Aussies Online: Rotar Uses Second Chance; Marsters Claims MiniFTOPS Jersey!

Posted at 01:27 2011-03-23

The last few months have seen some the biggest prize pools in online poker history. As such it is expected that the action would slow down eventually, but with mammoth fields in major tournaments on the virtual felt over the last couple weeks, it may be that we are creeping into a golden-age of online tournament poker and it’s an age which has players all around Australia licking their lips.

The past two weeks has seen some big and consistent scores for local players and it all came to its climax yesterday when Aussies took part in three final tables in the ‘Sunday Majors’.

It was Sam “MILF ISLAND” Rotar who could be seen weaving his way through the massive field in the Sunday 2nd Chance on PokerStars. The tournament is one of the last to feature a big prize pool on a Monday morning for Aussies and Rotar took advantage of that by fighting all the way to a final table. Rotar would gallantly make it to the heads-up battle but would fall just shy of the victory, but still takes home $39,358 for his fantastic effort.

Before Rotar could be spotted on his final table it was Ryan “rkruok” Nathan dominating the PokerStars felt, managing a 6th place finish in the Sunday 500 for a nice $22,060 score.

While the Aussies took advantage of PokerStars, Jay “SEABEAST” Kinkade was sitting on the final tables of big tournaments on both Full Tilt Poker and UB. While Kinkade dropped out early on the final table of the Full Tilt Sunday Brawl, taking $6,220 for his 9th place finish, he was putting on a better performance over at UB in the $530 100k Guarantee. Kinkade would manage a solid 3rd place finish to score $14,025 for his efforts.

Two other Aussies would try all they could to join Rotar, Kinkade and Nathan at major final tables, but would fall just short. Joel “Strong Play” Dodds made a run at the Sunday Million, but would come up short after being crippled with 28 players left when his {ax}{qx} lost a race against his opponent’s {9x}{9x}. Dodds would eventually succumb in 26th place for $4,029.

Tony “Bond18” Dunst would get closer to a win than Dodds, but Dunst will be somewhat disappointed to fall just shy of a final table berth, finishing 10th in the PokerStars $215 rebuy event.

While Aussies were dominating the virtual felt yesterday, it was Tim “TurnRiva” Marsters who had the most success during the week at the MiniFTOPS XIX on Full Tilt Poker.

Marsters went up against 1,373 players in Event 43: Badugi Limit and managed to turn his $22 investment into $4,155 to take down the victory and the coveted MiniFTOPS jersey to go with it.

Aleks “Banana Thief” Brkovic has not just been having a big week, but a fantastic month, which has recently included 2nd place in the PokerStars weekly 6-Max for $9,057. He then bested that mark when another $9,860 was sent Brkovic’s way for his 2nd place finish in a Full Tilt $100 rebuy event. A win in a Full Tilt Poker $60,000 guarantee event saw another $17,362 shipped Brkovic’s way, along with a further ten four-figure scores during a busy March.

Some familiar names in Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis and Brendon “Brendooor” Rubie also grabbed some nice scores recently with Karamalikis taking $19,416 for a win in a Full Tilt $33,000 guarantee event and Rubie walking away with $14,534 after a win in a PokerStars $215 2x Chance event.

Liam “mofo47” Moffett and Ashton “myriddin” Cartwright topped off a fantastic fortnight for Aussies with Moffett scoring a 2nd place finish in a Full Tilt Poker $100 1R1A event for $12,853 and Cartwright taking down a 1st in the PokerStars $55 100k guarantee event for $21,838.

With the MiniFTOPS now complete, the focus will turn to the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker. Until then, we hope that the Aussie contingent will continue to take their fair share of the online prize pools each and every week. As usual, be sure to keep your eyes on PokerNetwork for all the online poker updates and head on over to the forums to sweat the deep runs and final table bad beats.

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It was another massive Monday for Aussies online It was another massive Monday for Aussies online

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