Aussies Online: Scores All Around for Moffo, Brown and Grigg

Posted at 21:39 2011-12-06

The action never stops on the online felt and that was certainly the case again this week as several players from Australasia posted big results across a host of different poker sites.

This week the spotlight was on PokerStars as they celebrated their 10th anniversary. As the World Record Tournament played out whereby 200,000 participants took to the felt in a $1 buy-in tournament, the likes of Semesa 'Semesa1' Brown, Tom 'tollgate' Grigg and Matt 'mjw006' Wakeman were taking down nice scores across the web, while it was Liam 'moffo47' Moffett who was seen picking up some cash earlier in the week.

A huge 760 players took to the felt in a $55 event with rebuys late into the Monday morning grind this week and among those players was Semesa 'Semesa1' Brown. Once all the money was in the prize pool, the huge $133,200 had eclipsed the $45,000 guarantee which the event started with.

Brown skillfully weaved his way through the field to end up on the final table and within another couple of hours he had taken it all down and received $24,975 for his effort.

PokerStars $55 Rebuys [$44,000 Guaranteed]
1st: Semesa "Semesa1" Brown - $24,975
2nd: Imn_7 - $17,982
3rd: scarface2911 - $13,320
4th: BigDennys - $9,990
5th: merla888 - $6,993
6th: StrungOut1 - $5,661
7th: abeainy - $4,329
8th: omar miete - $2,997
9th: pabritz - $1,878

It was one of the last $109 events on the Monday morning grind for Matt 'mjw006' Wakeman and he would be looking to turn his day into a winning one as he made a deep run. Wakeman would end up good enough for the victory as he took down the event for a $8,654 score. 

The day before Brown and Wakeman were taking down their scores, it was Tom 'tollgate' Grigg who was making a run at a big finish in a $320 event on PokerStars. By the time it was all over for Grigg he bowed out in 4th place and received $12,048.

Titan Poker managed to be quite profitable for Ben 'bazooka87' Gilholme last week as he made deep runs in two events over just a couple of days of action. The first run for Gilholme came in Titan's $30K guaranteed Tuesday event, where Gilholm would finish in 2nd place for $6,720. Gilholme managed to go one better a couple of days later when he scored $4,050 when he took down a $15,000 guaranteed event.

Early last week it was Liam 'moffo47' Moffett who was representing the Aussie army of online players at the felt of the Super Tuesday final table on PokerStars. The tournament features a huge $1,050 buy-in and is arguably one of the toughest events of the week as the tables are filled with skilled regulars. Moffett put in a big effort and ended up coming out with a 6th place finish to go home with a $16,676 score. 

PokerStars $1,050 Super Tuesday [$150,000 Guaranteed]
1st: yadio - $73,336
2nd: schlizzer - $54,955
3rd: sms9231 - $41,690
4th: Jymaster11 - $31,267
5th: Sghango - $21,603
6th: Liam 'moffo47' Moffett - $16,676
7th: scareface263 - $12,886
8th: dev209 - $9,096
9th: ib6121 - $6,632

Don't forget that PokerStars is continuing their 10th anniversary celebrations and as such are currently offering huge value to players all around the world. Next Monday morning players around Australasia will have the chance at a $2 Million first prize as PokerStars offers a $10 Million guaranteed prize pool in their flagship tournament, the Sunday Million. Make sure you download PokerStars and take your shot at making history.



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Another big week at the felt for players from around Australasia Another big week at the felt for players from around Australasia

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