Australian Players in First Two WSOP Events

Posted at 07:00 2006-06-30 The first two open events of the 2006 WSOP both saw a high amount of entrants as Event #2 1500 NL Hold'em and Event #3 1500 PL Hold'em got underway on Tuesday and Wednesday. Only a limited amount of Australians have arrived so far, but some are already making their presence felt. The Aussie with the honour of becoming the first to cash at the 2006 WSOP was young Jethro Horowitz in event #2. After a strong 2006 Aussie Millions Jethro bought into the $1500 dollar event which saw a field of 2,776 entries with a total prize pool of over $3.7 million. Jethro went out in a tie for 198th place, although there was a lot of confusion with players busting out and stalling to receive a higher placing. I caught up with Jethro tonight and asked him about key hands he played in the tournament. With blinds at 300/600 and with a stack of roughly 15,000 Jethro posted the BB and looked down at QQ. A player in mid-position opened to 1800 and it was folded to Jethro. Jethro reraised to 6,300 and the opposing player went into the tank for a solid moment. After thorough deliberation the player re-raised Jethro another 9,000. Jethro believed he was up against KK or AA, and after two solid minutes of thinking he folded, and was left with about 9000. The other player mucked face up with JJ. Jethro's final hand came when he was in late position with AcTc. With blinds at 400/800, a player two seats to Jethro's right opened for 3000 and Jethro moved all in for about 7000. Play folded around to the BB who woke up with JJ and immediately shoved all in, as did the original raiser with A7os. Jethro flopped a flush draw but failed to improve and was out equal 198th. Interestingly, upon busting out Jethro was at exactly the money break from $2,274 to $3,410. During the exact hand he busted out another player busted out a few tables away, however Jethro was closest to a tournament director monitoring the action. Jethro was counted as having gone out first and therefore received less money. Upon voicing his problem with management and the player who busted out at the same time, Aaron Price, they agreed to split the difference and Jethro received an extra $600. Understandably, Jethro was not impressed with the lack of organization in the tournament, although Price should be commended. Players are now being escorted from their table as soon as they bust out in the money to prevent such mishaps occuring again. I also talked to Australian/Lithuanian favorite Tony G about his experiences so far in the WSOP. While he’s played all 3 events so far and has failed to cash yet, he did manage to win a last longer bet against top pro Gavin Smith. While the WSOP is the largest event of the year, Tony prefers the WPT circuit, saying that "the WPT has a far superior structure and start bank in its events". That’s it for now, Joe Hachem, Tony G, Gary Benson, Sarah Bilney, Gareth Edwards, Mark Vos and Jonny Vincent are all in town and playing events coming up. I guess the main contingent of Aussies is yet to arrive. I’ll make sure to get hold of them and others as the action unfolds here at the 2006 WSOP.

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