Australian Poker Hero vs The Poker Star

Posted at 16:07 2009-07-30
The talk of the town over the last week has definitely been the brand new Full Tilt Poker sponsored television show “Australian Poker Hero”. This show offers Australian players a fantastic opportunity to both get themselves on TV and to win their way into the greatest poker tournament in the land, the Aussie Millions.
Now this is without question a fantastic opportunity for players all over Australia to take a shot at ‘poker immortality’ without spending one cent off their own money. I encourage everybody to have a go at this event. It is simply too good an opportunity to miss. However I am reminded now of an event that was the talk of the town a few months ago. The Poker Stars sponsored program named ‘The Poker Star’.
I had heard about The Poker Star a fair bit and we had all seen the ads on TV with poker superstar Joe Hachem, but the whole thing only became real to me during the ANZPT Sydney.  I had left a cup of coffee sitting on a table near our reporting desk and upon my return I was unable to access it due to the large amount of cameras and media people surrounding the table to record a tournament for The Poker Star. Now I really needed that coffee, as I had been up all night partying (as you will find is always the case when these larger poker tournaments are on) and I had a full day’s reporting work ahead of me, but I could not help but put my disappointment aside by realising how damn exciting the whole prospect of an Australian based reality poker show was going to be.
Let’s take a look at the two programs. The Poker Star is run very similar to the format of other great reality TV shows, contestants had to audition and were handpicked by the producers who took into account poker ability, but more importantly, factored in things like personality and back stories of contestants to make a product that was going to be much more exciting for TV. The selected contestants will be, big brother style, put in a house together to live, will undergo a series of poker challenges and will receive training by Joe Hachem. It will air on the all new God of free-to-air TV channels ONE HD and in my opinion will run a lot more like a reality TV show with a poker flavour than a strict poker show.
With Australian Poker Hero however, I doubt this will be the case at all. The producers of the show, don’t care how pretty you are, they don’t care if you are an aspiring rock singer and they don’t care if you come from a broken home in the outer suburbs somewhere. They care about one thing, can you play poker? Contestants for Australian Poker Hero will not need to go through an audition process. They will need to play poker. There are no hoops to jump through, if you do well in a tournament you are through to the next round, simple as that. You go from being in an online tournament to being on a television show, the producers don’t even need to see you beforehand. All of the qualifying tournaments are free to play and you can play from the comfort of your own home. Australian Poker Hero will air on the NBN network (Channel 9).
So what is a better tournament? “Poker Star” or “Australian Poker Hero”? My thoughts are who cares? To pull a line out of the cheesy file, there is only one winner here, and that is YOU the player. One thing is for certain, Poker Stars and Full Tilt are both throwing everything they have at trying to attract Australian players. Make sure you don’t miss out and start trying to be either an Australian Poker Hero or a Poker Star today!
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Australian Poker Hero vs The Poker Star Australian Poker Hero vs The Poker Star

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