Australia Slips To Fifth In The Online Rankings As Mexico Makes A Move

Posted at 13:45 2012-06-22 by Barry Gallagher

Kel “aces_up4108” Beattie is again top of the Australian top ten online tournament poker players despite not playing online yet again this week. His continued absence from online play will soon see his position under threat particularly with the pressure WaGe N WaRz and supernova99 are applying with their stellar play to complete the top three. In an overall sense, Australia has moved down to fiftth in the world in the rankings as Mexico has jumped into fourth spot with Canada still leading the way at the top.

Once again, Kel “aces_up4108” Beattie remains top of the online rankings despite his continued absence from online activity. He last recorded an online tournament cash on May 28th and he is currently playing in Las Vegas trying to prove himself on the live felt.

WaGe N WaRz has definitely not taken a June sabbatical; he has been grinding harder than ever over the past few weeks. This week has been another good one for this Aussie even though he didn’t manage to convert on the triple crown sweat he set up last week. His first big score of the week came in the PokerStars $75 No Limit Hold’em where he picked up yet another win for $2,899. However, that cash was just a drop in the ocean compared to the whopping $9,947 he earned for coming second in the PokerStars $265 Knockout No Limit Hold’em which doesn’t include any bounties he claimed in addition from the 343 player field. He wasn’t done yet and entered the $109 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Double Chance where a third spot finish in the 357 player field was good enough for $4,194. Australia’s highest ranked active player got his only five figure score of the week in the The Big $109 on PokerStars which he grabbed third place in for a super sweet $10,281. All in all an excellent week on the virtual felt for WaGe N WaRz which concluded with a total of seven four figure or above cashes.

The biggest mover in the top ten is supernova99 who jumped from seventh to third place in the rankings. This Australian grinder only had 12 tournament cashes this week but it included two victories to set up a triple crown sweat. The $530 No Limit Hold’em on PokerStars generated a $328k prizepool and supernova99 grabbed $3,613 for 10th place. His first victory of the week came in the $20,000 Gtd Speed on PartyPoker where he scooped $6,741 for top prize. The next day brought another victory for a massive $9,984 in the $162 Nightly Fifty Grand on PokerStars. The heater continued later in the week with two second place finishes both on PokerStars; $6,018 in the $109 Turbo Double Chance and $2,945 in the $109 No Limit Hold’em Turbo. Some massive money went the direction of supernova99’s online account this week as he made an assault on the rankings table, he will have to keep grinding hard though to close the big gap between third place and the top two.

Outside the top three, there were some very big scores this week. Previous number one, brownie682 had a nice touch in The Big $162 on PokerStars as he took home $4,966 with a 5th place finish. He also added another win to his poker resume by taking down the Ongame $100 tournament for $3,169. Dylan “WhiteRabbito” Honeyman had a low volume week but still managed a massive score taking $10,975 to his online account by coming 2nd in the PokerStars $55 No Limit Hold’em with rebuys. The $320 No Limit Hold’em on PokerStars created a $90,900 prize-pool and victory for bazooka87 earned a very juicy $18,589 payday and the largest tournament score this week for our elite ten players. Like some of the other players, tollgate had a reasonably quite week but still squeezed in a big score for winning the $109 No Limit Hold’em on PokerStars for a tasty $6,669 showing his class on a difficult final table.

There was a noticeable trend this week in the rankings, players were more selective in their tournament game selection and kept volume low but many still managed to grab a big score or two. WaGe N WaRz and supanova99 had big weeks at the top end of the rankings with some very large cashes. WhiteRabbito and bazooka87 chimed in with a couple of five figure scores. But Australians overall will need to be on top of their game in the future to catch up with the Mexican based players who have now overtaken them in the country rankings. Stayed tuned to PokerNetwork for full coverage of future developments in the Australia top ten online poker rankings over the coming weeks.

Top 10 Ranked Australian Online Poker Players (As ranked by PocketFives)

2WaGe N WaRz5,255.33

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