Australian Poker Hero - Giving The Underdog A Chance To Shine

Posted at 17:29 2009-08-08
There has been much discussion of late about the fantastic new quest on Full Tilt Poker to find the Australian Poker Hero. It is completely free to take part with the prize package including a dream ticket into Australia’s number one poker tournament, the 2010 Aussie Millions, as well as a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase your talent on television. However there is one significant part of the Australian Poker Hero that makes this poker gala event truly exciting and that is the fact that the Australian Poker Hero could literally be anyone!
Everybody loves an underdog tale. I mean who doesn’t love watching Rocky? There is something great about that part where two minutes into the first round after copping a barrage of hits, Rocky then gives Apollo Creed the hit of his life sending the world champion to the ground for the first time in his career! I haven’t watched Rocky in about five years but I remember that scene as if I only just watched it. Because there is something special about seeing somebody defy all the odds, that gives us all a tingle down our spine.  Of course Rocky lost that first fight, but not to worry, Rocky had gone from being a nobody to being one of the biggest names in world boxing. He came back for a rematch and won and became the Heavyweight Champion of the world! From underdog to superstar in just 90 short minutes! Is this what awaits our Australian Poker Hero?
Whilst I seriously hope that the pugilism will be kept to a minimum on both the Australian Poker Hero TV show and at the Aussie Millions, I think we can expect to see the exact same kind of knockout blows on the felt. Considering that the event is open to everyone, the talent will vary, but anybody can beat anyone at any time in poker, and this is one of the things that make our game great. The competition is for you to be a part of, to take your shot at poker super-stardom. It doesn’t matter if you are an investment banker from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney or a cattle hand from Gilgandra, this tournament is your shot to match it up against the best.  The winner of the Australian Poker Hero wins a seat into the Aussie Millions where it is entirely possible that you will sit down at the table next to a Phil Ivey or a Mike Matusow or a Joe Hachem or a Patrik Antonius. These players are true champions of the game and they are more than likely going to be at the Aussie Millions Main Event. Will you be the person who sends them home early with a knockout blow?
The majority of the people reading this article are relatively unknown in the poker world. You could very well have talent and as soon as you can show people what you can do they will see just how good you can be. Australian Poker Hero could be the very thing that takes you from the very large sea of unknown Australian poker players and puts you into the very small group of our poker elite.
There is only one way to find out, log on to Full Tilt Poker (If you have not yet downloaded it click on the link on PokerNetwork for awesome deposit bonuses and added value exclusive to PNW members) and play one of the many daily freerolls available for you to qualify to be part of the new poker-based television program Australian Poker Hero. Maybe you will be the next underdog turned champion that everybody is talking about!

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Australian Poker Hero - Giving The Underdog A Chance To Shine! Australian Poker Hero - Giving The Underdog A Chance To Shine!

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