluded him. May 2009 brought some joy with a $50,000 victory in the Sunday Mulligan.

Well if fifty grand was the drought broken, someone better call Noah, because we’re going to need an ark over here. Last week while LeBron James was busy exiting the NBA playoffs stage left, and Adam Scott was winning something that wasn’t a major, Australia’s best semi-retired poker player was scooping $205,110.

The $1,050 rebuy put the claret in nose bleed stakes, but Kinkade anted up along with some of the world’s best online players. At the end of it all he would be the only player left with a stack. Kinkade’s win is one of the biggest by any Australian online and rates up there alongside the two Aussie victories in the Sunday Million.

Elsewhere James “AndyMcLEOD” Obst showed his adept skill at the stud variants of poker, by scoring a big runner-up finish in the $2,100 buyin High Stakes HORSE. Remarkably it was Obst’s third SCOOP final table for the week, with two finals in the low stakes series combining for $53,440 in SCOOP glory. He remains Australia’s top player in the big online tournament with unparalleled success in both the SCOOP and FTOPS series.

It was heritage week in the NRL, and possibly in Australian online poker as well, with a few other blasts from the past making some noise. Fresh off the boat back in America, Tony “Bond18” Dunst final tabled the Full Tilt Poker $750,000 guaranteed and went home with $23,025 in pocket change. While Steve “StevoL” Leonard continued his blistering comeback with a $14,437 win in the Party Poker $50,000 guaranteed.

Also on Full Tilt, Callum “c-biz-kid” Ford landed 4th place in the Mini-FTOPS Main Event for a collect of $52,401 for just a $75 investment in a field of 14,396 players!

Just when you thought we couldn’t fit anymore Aussie results into one week we had Ben “Delaney_Kid” Delaney and Octavian “888_OCTV” Voegele both alive after day one of the PokerStars SCOOP Main Events.

Delaney ended up with a 9th and 10th place finish in the High and Medium Main Events for over $115,000 in cash while Voegele fought his way into 4th place in the Medium Main Event for a whopping $211,312.

What a week on the felt! The Aussies are showing the world how it’s done with some incredible results during the PokerStars SCOOP series. Bring on the Full Tilt FTOPS and Titan Poker ECOOP!

Full Tilt MiniFTOPS Main Event
Buy-in: $70 + $5
Prize Pool: $1,007,720
Entrants: 14,396

*1. Tim "RioMata" Clark - $124,220.43
*2. zavor4ik - $105,444.21
*3. Converse18 - $100,504.74
4. Callum "c-biz-kid" Ford - $52,401.44
5. babu1969 - $37,285.64
6. Mayu Roca "MURIBE" Uribe - $26,704.58
7. Blair "blur5f6" Hinkle - $19,146.68
8. smarthawk998 - $14,108.08
9. maximumenergy - $9,976.43

*denotes three-handed deal


Full Tilt $750,000 Guarantee
Buy-in: $200 + $16
Prize Pool: $750,000
Entrants: 3,497

1. Marsall1121 - $132,787.50
2. sampson724 - $80,250
3. DwayneStacey - $52,500
4. pairAShilton - $41,400
5. TheOracle8 - $31,050
6. Tony "Bond18" Dunst - $23,025
7. anvil510 - $17,250
8. squeezeboxx - $13,500
9. zoedoe - $10,050


Ultimate Bet $200K GTD
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Prize Pool: $200,000
Entrants: 903

1. Joe "ENDER555" Ebanks - $44,920
2. Jim "MR_BIGQUESO" Collopy - $26,900
3. CHARDRIAN - $18,300
4. SHERLOCKGT3 - $12,900
5. SODAIRA11 - $10,900
6. BONSAIKITTEN - $8,900
7. THE_BUZZ - $6,900
8. CRAZYHORSE76 - $4,900
9. THEWOOD04 - $3,400


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