Aussies Online: TheBigSiCkO Shifts Gears to Success

Posted at 17:56 2010-08-30

With play starting to wrap up on the live felt at the Victorian Poker Championships at Crown Casino in Melbourne, the action was heating up on the virtual felt as the young-gun Internet players woke up nice and early to grind out the majors.

Ben ‘delaney_kid’ Delaney was among those, and he managed a nice score, finishing 2nd in the $150,000 Guarantee on Full Tilt Poker for $37,495 but it would not be the biggest score of the day.

A big rail of PokerNetwork faithful watched as Michael ‘TheBigSiCkO’ Guzzardi took down the biggest score of his career, and another big win for Aussie online players.

Playing on PokerStars as ShiFtyFinger, Guzzardi would play for just over ten hours before the Sunday Warm-Up would wrap up and he would walk away with US$132,910 in prize money.

Coming into the final table as one of the shorter stacks, Guzzardi would grind away until he started executing players left, right and centre. By the time he eliminated the 5th place finisher, Guzzardi held the chip lead and began picking off players one-by-one.

Play would come down to three players when Guzzardi, with {Th}{Td}, would raise 900,000 more from the button. The big blind re-raised all-in, Guzzardi made the call and his opponent turned over a dominated {7d}{7h}. With a flop coming {Tc}{6c}{Ts}, quads were more than enough to take down the pot.

With a dominating chip lead, heads-up play began just four hands later with Guzzardi holding a near three-to-one chip lead. The last hand of the tournament came when Guzzardi raised from the big blind and his opponent, Don Pedro07 called. The flop came {4d}{3h}{4s} and Don Pedro07 shipped in his remaining 13,000,000. Guzzardi quickly called and his hole cards revealed {5s}{4c}. His opponent turned over {3d}{5d} and when the turn came the {4h} it would be quads again for ShiFtyFinger and with that he would be crowned the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up Champion!

Just two days ago, Guzzardi was feeling that dreaded feeling of being sent to the rail on day one of the Main Event at Crown Casino after a devastating two-outer. You can imagine that the feeling has now been replaced by a much sweeter one.

Busting out of the Victorian Poker Championship Main Event: $2,700.

Taking down the Sunday Warm-Up, just two days later: Priceless.

Well not quite priceless, he is $132,910 richer after all.

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Michael Guzzardi Wins The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up! Michael Guzzardi Wins The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up!

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