Aussies Online: Rawkz Running Hot

Posted at 22:03 2010-11-29

With the FTOPS coming to a halt last week and the PokerStars APCOOP on its last legs, the Aussie stable of online grinders have been spoiled for choices when deciding where they are going to take their shot at poker glory. 

It is no surprise that the past week has been a slower week for Aussie scores, with many regulars opting to play the Australian friendly APCOOP schedule, throwing their usual early morning grind routine into disarray. Many players are also perhaps burnt out from the plethora of championship events on offer at an array of different sites. However that did not stop several players taking down some nice scores during the week.

Liam ‘Rawkz’ O’Rourke found himself with a victory on PokerStars earlier in the week, playing as MON3Y$HOT in the $109 6-Max Rebuy event. It was a $18,552 score for O’Rourke which solidly places him in fifth on the Australian online poker rankings. This continues O’Rourke’s form after taking down an elusive triple-crown in October.

Another Aussie who managed a big week was Bazooka87. There was no single big score for Bazooka87 last week, but good old fashion grinding with several final-tables at both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. Bazooka87 could be seen at 7 final tables during the week for a total of $21,985 in prize money. The biggest score of which came with a third in the PokerStars $50,000 Guarantee Rebuy event for $7,276.

Ricky ‘rickwaaa’ Kroesen made two final tables in the PokerStars $11 Rebuy $32,000 Guaranteed last week, finishing 6th for $ 2,311, before a 2nd place finish just a few days later in the same event for $5,168.

Kroesen also finished 2nd in the PokerStars $55 Rebuy Big-Ante event, taking home $5,168, but not before watching his fellow Aussie grinder supanova99 succumbing to the rail in 3rd in the same tournament for $3,648.

There wasn’t too much happening for the Aussies in the Sunday Majors this morning, but axe38 was over on Full Tilt Poker representing the Southern Cross hoping to take home a victory in the $75,000 Guarantee. After hanging in with a short stack at the final table, axe38 finished a respectable 5th for $9,150.

With the schedule starting to slow down, we can expect the Australian online army to get back to their regular grinding routine and bring home some big results in the coming weeks.  

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